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Where Blood Lies In Innocence

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When Rin a 478 year old vampire comes into contact with a girl named Wysteria who had been badly beaten by feral vampires in the middle of a flower field she doesn’t know what to do but her instincts tells her to save the girl not know what would come in the future….

Romance / Fantasy
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Rins Backstory

My name is Rin I’m pretty old for a vampire but not that old maybe to a human.My life wasn’t always the best especially when I was a human.I was turned at 13 by a man who had found he half dead in a underground fighting ring…long story short I’m still alive even after living alone as a vampire for most of my life.There was one boy that I had liked in my first 100 years that I had lived.His name was Silas and he was one of the kindest people you could’ve ever met.And the day he confessed was the day I lost him.Life never seemed to interest me until the day I came across a girl who changed my life.

(Present Day)
“Huh that man had a little bit of fight but nothing fun just another man with bad intentions that I’ve eaten…”.Rin continued down the brick road in a town she hadn’t visited yet called Bosinia.This place was very pretty but was slowly being taken over by modern day technology.When Rin was in deep thought about how sad it was that it was slowly losing its old way she had smelt a sweet scent of blood mixed in with the smell of flowers.”Whoever the hell is hiding in the flower field better come out right now before I go in and beat your ass!!!”.Rin had said that cuz it was nothing new for moronic teenagers to do stupid stuff during the night and it didn’t seem like a bad place to hide with all the high grass and flowers.
Rin continued to inch forward looking long and hard to see who this person was and why they were in a flower field to begin with.But then she heard a whimper.”Hello?”.Rin had called out now thinking the teenager scenario wasn’t the case.She kept walking forward until all of a sudden she caught a glimpse of what looked to be a young malnourished girl in a white dress lying in the flowers with blood all over her body.She had tried to shake the girl but there was no response.She hadn’t known what to do so she just went with her instincts and took the girl.Rin had rented a cabin for a few days in Bosinia so that’s where she would help this poor girl.
Rin had ran back to the cabin that she had and put the girl on the only bed that resided in the place.She had cleaned and bandaged all the girls wounds.Hoping the girl would wake up soon Rin had layed down next to the girl to keep watch on her but instead of keeping herself awake sleep had taken her.
“Hey Rin it’s finally nice to see you again!!”.Silas had yelled.What the hell…why was Silas here when I was just in a cabin with a girl.”Silas?”.Silas had laughed and shook his head “Yeah it’s me but I guess I’d say I’m not the same anymore”. Rin had given him a very confused look because he was talking like he wasn’t himself.”After all I did promise I’d come back remember”.Rin was just about to ask what he was talking about until Silas’s image started to fade away and she felt something on her physical body.
“Huh”.She looked down to find the girl wrapped around her.”Uh..Girl?…You need to wake up..”. Rin had gently shook her to wake her up.”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.The girl had screamed so loud that Rins ears were in pain.”Hey calm down I’m not gonna hurt you I promise..”.She had no clue what to do since this girl was obviously scared.”W-who are you?”.The girl had asked.”I’m Rin and I found you last night”.The girl seemed to have calmed her heart a little bit.”You won’t hurt me right?”.The girl asked with big eyes like ones of a deer right in front of a car.”No of course not don’t worry I’ll keep you safe but would you care to explain what happened to you..you were pretty beat up”.The girl had took a big breath and said “I’ve lived with a vampire my whole life he was very mean to me and last night he left me in those flowers and not long after feral vampires attacked me I was sure that I was gonna die”.Rin had gave the girl a sympathetic look.
”No family?”. The girl looked down and replied with ‘no’.”Don’t worry you can stay with me I’ll protect you but it’d help if I knew your name”.The girl smiled and said “My names Wysteria”.The girl had grinned.”I’m 17 and I’m guessing you’re a vampire because you have that hint of gold in your eyes”.Rin looked astonished by the girl not many could tell apart vampires and humans.”I am in fact a vampire and I’m 478 probably sounds old to you but my name is Rin and it’s very nice to meet you Wysteria”.Rin had said thinking about what seemed familiar about this girl.The first thing that she noticed about the girl was how she had one single purple streak in her luscious brunette hair and how her eyes were a perfect light shade of blue.’this girl seems nice’ she thought to herself.I wonder what this girl will bring to me in life.
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