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Blue Japan Garden

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this is the 1st book of the Colored Garden series I hope you enjoy

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1


“I’ll miss you so much” an old woman cried to a young black haired girl, her granddaughter “I’ll miss you to grandma,” the girl said, she hugged the old lady than the rest of her family as a last goodbye and started to leave the airport waving goodbye till she couldn’t see them and got on the airplane showing the flight attendant her pass and went to go find her seat.

Once she found her seat she got ready and turned all her electronics on airplane mode, he took out the Japanese book she started, after taking some college lessons in America for learning Japanese she mastered it pretty well. as she had it all ready to read she listened to the instructions on what to do on the plane, once it was all done she took out her book and started to read …

As time passed she soon finished reading her book and decided to look for a house for her and her BFF Akari to rent once she found ones with good rates for apartments for two people she saved screenshots of it, and soon the flight attendant told everyone

“we will shortly arrive soon in 2 hours”

Alice relaxed and put on some music on her phone to listen to and doze off asleep …

Once she woke up she woke up just in time because the plane was just landing

“Hello and welcome everyone to japan”

She smiled and unbuckled her seat once they finally landed. Everyone got out. Alice went out soon after someone else. Once she got out she saw what her BFF Akari looked like “AKARI!” she said, she looked her way and a huge smile went on both of their faces “Alice,” she said smiling Alice smiled back they both hugged and got all of Alice’s things and went in Akari’s car

“so I found some good apartments we could rent there cheap but good priced”

Akari looked at her and smiled “sure I’m down to getting an apartment” Akari said as she started the car “ok cool I’ll start the GPS” Alice said as she turned her GPS to Japanese and set in the directions,

After a short amount of time, they found the apartments and went inside, when they got in an old woman was at the counter reading a book once the bell rang the old woman looked up and smiled “Welcome would you like to have a room for two?” both Akari and Alice nodded and the old lady had them write down their name and gave them the key to their room, when they paid, once given their key they thanked the woman they went to their room and checked the space and As they did Alice sketched everything where she and Akari wanted to place things once they did they went back to there car and drove to the nearest furniture store and looked for things that looked like the sketch, when finished they took everything to the place and set it all up this took about 3-4 hours.

Alice sighed out of being exhausted from the moving and driving back and forth, the room they were now living in was exactly what they were hoping for it to look like.

Once they were done relaxing Akari called her mom “hi mom I’m not going to be home I just bought an apartment for me and my bestie till the end of college” said Akari she soon ended the call and Akari looked at Alice and smiled at her and they started to talk about what the were going to do when they start college.

Alice just looked out the window in their shared room and closed her eyes and spoke “I don’t know let’s just hope we’re doing well”

Akari sighed “you know… what if we don’t pass and never become teachers,” she said in a sad tone Alice bolted up and grabbed Akari by the shoulders and said “listen we will pass ok!” she said in a stern voice Akari just nodded. Alice relaxed her grip and let go of Akari’s shoulders when they looked out of the window in their room they saw that it was already dark. They both knew in two days they would start college and they both got ready to go to sleep …




“Alice! Go get the door!”


“Alice get the door or I’ll come in by force”

“Mm fineeee”

I got up and smoothed out my nightgown and tiredly went out of our room and to the front door I unlocked it and slowly opened the door “hello?”

“Hello miss im here to give you this,” a random boy said and gave me two letters I said my thanks and closed and locked the door I went over to the living room and sat on the couch I read where the letters are from and who they’re for, one was for me and the other was for Akari “hey Akari we got letters from our college,” I said she came over to me in an apron “I’ll have my letter after I’m done making the food,” she said “ok” I responded.

Once Akari finished making the food she brought it to the table and set it down, I handed her the letter and she opened it and I opened mine.

Dear Miss Anderson,

We would like to inform you that you have been accepted to Meadow ridge university. We will provide you with everything you will need. Your schedule will be in the next paper please be at the front lawn at 9:00 AM on the 23 of November.

I looked at the next paper and saw my classes

Your classes

Art room 234

English room 123

Writing room 633

Teaching 245

I looked over to Akari and I saw a smile on her face. She looked over to me “I GOT ACCEPTED!!” She said in a high voice I smiled and laughed as she soon joined in. “I’m glad we were both accepted into the university,” I say it was now going to be one day left until we start.

Once we were done with eating I got up and went to our bathroom and changed into a casual outfit and went to get some food. Akari may have got some food from a gas station but we still need more and luckily I know where to go …

As I got to the food alley I looked around at the fruit and fish. I studied the items and chose the ones that looked decent or good. I put them in my shopping bag and went down to the snacks. I bought a few Raman packs and seaweed. I got rice and then went out of the crowded alley. I got out my phone and called Akari “hey Akari!”

“Hi Alice”

“I got some fish some fruit and vegetables and snacks, Raman, rice, and seaweed”

“Oh cool”

“Well, I’m going to drop everything off at the apartment and then go for a walk ok?”

“Ok BYE!”


Once I got to the apartment I let out a sigh of relief, I took off the bag full of food and set it down on the table in the living room. I then walked out of the apartment and started to go to the park…

I sat in the park and had a pack of Red Bean Taiyaki as I ate. I watched children play in the jungle Jim by the park, I saw mothers talking as babies were holding onto their mothers as they fell asleep.

I closed my eyes and remembered that as I was a child I wanted to have a family and have many kids, but now was a young adult I don’t know if I want to have many kids, sure I liked them but I don’t want to deal with so many children now even when I’m going to a university.

I opened my eyes a felt a presence, not my own someone else I looked beside me and saw a man around my age I suppose, I could tell he was stressed about something, so I got up my courage and talked to him “Hey are you alright?” I asked if he looked up to me and looked shocked, maybe because I’m a full American and I’m speaking fluent Japanese? “y-ya I’m fine just stressed a bit” he said “oh… if it’s ok can you tell me what you are stressed about?” I asked one more time “o-ok… well I’m going to meadow ridge university and my parents are having high expectations for me” my eyes widened “y-you’re going to meadow ridge university!” I said he nodded “well I’m going there too and if you want we can be friends and I can help you make your parents proud,” I said I looked back at me and smiled “I would like that,” he said I held out my hand “im Alice but my nickname is Akiko,” I said he shook my hand “ im Asahi I don’t have a nickname... It’s nice to meet you, Akiko,” he said I smiled soon my phone started to ring I took my phone out from my bag and saw it was Akari I waved goodbye to my new friend and started to walk home and I answered the phone

“Hey Akari”

“Hey, where are you?” “Im just coming back”

“Oh ok ill be home soon I was hanging out at my moms”

Ok, I’ll see you there… Do you want anything to eat?”

“Ummm are you able to make sushi?”


“Oke then bye”


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