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💞 Enlightened Anand's Eternal love upon Akshara - the innocent & pure-spirited lass. 💞

Romance / Humor
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'Myself Akshara- A novelist. This tale is my Chronicle. My Memoir would not be enough thrilling or interesting, if he didn’t step into my living. All his actions are wise; but his character’s impish & jocular. He’s the one with pure-spirit & kind-heart; who lights up delight in the gloom of Anguish. It’s Neither my innocent parents or sibling, nor relatives or elders, It’s him who understood me; who read me completely; who stood along in the grimmest times &; who made me to feel the blessed/lucky. He made my life. But it took years to feel his eternal love upon me. I’ve dejected him all time with my heart-poking words, who vanished my years of dejection. He enraged only once at me, for being care-free at that instant which was almost to end my entity. He glimpsed no lass in wrong other than me. All his life, he spent to content my little heart.

From point to enormous obstacles in my life, he’s the only one who solved all that & pushed me forward in life. He often used to say that, he’s born for my sake. He introduced me the realistic world & it’s ideologies. Taught me how to lead a living. Has great powers, but lived common among us. Never he desired for his virtues. Only at realizing his greatness, I recognized that he’s the reason for my at present blossomed living. How can I settle my debts! How can a guy be such pure & perfect! How can one love such mentally! that too, in the world of 2028. I’m really.. really.. blessed indeed. Am victorious in career & Life, just because of that naughty & enlightened Man.. DEV.

We’re of the same souls.. He’s much involved than me, in my Journal, to say.′

- bY Akshara.
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