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Kindred Hearts (Book 9)

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It's no secret anymore that Ian and June had a past, but there are still things left between the two that need to be unearthed, in order for them to heal. Secrets that are kept so buried away, that they don't even speak of them. June was always viewed as strong willed and independent. Ian was a clown, who was known for partying hard and never taking too much seriously. The unlikely duo never expected to fall in love. What they also didn't expect, was what led to their break-up as kids. It's a past that, to this day, emotionally destroys them both. When these long ago hauntings come into the light, no one will be same again, especially Ian and June. Will it bring them closer together, or push them apart once and for all? ***This book has not been edited yet.

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I woke up around three in the morning, to the sound of a baby crying, followed by another, and sighed.

"How the fuck do they do this every night?" I cringed.

"Not easily." June mumbled as she climbed out of bed, "It's why we're babysitting. They were starting to look like zombies. You get Noah, I'll take Oscar."

Since my cousin's wife had twins three weeks ago, the two hadn't slept well. So, June and I had offered to take the kids for one weekend, to give them some rest. Actually, it was June, I just went along with the shit, because she offered.

Aside from these two, there was a pretty little princess sleeping in the room two doors down. The room that used to be her's, in the brief time she lived here by herself with her mom.

God, they really did need the time to thselves.

Haven was 5 now and I loved my cousin's daughter more than anything, but when I looked at her, I was reminded of what June and I had lost between us, since she'd been conceived only mere months after I totally fucked our lives up.

"I don't want one." I groaned, climbing out of bed to follow her, "This is bullshit."

"It's only two nights." She mumbled as she picked up one of the screaming infants.

"How the hell do you even know that banchee is which?" I looked between the two infants in confusion, as I picked up the spare.

"Noah's the one that hollars the loudest." She began to bounce hers as she walked to the door and his screaming stopped.

"So you're giving me that one?" I followed her, talking to who I assumed was Noah as he continued to scream as I talked to him, "This shit's exhausting. You guys are like fire alarms. One trips and you both go off."

"I don't even want to know how you know that." June shook her head at me as we headed through the hallway of our rowhouse.

My only response was to grin lazily at her.

"Moron," She rolled her eyes, "Now I'm always going to wonder exactly how many of those alarms at school were you."

"Senior year, it was three times for me, twice for Noah." I snorted, "Remember that time I pulled you into the closet?"

I know she did. It would have been hard to fricken forget. We were still sneaking around back then.

I had pulled her into the closet with me with so much force, that her hair covered her face. I grinned when she looked up at me through her fiery locks.

"Ian, what the hell are you doing?" She whispered frantically, as I pinned her against the wall and began move her hair away from her face.

"I wanted to spend some time with you." I smiled, kissing her.

"Not here, Ian." She let out the most blissful sigh I'd ever heard when I went for her neck.

"Please, it's perfect." I mumbled, reaching for the collar of her dress shirt. Damn school uniforms.

"People will come back in." She motioned to the door as I unbuttoned her top.

"That gives us fifteen minutes." I lifted her, wrapping her legs around me, "I can knock it out by then."

"Damn," I gave her a once over, "Those school uniforms were hot."

"Dumbass." She rolled her eyes at me and descended the steps. She went into the kitchen, with Oscar sucking his thumb, while Noah still screeched in my ear.

"Remind me why we took in my cousin's kids again." I cringed, following her.

"Because, Arlee and Noah need to rest." She sighed, "You know, like we helped her with Haven here and there, before Declan took over."

Arlee hadn't told Noah about baby Haven, truth be told, because she didn't know that he'd loved her like he had. Instead, she'd let Declan, Noah's older sister, take the baby while she finished school.

June shouldn't have gone through that with Arlee, not so soon after what I'd put her through.

I looked down at the screaming little bundle of lungs and thought about Noah Sr, my cousin. Yeah, the kid was bitchy and whiny, just like his old man. He even had the telltale McGhee jet black hair and deep blue eyes.

The blue eyes that I didn't get, since my mother's electrifying green eyes were a stronger variant.

"You do realize that their probably making more of these little assholes as we speak, right?" I snorted.

"Ian." She glared at me as she heated the water in the tap.

"I get it. I get it." I rolled my eyes, "Shut the fuck up, Ian."

I got a mumble in return, as she kissed Oscar's head. That calm and peaceful one, that had Arlee's temperament.

"Do you ever wonder-?" I began to ask as I looked down at baby Noah.

"No." She cut me off, turning to the faucet, and not looking at me, "And I don't want to."

"I do," I whispered, "All the time."

"I wouldn't be a good mom, Ian. I know nothing about families," She payed attention to the bottle she was mixing with one hand, "I haven't even spoken to my sister in nine years. As soon as she could, she left everything behind. I refuse to relive my past."

Her mother was a lush, who was on husband number five and, Heaven forbid, she even begin to give a damn about her kids.

She'd cut her sister off completely when we were kids and June hadn't taken it well, since her sister had raised her. She literally hadn't heard from her since she was fifteen. Which I suspected that her sister had tried, but her mother had gotten in the way.

June was so much stronger than she should need to be, and I hadn't been there for her, since I was putting up with Noah's bullshit. She kept everything in and focused on the here and now, every god-damned day, and I was sick of it. I was hurting too.

I knew she hurt, even more than I did, but she was so tough. She would never admit to her pain. I needed to do something for her. To show her how much I loved her for her strength when I fucked us over.

"We should take a trip." I told her as she handed me a bottle and I fed the baby in my arms, "You and me. Away from all this shit."

"And where would we go?" She smiled at the baby in her arms as she fed him.

"Hell, wherever you want." I shrugged.

"What about the show and your band?" She shook her head, as if my idea was foolish.

"You have been non-stop for six years now," I scoffed, "You haven't had any time for yourself. They can wait on us. I want to pamper my girl."

"Fine," Her eyebrows rose in a mischievous way, "Can we jump the pond?"

"Leave the US?" I grinned, "Hell yeah! What you got in mind?"

"I was kidding, Ian!" Her big brown eyes went wide, "God, you said it like it was nothing."

"Because it is nothing." I shrugged and practically begged, "I wanna go, come-on!"

"Where would we go?" Her lips puckered into that look she gave me when she thought I was being ridiculous.

"Anywhere you want."

"Scottland." The smile she gave me was so beautiful, it was full of menace.

She didn't think I was serious. I knew why she'd chosen Scotland. Her father's family was from there. It was where she was born, although, she didn't remember, since she was only a year old when she moved here.

Dammit, my baby was going to Scotland. I definitely had the money and I'd make the time. Hell, I'd move the world for this chick.

"Scottland it is." I gave a nod, "I've got a place I wanna see too. We could spend a couple weeks in each country."

"We can't be gone that long, Ian." She shook her head, "Don't be foolish."

"I'm not." I told her firmly, "The show doesn't start for another six months, and Ace had the babies 2 weeks ago. She can't even practice for another six weeks. That gives us six weeks to enjoy Europe together."

"You're serious?" She gaped at me.

"Absolutely." I gave a nod.
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