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Her Curse

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Chapter 2

"Hey, are you ok?" Blake asked. What the crap do I say to that?

Hey! I'm a person that can feel certain people get brutally murdered...so I became a practicing modern witch...yay?


Fvck the pain is so unbearable I fall to the ground.

The pain I'm feeling is the worst migraine of my life. Someone might have gotten shot in that part of the body.

"No, no Emily what's going on?" Blake asks in a concerned voice.


"I- I have a terrible migraine, my h-head is throbbing," I say in a small and hurt voice. It wasn't technically a lie I do have a headache.

"Emily, people don't just get sudden migraines," he says in a still concerned voice. He is right I can't deny that. Usually, it comes with time.

"Blake please not now." I plead.

"I'm sorry. What can I do?" He asks. But before I can respond everything goes black.


Fuck fuck fuck what the hell do I do?! She just passed out. I don't know why I'm so worried I just met her.

Of course, I have seen her around school, and we have exchanged friendly hellos here and there, but I never really talked to her.

What the hell do I do?!

You know what fuck this.


" there you go easy does it," I say as I pick her up. As I do she snuggles into my chest. Telling me subconsciously that she is ok with what I'm doing so far.

"Emily?" I say but I get no reply. I wanted to make sure if she would be OK with it I will just have to do it.


I walk out to school and go to my car. I carefully put her in the passenger seat.

On the way there I glance at her from time to time... j-just to make sure she's OK.

We arrive at our destination in a few minutes after I get her out of the car we enter my household. I lay her down on my bed.



I wake up in a place I don't recognize. I have no idea how I got here but for some reason, I don't feel worried or scared in any way.

I step out of the bed and make my way out of the room, and enter a place I can only guess is the living room.

"Hello angle" I hear a familiar voice say and suddenly all the memories I lost a few hours ago are fresh in my mind...as is the pain I faced.

"before you freak out I just brought you here because when you got your migrain you also in the prosses passed out. So I decided to bring you here because I didn't know where your-"

"Hey it's ok... I really appreciate it. You...you could've done something in my weak state, but instead you helped me so thank you."

I say lowering my head from embarrassment thinking of what happened in the hallway he probably thinks I'm a freak.

"Hey? I would never do anything to hurt you. The thought actually sickens me.
He says as he stepts closer to me. "I-I should get going...thank you again for your kindness."
"Um yeah no problem. I will drive you ho- "
"No it's really ok you have done so much already. I wouldn't want to be a bother."
"Emily it really is no problem. Let me get my keys." This guy really doesn't give up does he? I'm not too used to people caring except for mom, and Matilda.
I'm certainly not going to get used to it now. My thoughts are interrupted when Blake comes back.
"Ok ready to go?"
"Um yeah, let's go."
We walk out of the house and make our way to his car in comfortable silence. On the way I look over at him and see he is already looking at me I look away as a faint blush covers my cheeks. We make it to my house in about 15 minutes.
"Thank you again for this, and everything else." I say looking away.
"yeah no problem... just a question?"
"How can you be so confident with taking on Samantha and her goons but have trouble talking to me?"
The question takes me off guard, but I answer it anyway.
" I actually don't know" He looks a me curiously.
"I normally don't pay her any attention,and try to ignore her but for some reason I- I felt the need to stick up for myself."
I honestly think it was because I was there with him,but he doesn't need to know that. He looks at me like he wants to say more but instead we exchanged goodbye's
"Matilda!" I say as I run over as to one of my long time friends.
"Hey girl what's up?" She asks surprised to see me so hyper in the morning.
"I am so sorry I didn't get to celebrate with you... I-I feel terrible. I had a problem with my you-know, and I know that is not an excuse but I-"
"Hey Emily chill it's really okay don't worry about it, really it's ok please don't worry." she says while pulling me into a hug.
"Really it's okay? Please forgive me." I say in a pleading voice. Worried that she might be hiding some anger.
"it is really okay, we can celebrate this weekend... buuut it won't be okay if 1. I don't get my painting and 2. If I don't hear why you were hanging out with the hottest guy in the whole school."
She says with amusement in her voice along with curiosity.
"He-he isn't he hottest." I say trying to defend myself.
"Yeah whatever you say. This weekend you'll be spilling everything."
She says with a mischievous grin.
Well... here we go.
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