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The Gangleaders Angel

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Eden and Samuel have a secret unrevealed

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter one

Where are we going I ask the guys. They say we're going camping I didn't pack any camping supplies. We packed you a bag to camp with. So let's get on the bus and go camping. I'm not going anywhere. You can come willingly or forced on the bus oh and by the way you'll have to bunk with us in our tent. I'll go willingly I say and they both chukle.

Ares-We arive at the camp sight and I realize that I have cell phone signal. Eden and Samuel look at me and realize I'm worried they ask whats wrong I tell them there's cell phone signal. They both check there phones Eden says that I'm right no cell service.

That just means we have some bonding time. Me and the two of you or just you two. All three of us Samuel said don't be scared Ares. Haha very funny keep it up I'll sleep in Andrew's tent. I'm sorry I chukle as he thinks I'm serious. Ares- I would never bunk with Andrew.

Its now 8p.m I think I'm gonna head to bed I say to everyone and of course Samuel and Eden follows. I toss my sleeping bag out and unfold it in the tent that Samuel and Eden put up while it was still day light out. I realize that the boys still aren't here I go out and look for them. To find them sitting by the lake. I walked down to the lake and see Samuel and Eden sitting there laughing I ask what they are laughing about Eden says come sit and listen to Samuel about the times I busted my ass.

We sit by the lake for 30 minutes and then Eden grabs my thigh and his hand moves very slowly and a moan slips out my lips. I'm sorry Samuel and Eden tell me not to be sorry that its normal. We head back to the tent and he does it again but this time I touch his bulge through his pants and a groan comes up. Then I touch Samuel and he groans louder. As i'm fixing to release myself Eden stops he can't take it so I stop and Samuel looks up at me they both want to tear into me they ask if I want to I tell them I'm not ready not telling them that I'm a virgen and we all go to sleep I make a deal with both of them. There my only guys and I'm there only girl and if it stays that away then I'll think of sex. Then and only then so let's keep things to rubbing each other until sex. We all say ok and go to sleep i wake up and were all cuddle together with me in the middle and Eden and Samuel on the sides of me. Edens hand is on my thigh and Samuels hand on my waist. I try to wiggle out to use the restroom and Eden holds me down and ask me were do you think your going? The bathroom. You can go but come straight back.

I get back and the boys are packing everything up. When were on the bus I snugle into the seat with my guys. I get a text my phone is in my back pocket and I read the text I see its my dad I read it

DAD-Your mom is dead
I look at Eden and Samuel they ask whats wrong. I can't speak I can't breath im having a panic attack. The boys call for the teacher we he stops the bus and looks at me he asked what they did I shake my head no still not breathing. The guys notice its a panic attack. They get me off the bus Eden nails dig into my skin making me bleed I breath
The guys take my phone looking at it there heart drops.

Ares I'm so so sorry its all are fault for making you come on the trip. We sit back on the bus crying in there arms plz let this be a joke. We arive and I rush to the hospital the guys follow me on there bikes. We arrive I can feel the heat in my body rise faster. I go to the front desk I ask what room is jasmine isa in. She tells me she isn't. I Scream were is my mom. The nurse says dececed and I scream louder and drop the guys pick me up its not real wake up ares I tell myself it does not work its real. The guys pick me up and take them to there place me not ready to face my father the guys ask my clothes size and go buy me some so I can shower and change from the camping trip I love you guys. We love you too Ares.

Eden fixes my bubble bath. I get in and wash up. I change and get into bed Samuel and Eden snugle in. I love my guys and they love me. We all go to sleep and I wake up first and then Eden wakes up heading down stairs. Eden goes down and makes some pancakes. I walk behind him reaching on my tippy toes and kissing him on the cheek. Samuel comes down and yells out for me and Eden. In here I call out he comes in kissing my forhead. Then he goes to the movie room turning on the vampire diary. I finally decided I'm ready. I'm ready to have sex. I tell Eden he says ok and we go into the movie room and tell Samuel he says let's head up to the room. Are you sure your ready Ares? Eden ask yes im sure he sticks his length at my opening and slowly inters me. Are you ok? Yeah I'm fine I moan and they look at me I love you Eden. I love you too Ares. I yell out as he speeds up making me bleed and release myself. Me yelling out and moaning makes him release on my stomach I laugh forgetting about my mother. When I remember I start to cry. Not wanting the guys to see i run into the bathroom. Samuel says to open the door he's or gonna break it I unlock it sitting there naked we all jump into the shower its big enough for 8 people. Samuel looks at me and slowly inters me and I realize that I have 2 guys not just one. I love you both.

We had sex and washed our selfs and got out.
Sameul and Eden- Ares we need to talk. We are werewolves.

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