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AMOR OSCURO- Dark Loving

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Chapter one

Being a rich school girl like myself doesn’t just come with glamor and beauty, riches and wealth, all the men at your feet and every women envious of you. Beauty came naturally but I don’t let it get to my head. Many times I’ve been touched-kidnapped even.

But every time I bounce back. The gym is my home. Since I was young I was obsessed with rough netball, football and basketball, they were all my favorite. I love the adrenaline that runs wild coursing through every vein, bone and muscle.

All though I am above average for a normal teen-age girl (20 in 2 months) my life is well messy. I go to a private school were I have to stay an extra year longer so while everyone is graduating at 18, I’m graduating at 19. And yes I have many many friends most of them I have no idea who they are some of them are acquaintances and some of them who only know me threw my mother. But that’s another topic. My bestfriend Serena is the longest lasting friendship I have. Literally! She was born in the same hospital as me! And our mothers were and are still friends.

She taught me everything on makeup and other things. Though, she keeps me away from boys and that stuff. She says I’m to “innocent” like what does that got to do with boys. Anyways! My name is Phebe Luna Colombo, I’m 19 years old, born in Italia but raised in England all my life, I am a front cover magazine super model, owner of my own and very popular cosmetic company TrueYou while my mother Nora owns modeling companies. Carlo is my brother, manager, and doctor. I’ve been modeling and acting since I was a baby and I loved the-

I’m pulled from my thoughts as my mother clicks in my face

“What did I say about beauty sleep. I can already see bags starting to form” She sighs

“Apologies Mother, truly its just school and all of this. It’s a lot to keep up with” I sigh

“I know love but you have to keep pushing-”

“You go on in 5” A lady opens the door and speaks

“Alright!” She waves her away

“Mother I’m not giving birth” I smirk

She chuckles and applies a little more blush “And I can do my own makeup” I push the brush away and grab my own

She stands behind me looking into the mirror at me smiling.

“I’m so proud of you honey”

“Thankyou mother”

“2 minutes” She shouts from the door

She breaths out and helps me stand from the seat. I stretch my legs not realizing how long I’ve been sitting

“Now you go out there and you do what you do best!” She pats my shoulders “I wish I could hug you but we don’t want that beautiful dress to crinkle would we”

I smile and slowly shake my head.

I look in the mirror one more time pleased with my complexion. My tan skin radiates as the black and white stripped ball gown with a split showing my right leg, it is a strapless dress with patterns sticking to my chest that connect with the dress. From the waist up it is super tight and hugs my curves effortlessly making it look like a second skin as it flows out and freely covering my left leg further down. And to match, black diamond, shiny heels running half way up my calf. The color of the dress clashes with the color of my eyes. “The most beautiful shade of emerald green” I have heard. Todays theme is the rainforests. This runway show and all the money that is made today goes straight to the rainforests, giving back to the wildlife in need and specifically to Bengal tigers (Black and white tigers). And I was chosen to be the last model once again as the main dress of the night. And I absolutely love it!

“Ok you’re on lets go”

I grab mothers hand and she leads me to the wing of the stage. I watch as Serena comes back down the runway and locks eyes with me. She smiles and we do our quick handshake. She smacks my ass and then I smack hers.

“You go bitch” I smile and nod

They give me a leash to Sissy, my tiger and she rubs her head against my leg. I have cared for Sissy since she and I were babies. She is also my bestfriend. I won’t let her sleep anywhere other then my room. She wont have it any other way either and I am happy that she is finally able to model with me. Sissy is a Bengal tiger and her species are becoming endangered, their habitats are tearing apart by the development of palm oil plantations which is why the money made today is being donated to the rainforest. My dress matches her fur and I’m completely in love. I pat her head and smile at her before looking back up

Sucking in a big breath I step out from behind the curtain. Every time I am taken back by the interior. It’s always different. All the colors of the Savannah and rainforests mix and collide perfectly and beautiful sculptures of animals along the outside of the stage fit flawlessly.

Sissy leads the way and I follow behind looking straight ahead walking one foot in front of the other putting a little swing in my hips as I step. My left arm sways as I walk while the other holds the leash.

Gasps are heard from people around along with whistles and clapping. The light stays perfectly on me and Sissy as we strut down the runway. We make it to the end and I bend my knees getting to Sissy’s level. I hold under her chin and kiss her nose as the sounds of phones clicking and camera’s making that all to familiar sound. I stand back up and she roars loud as female gasps of fear are heard. I smile and walk back down the runway.

Walking past the wing I get to Sissy’s level again and kiss her nose as she attempts to lick my face

“Ah ah Sissy no ruining the makeup” She slumps dramatically causing laughter to irrupt

“Just like you! Always so dramatic” Serena smirks

“Shut up Serena just cause you don’t have a tiger” She gasps

“I have Loui” She crosses her arms

“That fat dog that lies on his ass all day! Yeh just like you” I laugh. She smiles and laughs with me

Sissy gets up “You did perfect Sissy. I am very proud of you baby!” I pause “And yes you deserve a treat tonight. Your favorite. A big, juicy stack of raw hog” She rolls on her back and kicks her feet in the air. I scratch her tummy and smile at her

“Are you ready for the after party?” Serena asks

“Just as long as I don’t have to stay there as long as we need last time” She nods. I pause and smirk “And we are bringing Sissy”

“No we’re not” She argues

I smile knowing damn well we are.


Hey sorry this is edited kinda.

This is what happened in my last book! If you have read my other books, you would know that I would end off with my own original ending. But for some reason, the notes at the bottom gets deleted and its not even me so I’m really sorry in advance.



Enjoy :)

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