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Y/N x Oc(s)

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"I...I love you...." Y/n x Lola

{WARNING: Angsty, and slightly sad :[ ALSO! In this chapter, Y/n is 16 and Lola is 16 as well!}

It had happened so quickly.

One second you two were so close and loving. Wanting a future and a family.What happened? Why did it happen? "I'm so sorry, but I just...kinda...fell out of love..." it was his words. His life. Why did you care so much? It hurt. And now? You were speeding down a highway in Texas with Lola. Lola....A friend you loved...A person you relied on....A woman you loved...Oh no. (You, Lola)



"I-I must confess something..." You knew you loved her. You knew for a while now that you did.

"That thing is..?"

"I...I think I love you..As more than a friend.." You sounded like a child. This is dumb. Just say it was a joke!


Why isn't she talking? Did I mess up? Oh god..SAY THE JOKE THING NOW!

Instead of saying something she just drove up to a gas station and parked. She turned towards you and stared for a second before leaning in and kissing you. She then pulled away and looked at her lap. After what seemed like an eternity she said something;

"I thought you wouldn't ever like me back and...I..kinda stayed quiet..."

"I've been obsessed with you for a while actually.."

She got back into her seat properly and turned the car on and just drove to a hotel. You guys got a room and unpacked there.

"What are....we?"

"Lovers? Dating? Girlfriend and partner? Whatever makes you comfortable.."

"Do you want to be dating? Do you want any of this?"

"We practically grew up together. I would love nothing more than dating you."

"You know, I think there's this place we can go to tomorrow.."

There were two beds. Did you want to be away from each other though? No. You two were cuddling in one bed together and were slowly falling asleep together.

"I love you..This seems like a dream and I don't want to wake up."

"If it was I would literally cry.."

"Ha...haha..ha..a good night, my love."

"Good night, Angel."



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