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Hidden Ties

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Lorresville is a small town filled with people, who filled with secrets. What happens when a new girl becomes intertwined with the people's lives around her. Leah Gray has a secret. Savil Jones has a past. Their lives are more connected than it seems.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

I heave up my text books silently as the teacher drones on about extra credits.
Summer school sucks.

I walk the short path to my car, and tense up seeing a ridiculously hot, leather clad, Adonis leaning against my red Ford Mustang. As I near, I notice a tattoo up his neck and a cigarette between his plump pink lips, and wrinkle my nose in distaste.

"Excuse me? Can you get the fuck away from my car?!"

He looks at me and pauses, then smirks and drops the cigarette, stomping it with his Doc Martins. He doesn't have bad fashion taste. He folds his arms and leans even more comfortably onto my car.

I could feel my blood pumping thinking of his cheap faux leather jacket on my polished cherry red baby. I rose an eyebrow and went directly up to him. The smell of cigarette, mint and light cider wafted up my nose and gave me goosebumps.

"I said, get the fuck away from my car!" I shouted into his chest.

He does something I never expect, and it makes me shiver.

He lifts my chin ever so slowly, leans down and says in a sultry voice, "Only if you tell me your name."

I look up into his familiar hazel eyes, and stumble back, dazed. Where have I seen him before?

I get into my car, and start pulling out of the parking violently.

I hear him shout "I still didn't get your name", and fight the onslaught of deja vu.
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