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Travel Rivals

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Florence O'Leary and Peadar O'Flanagan are popular travel vloggers from their respective hometowns of Youghal and Swords. The fans of Florence and Peadar's vlogs dubbed them as rivals because they like to slam each other's counties, as their counties despise each other. They also have noticed that Peadar and Florence post different travel vlogs as Peadar does his vlogs within his comfort zone whereas Florence would explore the world if she could have the time. Peadar's vlogs are targeted for a more expensive clientele, whereas Florence vlogs are targeted towards affordable clientele. Will the Vlog series be successful when Florence put her rivalry aside with Peadar for the vlog series and become more than rivals, or will their rivalry get in the way?

Romance / Adventure
Liya Scriven
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Day Zero: Florence

It’s eight o’clock on a gorgeous, hot, sunny Sunday morning in Youghal. Florence went downstairs to have her signature cinnamon sugar French Toast for breakfast. Florence has plenty of time to get ready as her rival isn’t coming until ten o’clock, she can have a shower, towel dry her hair, get dressed under an hour. She hasn’t met her vlog rival yet. Guess she will have to meet until today in under two hours, she hasn’t even talked to him verbally or face to face, but she has heard of him.

And yes, she did communicate with her rival via email as they talked on a private YouTuber online chain, where she told him her address so that they can pick her up at her house.

They haven’t decided where to go to for their month-long vlog yet. Florence really wants to go and do the Wild Atlantic Way as she has never done it before, and she wants an adventure and embrace the seaside. But from, she heard from a mutual friend that he wants to do the Ancient East because he can get home from there. Which really pissed Florence off and rubbed her up the wrong way, too. After that incident, she doesn’t trust him after that remark.

Florence doesn’t know why her subscribers would suggest doing a collab with her rival that she has to be stuck with for over a month, Florence probably thinks that he feels the same way about her too.

Florence went down the stairs and started to make her breakfast. Starting her breakfast off by cracking the egg into a brown and white cereal bowl. She then whisked it with the egg with a fork. Then she added a few drops of milk in to the beaten egg as she doesn’t like her French Toast to be soggy as she likes to have a crunch as she bites into the French Toast.

Florence turns on the frying pan up to full heat and puts some olive oil into the pan, once the pan was hot enough. She dipped her slice of bread into French toast mix and places the eggy bread into the pan gently to prevent her from being burnt from hot oil and more scars. She has enough scars on her body due to her clumsiness, and keep picking at the scabs that caused those scars in the first place. Furthermore, she doesn’t need any more scars on her body. Florence repeated with cooking the French Toast two more times until she has exactly three French Toast slices for her breakfast.

Florence cleaned up everything and ran upstairs into her bathroom at quarter to nine and did her pre shower routine and turned on the shower. She had hopped in started to wash her long wet dirty blonde hair with her signature grapefruit and orange shampoo twice then conditioned her long newly rinsed out hair with the conditioner version of her shampoo from tip to root, then she washed her body and rinsed the fruity scented conditioner out her hair.

She finished her shower in twenty minutes. And she towel dried her hair as she fucking despises hair dryers as she doesn’t like the heat of the hair on her neck or the damage that it causes to people’s hair. She got dressed in the bathroom after a traumatic event that happened in childhood made her change into clean clothes in the bathroom since that day. She put on her sunshine yellow crop top, black floral patterned kimono, blue denim shorts and two inch sandal platforms which made her taller than her normal 5′11 height. Florence brushed her wet hair before she puts on her black Ray-Ban glasses so that she could see where and what she is doing.

After getting dressed, she went to her bedroom to get her suitcase and bags to bring them downstairs. Once she opens the front door, she sees her vlog rival right there, in front of her at half nine, he’s a half hour early, he wasn’t supposed to come until ten.

He had a chocolatey skin tone, to which she didn’t know how to describe it. He also has afro textured hair that he clearly takes good care of. She figured that her rival is possibly biracial, he has this strong yet soft jawline. He also has those dark brown eyes that could swoon any person over and... she’s taller than him, which surprised Florence a bit, she assumes that he would be uncomfortable with a girl being taller than him.

“Look, I’ll go and change my shoes if you’re uncomfortable with a girl being taller than you.” Florence said to her rival. He shook his head.

“It’s OK... they look good on you. To be honest with you... I don’t care how tall you are and high your shoes are... if you are comfortable with the extra two inches added to your height, then I’m happy with that... Oh, I forget to introduce myself, it’s a typical me thing to do. I’m Peadar O’Flanagan, you must be Florence O’Leary?” Peadar objects with Florence changing her shoes as she receives a compliment from him and told her that he’s fine with her wearing shoes with extra height and of course he introduced himself smoothly.

“Yeah, I am Florence, are you certain that you don’t mind me wearing the sandals? I have dated shorter guys before, and they were insecure about being shorter than me, then I had to wear flats just to appease them. It was a pleasure to meet you, Peadar.” Florence confirmed to Peadar her identity to him as she asked him if was sure that Peadar was comfortable with the extra inches, nervously as she starts to play with her wet hair. Peadar nodded his head subtly. Florence offered a handshake to Peadar with her left hand, to which he accepted, and they shook hands firmly.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too, are you ready to go? My cat is waiting for us, I must warn you, she takes a while to warm up to people.” Peadar said to Florence as they shake hands for a while longer until they let go of their hands slowly.

“Wait give me a tic, your cat must be hungry Peadar, I have some chicken for her to eat, I’ll bring a bowl for her too.” Florence said to a surprised Peadar, how did she know that his cat was hungry.

Florence fetched some chicken and placed it into a metal bowl for the cat to eat in, she brought another bowl with her in case she gets thirsty as well. She strolled out of the kitchen with the chicken, along with a drinking and eating bowl for his cat.

“Well aren’t you the sweet one, Florence... I never met anyone... who thought of my cat... as a priority before, well, I, personally, thank you for prioritising Nala.” Peadar was shocked to be exact that someone had thought about his cat. Florence’s face flushed into a light pink colour as soon as he said that she was the sweet one, but brushed it off quickly as she doesn’t know him.

“Well, we better get going... I have a cat named Nala, a beautiful name for a cat by the way to bond with, after all we are stuck with each other, for a month or so.” Florence rambled to Peadar as she puts the chicken chunks into the bowl for Nala to eat.

“Don’t you have a suitcase and bags to bring with you? Unless you want to wear this outfit for the entire trip.” Peadar quizzed Florence as he joked about her wearing the same outfit for the entire trip, Florence had forgotten all about her suitcase and bags.

“Oh fuck, look I’ll give Nala food first, I get everything else after she’s fed. Don’t worry, I can get them myself.” Florence assisted that Nala should be fed first, then she said that she’ll get her bags without his help, she doesn’t need help from a man, she’s a proud independent woman.

“Are you confident, Florence? Dieter had told me to help you with anything.” Peadar pondered with a confuzzled Florence as Peadar mentioned Deter Krause who was a big time TV Producer from Virgin Media Two, but he left two years ago for unknown reasons.

Now this is where Florence is shocked, she thought Peadar consulted her with everything, which a big fat fucking lie.

“Wait... Are we... doing... a television SHOW!?” An angry Florence interrogated a newly scared Peadar, what Peadar didn’t know about Florence is that she hates watching telly.

Peadar starts to get nervous as Florence is angry that has been blind sighted and lied to, well, Peadar won’t be let off the hook, and Florence will make sure of it.

“No, of course not, it’s an online series on YouTube Premium.” Peadar defended himself as he tells Florence, which pisses her off even more.

What was Peadar thinking about telling her that the vlogs series will be on YouTube Premium? Not only Florence has been lied to once, but she has been lied to twice by the same bollix who she wants to murder in his sleep.

“Absolutely not, I’m NOT having my subscribers and followers PAY to see us travelling wherever WE go, it’s either we do it for free or get someone ELSE!!” Florence shouted at Peadar angrily, now he’s pissed off as well.

Poor Dieter he will be stuck in the middle and the brunt of the argument, she doesn’t even know Dieter, but he will have to endure the shouting outside of Florence’s house.

“Why do you even want them to SEE something great for FREE?! Don’t you want the MONEY?!” Peadar shouted the questions at Florence. Florence doesn’t care about the money, she obviously has different beliefs about the series to Peadar. Florence goes up to Peadar’s face and looks down at his eye level.

Peadar went too far when he assumed that Florence who care about money, he doesn’t even know the real reason that she does her travel vlogs on YouTube.

“You might care about the STUPID money, I don’t care about the BLOODY money. My subscribers aren’t my FUCKING piggy banks. I don’t FUCKING do luxury travel guides.” Florence glowered at Peadar as she defends her subscribers, as she knows that they can’t afford to go on luxury trips. Deter walks out of the luxurious camper van, which isn’t Florence’s taste.

“Alright Peadar, Florence how about we stop arguing, we have a lot to clear up, go get everything out of your house Florence, I’ll talk to Peadar OK?” Dieter tries to dissolve the big argument between Florence and Peadar, which is somewhat working as Peadar follows Dieter in a huff into the camper van and Dieter looked pissed at Peadar. Looks like he also lied to him as well.

Florence huffed into her house, as she gets her suitcase, her phone starts ringing inside her pocket. Florence quickly answers the phone once she sees her mother’s phone number ringing.

“Florencia, ¿está todo bien?” her mother asks an upset Florence, using her Spanish name.

“No mamá, nada está bien, este tipo que aparentemente es mi rival es un idiota.” Florence told her mother in Spanish.

“¿Qué hizo el chico para molestarte, Florencia?” her mam asked what did Peadar do to her to make Florence upset, Florence feels tears streaming her face.

“Consiguió que un productor de televisión se involucrara con él en la serie de viajes. Espera que mis suscriptores paguen por verlo en YouTube. Eso no es justo para mis suscriptores, no son alcancías. Le dije que lo hiciera gratis o que se olvidara y buscara a alguien más.” Florence huffed as she tries to calm down.

“Florencia, iré a buscar a tu padre, él sabe consolarte mejor que yo, te quiero Florencia, estoy muy orgullosa de ti.” Her mother told Florence that she will go and get her father to talk to her.

“OK mamá, yo también te amo, hablaré con la pandilla más tarde.” Florence said to her mom that she loved her too.

“Hey hun, are you alright? Your mam told me that you’re upset, do you want to tell me everything from the beginning?” Her dad asked Florence if he wants Florence to tell him what happened between her and Peadar.

“He’s an arsehole dad, he got a TV producer involved with the trip series, then he expects my subscribers and followers to pay to see us travelling. I am maybe on the richer side financially, but my subscribers aren’t rich like me, I don’t want them to pay to see us travelling. I didn’t make these videos to myself rich, I did them to get Thiago out of a toxic situation from his family and ex-girlfriend.” Florence told her dad everything.

“I know Florence, but he mightn’t see why you made these videos. You did right by Thiago, you also did right by the businesses that were close to shutting down by helping them to make them a success on their merit. I’m not saying that because you are my daughter. Hun Thiago is here with me, and he wants to talk to you.” Her dad said to Florence that Peadar mightn’t see why Florence made these travel vlogs.

“OK dad, go put Ti on the phone, love you dad.” Florence said to her dad.

“Hola chica, tu papá dijo que yo también te amo cariño. ¿Qué me puedes decir del tipo que hizo llorar a mi mejor amiga?” Thiago said to Florence as he asks what did Peadar do to make his best friend cry.

“Oh, Ti, trajo a un productor de televisión a nuestra colaboración sin consultarme, y espera que mis suscriptores hagan una alcancía por nuestra colaboración de un mes.” Florence explained to Thiago about what Peadar did behind her back.

“I should try to speak more ingles chica, but he’s a puta for not consulting you, I’ll take that you didn’t tell that tell him why you made these YouTube videos.” Thiago said that he should try to speak English and Peadar’s a bastard for not talking to her.

“I didn’t tell him about you, it’s not my place to tell him. I’m glad I brought you here with me, how’s things going with Noah?” Florence said to Thiago that it’s not her place to tell Peadar about what she did for Thiago as she asks how are things going on her brother.

“Things are good Flo, we had our anniversary dinner last night, I’m so lucky to have him.” Thiago told Florence about their anniversary dinner. Florence awed internally, she knew that Thiago was a perfect match for her brother, Noah needed someone to ground him but let him be himself at the same time.

“I’m glad that my favourite couple are working out. I guess I should go out and talk to the arsehole and Dieter and resolve this and get it out of the way.” Florence said to Thiago with a wide smile on her face.

“You do that, mi chica, te quiero Flo.” Thiago asked Florence to get the dispute between her and Peadar out of the way.

“Te quiero Ti.” Florence said to Thiago as she hung up the phone. Florence goes to the bathroom to wash her tear stained face with cold water. She dries her face with a towel. Florence goes back downstairs to take her suitcase and bags to the too flashy camper van.

Florence opened the camper van door to hear Dieter and Peadar talking, Peadar is pissed off once she went into the camper.

“You took a fucking long time in your house, Florence.” Peadar quipped to Florence with her face turning red with fury.

“Peadar, I think it’s best if you go away from Florence and stay quiet, in case you haven’t noticed the poor girl has been crying as you made her upset.” Dieter advised Peadar to be quiet.

“No I think Peadar the wanker should stay here’s as I will explain why HE made me cry, I’m a passionate person who cares about her subscribers and followers who can’t afford these trips that I can go on. I didn’t make my travel vlogs because I wanted THE money, I did it for a personal cause.” Florence said to the boys coldly she walked away from the men as their jaws dropped once, she told Peadar and Dieter the truth without mentioning Thiago. Now Peadar feels guilty. Peadar should feel guilty for making Florence cry and not consulting her about the vlog series plan.

“Go tend to Nala Peadar, I’ll go and talk to Florence, OK? You went too far this time, you should have consulted her about this. Take this as a lesson in the future, I know you have done collabs with other YouTubers who’s from the same class as you. Florence isn’t you Peadar, she actually cares about people, not money.” Dieter asked Peadar to tend to Nala.

“OK Dieter.” Peadar said to Dieter as if nothing happened, he owes Florence a massive apology for everything he did to her and Dieter.

Dieter goes to the next room and walks over to Florence, who’s sitting outside as she is taking the view of the sea. Dieter can see that Florence is slightly less angry now than she was ten minutes ago.

“Hi, Dieter, come and sit down, I can tell you want to me.” Florence said to Dieter as she moves over to let Deter sit down next to her.

“I’m here to check if you’re OK, Florence. I’m sorry about Peadar, he can be like this sometimes, he was pissed that you want to the travel vlog series for free.” Dieter apologised to Florence for Peadar’s behaviour earlier.

“Well, Peadar is a bollix who can go wail about not getting money. Besides, he should be the one apologising, not you.” Florence insults Peadar right off the bat, Dieter starts to laugh, he likes her already.

“I can see you where you’re coming from, I have watched your videos, I have seen what you did for the close to failing businesses, you made them successful, and they still are thanks to you.” Dieter said to Florence, as he can see perspective.

“Let me guess that gobshite is an entitled city boy who doesn’t like being told no. And if he has been told no by someone like me. He’ll act like a baby.” Florence chuckled as Dieter chuckles along with her.

“That pretty sums him up, but I hope you come with us, I think your subscribers would love for you to experience this once-in-a-lifetime experience.” Dieter said to Florence, as he hopes she comes with Dieter and Peadar.

“If you want me to come, I want the series to be free for everyone, that’s the only request I have for you, I and we go somewhere where neither of us haven’t been as I want an adventure.” Florence told Dieter that she will come if he makes the series free for everyone to watch and go somewhere that neither have been.

“We can make it free and give both of you an adventure of a lifetime, no problem, Florence.” Dieter agreed to Florence’s conditions.

“Before you go, Dieter, I want to apologise for how I behaved this morning that wasn’t fair on you. I know Peadar is at fault, but I was at fault too by losing my temper. I won’t deny it, I do have a temper, which I do try to keep in check. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” Florence apologised to Dieter for her behaviour this morning. Florence asked Deter if she could do anything for Deter.

“Well, I was hoping you could go and talk to Peadar and resolve the dispute together and plan the trip with me as a team.” Dieter requested Florence to talk to Peadar to resolve this morning’s dispute and plan the trip with Dieter together.

“OK Dieter, no problem, I guess I have to apologise to him, right?” Florence said to Dieter as she asked if she should apologise to Peadar.

“No, you shouldn’t apologise Florence, he was the one at fault, not you. And he needs to be held accountable for his mistakes not you fixing them for him, he’s a big boy, Florence.” Dieter told Florence that Peadar needs to be accountable for his mistakes.

“You’re right, Dieter, he needs to be held accountable for this morning.” Florence agreed with Dieter.

“Thank you so much for coming with us. I think Peadar needs someone like you to keep him grounded and in check with reality while we are stuck with each other for a month or so, depending on how long our trip is.” Dieter thanked Florence for coming with them, as he told that Peadar needs someone like Florence to keep him grounded and in touch with reality.

“Thank you for having me, Dieter, I’ll try my best to put up with Peadar for the vlog series.” Florence said to Dieter.

“Are you ready to face Peadar with me, he currently with his cat Nala at the moment.” Dieter asks if she’s ready to face Peadar, she nodded her head, as they were about to leave, Peadar comes over to them.

“Hey, can I sit here with you guys?” Peadar asks Florence if he can sit next to her and Dieter, Florence gets off the ledge of the camper van and moves over to the bed where the three of them can sit down and discuss the dispute from this morning. But Dieter starts to leave.

“I think the two of you need to talk this out together, I’ll come back when everything is good between the both of you.” Dieter said to Peadar and Florence as he walked out of the bedroom in the camper van.

Welp this going to be awkward between Peadar and Florence after what happened this morning, but luckily, she’s calmed down

“I guess it’s you and me, huh?” Florence said to Peadar, who starts to chuckle with her.

“I guess it is. I owe you a big apology for not consulting you about Dieter or anything else in general. I admit I am a cocky wanker who doesn’t like being told no or don’t like not getting my way. Not only that, but I clearly misjudged you, Florence. I thought you were some dim witted girl who only cares about money and herself.” Peadar started to apologise to Florence, but she knew that there was more that he wants to say.

“Go on, I know there’s more that you have to apologise to me for, so I’ll let you continue.” Florence said to Peadar to keep going with his apology to her.

“I’m sorry for making you cry. I was unaware that you care about your subscribers and followers, I’m guessing Deter told you that I need to be held accountable for my actions.” Peadar continued with his apology as he figured out that Dieter told Florence that he needs to take accountability for his actions.

“Yeah, he did, I even asked him if I should apologise to you for snapping at you, to which he said no to, but I felt guilty that Dieter was forced to deal with us arguing this morning.” Florence admitted to Peadar about Deter told her.

“Dieter’s right, you shouldn’t have to apologise for my behaviour earlier. I know I forgot to apologise for some other things too. Especially lying to you and Dieter, you didn’t deserve that, it’s all on me and I don’t have an excuse to defend myself with. I have to admit, I did let viral fame go over my head, it’s clear that you decided to stay humble and not let people like me change you.” Peadar admitted that Dieter is right about his behaviour to Florence.

“Thank you for the apology, I appreciate it very much, can I ask you something?” Florence thanked Peadar for his apology which is obviously genuine as she asked him a question.

“Sure, ask away.” Peadar said to Florence that she can ask him something.

“OK, I just want to know how long have you been a travel vlogger for?” Florence asked Peadar how long has he been a travel vlogger for.

“I have been doing travel vlogs since 2010, I was twenty then. How long have you been doing travel vlogs Floral?” Peadar told Florence that he has been doing vlogs since 2010, that’s over nine years now. He also asked Florence how long has she been doing travel vlogs for.

“I started doing travel vlogs last year, I went viral when I vlogged my trip to Ballybunion, which is near the Kerry-Limerick county bounds. I went to a failing café which was called Sandy Treat Café while I was there and helped them to make it successful, we even changed the name of the café to Betsy’s Café, Betsy was Diana’s mother. Diana contacted me after I graduated first class in Business, Catering, and Tourism in CIT. Wait, how old are you?” Florence told Peadar that she has been doing travel since last year and told him she went viral.

“I’m twenty-nine years old since February, why how old are you, Florence?” Peadar said to Florence that he’s twenty-nine, Florence realised that she’s nearly nine years younger than him.

“I’m twenty since last December, I thought you were least twenty-three or twenty-four.” Florence told Peadar her age.

“Well I’ll take that as a compliment, to be honest with you Floral, can I call you that? I knew you were younger than me, but I was unaware that you were that much younger than me. I would have assumed that you were seventeen or eighteen anyway, as you have a baby face.” Peadar joked about what Florence said about looking closer to twenty-three or twenty-four. Peadar was shocked that Florence was that much younger than him, he also asked if he could call her Floral, which made her laugh a bit.

“Only if I can call you Pads, don’t worry this will be kept between us, the internet don’t need to know about the nicknames.” Florence agreed if she can call him Pads.

“OK, agreed, I guess you still want the vlog series free, right?” Peadar agreed with Florence’s condition as he asked if she still wants the vlog series free.

“I 110% want the vlog series to be free, and I want us to go somewhere that we never went before, I’m here for the adventures not the views or the popularity. Are you OK with that Pads? I forgot to mention Dieter agreed to my conditions too.” Florence confirmed to Peadar that she wants the vlog series to be free and wants to go somewhere they never went before, and she’s here for the adventure. Florence also mentioned Deter agreed to her conditions as well.

“I can agree to your conditions, since Dieter agreed as well. You know, Floral, you’re the first vlogger to not ask me to tell my subscribers to watch you. And asked for the least number of conditions. You’re also the first person to say no to me too, I can tell you’re not afraid to challenge me and call me out when I go too far as well.” Peadar agreed to Florence’s simple conditions.

“OK, do we have a truce here, Pads?” Florence asked Peadar if they have a truce.

“I guess we do Floral, how about we shake on it.” Peadar confirmed to Florence that they have a truce, as he asks if they can shake on it. Florence takes out her hand to offer him a handshake as they shook hands, she noticed that she felt a tingly sensation from the handshake but ignored it.

“I’m glad we sorted this out as mature adults, Pads.” Florence said to Peadar, who nodded his head in agreement with him.

“We better go to Deter and plan the trip with him as a team Floral.” Peadar said to Florence that they should go to Deter and plan the trip together.

“I guess we should, after you Pads.” Florence agreed as she opened the door for Peadar.

“Shouldn’t I be opening doors for you, Floral?” Peadar joked with Florence.

“It’s 2019 Pads, get moving unless you want me glued to the floor while holding the door for you.” Florence replied with a witty order for Peadar.

“Yes boss, I better get moving, no one wants a glued down Floral, especially Dieter.” Peadar joked back with Florence.

“No he doesn’t Pads, now get your arse moving, we have a trip to plan together, and you owe Dieter a massive apology for lying to him.” Florence told Peadar that Dieter doesn’t want her to be glued to the ground, and get his arse moving. Which he did as Florence closed the door and walked over to the next room of the camper van to see Dieter with a plan on a desk.

“I see that the two of you got the dispute resolved, I hope you apologised to Florence Peadar.” Dieter said to the duo, as he hoped that Peadar apologised to Florence. Peadar notices that Florence has already grown on Dieter.

“I did Dieter, I think I also owe you an apology for my behaviour this morning, it was too far. I’m so sorry for lying to you, Dieter. You didn’t deserve to be lied to like the way you have been lied to by me. It’s 110% my fault I clearly did let my internet fame go over my head, once Florence stood up for her subscribers and followers, I went too far. The funny thing is, I can see why my subscribers wanted me to collaborate with her. She’s not afraid to go outside her comfort zone.” Peadar apologised to Dieter for his behaviour. Peadar had to admit that he went too far.

“I’m glad someone could see that you can let fame go over your head. And don’t lie to me again, or you’ll be dead as a doorpost next time. OK, guys, we need to plan the trip for the month. Or we could do an extra trip for the series too.” Dieter told Peadar his delight for Florence seeing that he lets fame go over his head and warned what will happen next if Peadar lies to him again. And tells the duo that they need to plan the trip for the series and even considered doing an extra trip for the series as well.

“OK, I’m open to doing an extra trip after the original trip, what about you Peadar?” Florence told Dieter that she’s open to doing an extra trip after finishing the original trip as she asked Peadar for his opinion, after all they have to work together in this series.

“I like that idea Dieter, like Florence said we’re here for the adventure, not popularity.” Peadar agreed with Dieter’s idea of doing another trip after the original trip.

“Where you would, you like to go for the original trip Florence, don’t worry Peadar I’ll ask you afterwards.” Dieter asked Florence where she would like to go for the original trip and assured Peadar that he will ask him next.

“I would like to do the Wild Atlantic Way as I want to have an adventure and I have never done the Wild Atlantic way before.” Florence told Dieter that she wants to do the Wild Atlantic Way as she wants to have an adventure, and she never did it before.

“What about you, Peadar? Where would you like to go for the original trip?” Dieter asked Peadar where would he like to go.

“To be honest, I still want to do the Ancient East as the original trip, it’s what I know a lot about. But Florence before you get pissed again. Rightfully so, of course. I am open to the Wild Atlantic Way. Like you said, it has to be an adventure that we never did before. Dieter, we should do the Wild Atlantic Way. I owe Florence that much.” Peadar said to Dieter, now Florence was about to get pissed until Peadar said to her that he’s open to do the Wild Atlantic Way as he didn’t do it before either. Peadar told Dieter that they should do the Wild Atlantic Way as the original trip.

“OK, that’s perfect, how about for the extra trip, Florence?” Dieter was delighted that they have chosen to do the Wild Atlantic Way and asked Florence where would she like to go for the extra trip.

“Well since we would be in Donegal by then I think we should do the Causeway’s Coastal Route in reverse order, what do you think about doing the Causeway’s Coastal Route as the extra trip Peadar?” Florence voiced her opinion about doing the Causeway’s Coastal Route in reverse order as she asked for Peadar’s opinion.

“That’s a great idea, I like it already sure I suppose we will be doing extra trips anyway as well so might as well count them in.” Peadar agreed with Florence’s suggestion about doing the Causeway’s Coastal Route and even said that there will be extra trips anyway, so let’s do it.

“Looks like we are in an agreement with each other?” Dieter asked if Florence and Peadar agreed with the actual trip.

“We are Dieter.” Peadar and Florence told Dieter together, Dieter smiled with joy.

“I’m glad that I invested doing this with both of you, I think we have something great going on here.” Dieter beamed with joy as he expressed his delight of doing this travel vlog series with both Peadar and Florence as he hugged them both.

“Where should we start, Florence?” Peadar asked Florence where should they start for the trip.

“We should start in Kinsale town as there is a food festival today, then we progress to the Old Head of Kinsale.” Florence suggested to Peadar and Dieter to start in Kinsale as there is a food festival, then progress to the Old Head of Kinsale after the food festival.

“Kinsale it is, I better tell Olivia to drive the camper van as I will be recording ye while we are in the camper van.” Dieter said to Florence and Peadar as he goes over to Olivia that she needs to start driving.

“I can tell her, I haven’t met her yet, so I can tell her.” Florence said to Dieter, he nodded his head as Olivia walks over to the driving compartment, and she sees Olivia sitting patiently.

“Hi, you must be Florence, from what Dieter told me as Peadar was cooling off. My husband Dieter told me that you told Peadar no, I’m glad someone has the guts to challenge the boy, even though he will be thirty next year.” Olivia said hi to Florence and praised her for challenging Peadar.

“Yep, that’s me, I’m sorry that you have been sitting her for a while, you must be starving.” Florence said to Olivia as Florence apologised to Olivia for keeping her sitting in the driver’s seat as Florence figured out that Olivia could be hungry.

“I am famished, Florence, have you decided where to go yet?” Olivia confirmed that she was starving and asked Florence had everyone decided where to go to yet.

“We have Olivia, we’re doing the Wild Atlantic way starting at Kinsale where there’s a food festival today, we can get you food.” Florence confirmed that they are doing the Wild Atlantic Way starting at Kinsale as there is a food festival.

“Finally, someone thought about me needing to eat something, I have been driving since five o’clock this morning, and we haven’t stopped anywhere until your house. I have to give to you, Youghal is a beautiful town.” Olivia exclaimed with joy that someone had thought of Olivia, foodwise.

“Hey Olivia, do you want me to set up the Google Maps for you? To get us from my house to Kinsale.” Florence offered to set up Google Maps to get everyone from her house to Kinsale.

“I can do it, you should go back to Dieter as he probably wants to start recording you guys while you’re in the camper van. He will be documenting every location that you know the name of, as you are the local guide here.” Olivia told Florence that it’s fine and advised her to go back to Dieter as he probably wants Florence to be with Peadar as he starts to record the duo.

“OK Olivia, thank you for putting up with us, don’t worry, I’ll make sure the boys pay for the food you want to eat.” Florence thanked Olivia, and Florence assured Olivia that Dieter and Peadar will pay for her food for starving her.

“I know you will hun don’t be afraid to keep the boys in check.” Olivia said to Florence.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep them in check for you, it was nice meeting you, Olivia.” Florence promised Olivia that she will keep the boys in check.

“It was nice meeting you too, Florence, good luck with Peadar and Dieter.” Olivia said to Florence as she wished Florence good luck.

“Thanks, Olivia, I think I’ll need it.” Florence thanked Olivia as she joked to Olivia that she will need it.

“You got it, hun. Go knock them dead with these killer sandals.” Olivia assured Florence that she got and go knock them dead.

“You know it, Olivia.” Florence said to Olivia quickly.

Florence went out of the driving compartment of the camper van and went back to Deter and Peadar who were waiting for her as she talked to Olivia for about ten minutes if not longer than ten minutes. Florence went over to an empty seat next to Peadar as Dieter has his camera in the glued down tripod.

“Are you ready, Florence?” Peadar asked Florence, she nodded her head saying yes.

“Are you ready, Peadar?” Florence asked the same question to Peadar, he nodded his head as well.

“I’ll take it that you’re both ready to roll on with it.” Dieter said to Florence and Peadar, they mouthed yes to him, as Olivia starts the camper van the action begins.

“We are Dieter, roll the cameras” Florence and Peadar said to Dieter and starts prepping to record some footage for the series

“THREE!! TWO!! ONE!! ACTION!!” Dieter shouted action as the pressed the recording button on his camera and the camera starts rolling.

Words Count on Microsoft Word is 6,355+ words, the word count here it’s slightly less, but it will change to more later on. I probably will be touching up chapters in this story to prevent plot holes that will drive you all nuts.

And yes, Peadar lied to her and DIETER!! The bollix, what was he thinking?

Song of the Day Zero: Florence is High Heels by JoJo as Florence is livid at Peadar for lying to her and Dieter about the plans.

I’m proud that Peadar has owned up to his mistakes and apologised to Florence and Dieter, I hope he keeps his behaviour in check or else Florence and Peadar will give him a big kick up the arse.

I know there are readers who use feet and inches as well as centimetres/metres, so since I technically everything metric except for height, I will convert all the main characters’ height for you so here’s Florence’s height: 5′11 (ca. 180 centimetres)

And they better pay for Olivia’s food as well.

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