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Accidentally Married

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Started Feb 19, 2021 Ended July 22, 2021 Wonho... I awaken with a start and was disoriented as fuck when I felt a warm breath fan across my face and a loud, erotic moan filtered in the air. My eyes were met with long, black curls covering half of the stranger's face. I could already tell that this woman possessed a natural beauty just from the glow of her partially covered smooth, Carmel brown skin and her plump, moist lips that were garnering my attention. Her pink tongue snaked out and licked those luscious lips of hers slowly while I was contemplating on whether I should kiss them or not. My right hand, on its own accord, gently began to massage something warm, soft, and plump underneath the navy blue comforter. "Fuck." I grumbled when the hot-blooded beast inside me began to stir awake. "Get out of this bed now, Wonho!" The sensible part of me commanded while the horny side of me was screaming, "No stay and satisfy our needs." Mustering up every ounce of willpower I had I ignored the horny side of me. I peeked under the covers before getting out of bed just to see if we both were naked or partially clothed. I immediately breathe a sigh of relief after noting that we were both still fully clothed. I slowly eased out of the bed and stared down at her partially uncovered thick thigh for a few seconds. I had a strong urge to take a picture of her partially covered face wi

Romance / Humor
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Special Disclaimer

To all my loyal readers that are reading this story please know that all its characters and incidents that may take place are a work purely from my imagination.

It is not intended to resemble any real person, incidents, or places that are in the past or present of Seoul, South Korea. I reiterate this story and incidents that will occur are a work of my imagination and nothing else. It will take place in modern-day Korea and Las Vegas, NV to my standards. Furthermore, I will be using Seoul, South Korea as the birthplace of my main lead male character Wonho instead of his real birthplace in Sanbon-dong, Gunpo, South Korea.

I will also be using English as a form of language communication in this story simply because I don't want to offend the Asian community by using their native language incorrectly. I was going to try to represent some of the Asian cultures and it's language in my book but while doing my research I would often come across several sites that would showcase different meanings of the phrase I was trying to say. I pray that the Asian community understands that I am not purposely trying to be insensitive to their language or culture by using American English. If I have offended anyone I am deeply and sincerely sorry for my action.

Also, none of the photos that I am using belongs to me. They belong to their original owner but the plot and basis of the story are mines and mines alone.

Please don't steal, copy, or rework my story and try to claim it as yours. Respect me as a writer who loves to put out decent enough work for everyone to enjoy.

Please vote and comment on what you think, like or dislike about my work. I don't mind considering anyone's suggestions cause it only serves to make me a better writer.

Also, I'm sorry for not interacting with all my readers who have read and commented on my previous books before this one. I can write a story with no problem, but I have a hard time knowing what to say or how to react to your comments. So please know that I read all of your comments, and it warms my heart to know that you enjoy my books. I will try to do better in interacting with my readers from now on.

Now that I'm done ranting on my soapbox please sit back, or lay down on your bed or the sofa and enjoy reading Accidentally Married.


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