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Her Curse

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Emily is a small town girl from Virginia that has always had a gift and a curse growing up... she could see the dead. So when she turned 14 she decided to Learn more about paranormal activity and become a practicing witch so she could protect herself from the dead witches and ghost that would want to harm her but what happens when one day she starts to feel every brutal murder and death people have encountered,and a boy starts to take notice in her skittish behavior throughout the school days, Emily is now 16 and doesn't partake in any social activities,until she decides to stop being afraid of what might happen and goes to a party with her friends but that soon changes everything in her life...

Romance / Fantasy
Cloud girl
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Chapter 1

"Sweet heart make sure you're are ready for school."

I heard my mom call." OK mom go to work you're going to be late."

" haha hah ok sweetie have a great day! "

Oh crap I say quietly. It's Matilda's birthday I have to give her that painting she wanted.

Matilda has been my friend since kindergarten. We are best friends she even knows my little secret, she feels for me I know she cares but she makes sure to not bring it up because she knows how much I hate my...curse I guess of being able to feel past peoples pain.

I get on the bus to go to school. While on the journey I look out the window and I wonder how the world can be so beautiful yet so horrific.

Finally we reach the place we're I waist 8 hours of my life trying to get grades I can never achieve.

While I make my way through the halls I bump into someone and say sorry dismissively,and start walking again until a warm hand seises my arm I look and I see the one and only Blake Landon.

"You know I don't think that was a sincere apology." He says with a amused face. Maybe I should entertain.

"Mr Landon I sincerely apologize for bumping into you". I say with a amused expression while he looks at me with a surprised expression


"Nothing...nothing at all angle"

Before I can respond to the...horrible nick name I see my doom walking towards us with her high heels.

"Why on earth are you of all people talking to Blake?" Samantha asked. Samantha has been my terror for years now. Why? The world will never know.

"Why on earth do you care?" I say my words lacsed with the same venom.

"Because a freak like you shouldn't be harassing him!" She says with a high pitch voice.

"Ha do you even know what that word actually means?" I ask with amused face

"Are you calling me stupid?" She asked with her face twisted into a scowl. She's looks pissed...fun.

"Hey I wouldn't put it pass you." I say trying to get rise out of her,and let's just say it works.

"You fvcking bitch!"she says as she goes to hit me but I catch her hand.

"First of all yes I can be a bitch." I say with a smile.

"Second I have been through worst pain then then your oily hand touching my face but I have enough respect for my self to stop you. Do not get me confused with one of your bitches cuz I'm not one okay?"

She looks like she is about to say something else but got stuck.


"Mmh bye!" I say with a sweet voice I completely forgot Blake was there until he says ...

"Damn angel you've got horns." He says with an amused and genuinely surprised face.

All of a sudden I feel my cheeks burning up. I have no idea why maybe it is the way he said it like he liked this side of me?

This is something I'm not used to feeling. I always distanced myself from guys because of my... curse and I'm not going to stop now.

" ha ha yeah I have to get to..."

I was telling him until...no no no this can not be happening! Before I can get the words out I feel a piercing pain.. I feel the pain.

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