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Blue Moon

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"Prepare the guards. Tell them to open my favorite dungeon. We are going to have a guest tonight." "Pardon Alpha. The prisoner is a female here and she is also a....." Leonard Knight The strongest Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack was hell-bent to finish off the last trail of rogues. Iris Lockwood, the innocent eighteen-year-old girl who was unaware of the entire werewolf world, arrived in her hometown after thirteen long years. People say thirteen is an unlucky number. And it eventually became so when she found the truth of her family. Can she ever escape the prison? Can a Rogue be a mate of the Great Alpha King? Or he would lose what was meant for him being blinded by his anger and Hunger for Revenge. Copyright © 2020-2021 by Irene Davison (Esperanza)

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The sky was ablaze with the fire of the setting sun. Slowly the night creped in covering the surroundings of Queen Anne Hill. The pale crescent moon shone like a silvery claw in the night sky. She grabbed her torn clothes tightly around her body and made a run to save her life and dignity.

The woods in front were dense like a thick black cloud, covered with enormous high trees. The cold breeze brushed against her skin making her wince in pain. Her bare feet pressed against dried leaves and small twigs creating a scared pattern of rustle. Ignoring everything apart she dashed inside the thicker part of the woods promising herself to not look back. Her throat clogged and mind became fuzzy. Her body trembled making her core weak and push her more into the verge of quitting. Yet she kept on taking long breaths to overcome her situation.

Far away inside a mansion a man was sitting with two girls kneeling in front of him. Even though they were pleasing him with everything, his mind was calculating his own sort of business and plannings. Throwing his back on the couch he closed his eyes to devour the moment when an abrupt knock on his door made him annoyed.

"Move away." He growled to those girls who were busy in their work.

"Yes, Master." They replied in synically only to avoid getting punished.

"Come in....." He growled once those girls left the room immediately.

A guard came running towards him with a worried face. He was scared as well knowing that his news might bring his death soon.

"Alpha.... Alpha Leonard..... She......she....." The guard stuttered while passing the crucial information to the alpha of the pack.

"She.... She.... what.....?"

"She escaped........" The guard closed his eyes thinking that as his last day on earth. No prisoner had ever escaped from the prison cell of Dark Moon Pack. It was a direct insult to every single person of the pack.

Alpha would never tolerate such mistakes and he would punish every single one who would be found responsible for such act.

Instead of getting hit the guard felt nothing and dared to lift his face a little to know about Alpha's current position. He looked calm yet pissed off. There was a devilish smile on his that clearly indicated the worst fate of the prisoner once she would be recaptured.

"Prepare the guards. Tell them to open my favourite dungeon. We are going to have a guest tonight."

The guard stood frozen at his place knowing how drastically the situation would be changed. Alpha's favourite dungeon was the one from where no male wolf had ever survived let alone any female.

"Pardon Alpha. The prisoner is a female here and she is also a.....".

"Did I permit you to talk about her? Or you want to be in that dungeon instead of her? Choose wisely. I won't mind ripping you apart." The growling of Alpha was something that the guard couldn't managed to handle. He immediately bowed his head and made his way towards the door. The moment he stepped out of the door a large growl was hard behind him. It was none other than Alpha Leonard's voice.

"Let the hunt begin."

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