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My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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My Twisted Lovers - Book Two in The Forbidden Lust Series "This guy really has no idea does he? I’m definitely not the cuddling type. I’m not the girl you watch movies with or take home for dinner at your mums. I’m the girl that will ride you until dawn then forget your name, it’s just who I am. No strings, no attachments, no shagging guys with tiny dicks more than once. My only rules." Brianna Parker has never been anyone's average girl. She doesn't deny she's beautiful, she doesn't want a soppy happy ever after and she sure as hell doesn't want to snuggle after she's done fucking you. Growing up in the poorest neighbourhood and becoming responsible for taking care of her entire family at a young age, Brie watched woman after woman in her life get screwed over by guys - the last thing she feels she needs is a love story... Fate has a funny sense of humour when she suddenly finds herself pulled into one..or more.. The only problem Brianna has never been able to overcome is now staring directly at her with a six pack and a smile... Her desire for the forbidden... *BOOK TWO IN THE FORBIDDEN LUST SERIES - SEQUEL TO 'MY FUTURE STEPBROTHER' WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING FIRST IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND THESE CHARACTERS AND AVOID SPOILERS!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED..*

Romance / Drama
Monroe Thirty
5.0 4 reviews
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Chapter 1

I swear to god this guy better cum soon because I’m not sitting here all night trying to get something from this dude.

I thought I was golden – 6’6, built like Hulk fucking Hogan and tattoos across every inch of his chest. Doesn’t that scream ‘I have a big dick, come ride me Brianna’ to you? If I’d known I was dealing with barely enough pickle to put on a fucking burger I wouldn’t have bothered.

“You are so beautiful..”

Yeah I fucking know mate but if we could just stick to the task in hand here?

I miss Al.

I know thinking about your best friend with the micro-dick of some guy you just met still inside you isn’t the norm but this prick is barely touching the sides here so I’m basically just riding it out until I can get out of here at this point.

My best friend Aleah sailed off into the sunset, literally, with the love of her life four months ago and I’ve been bloody lost ever since.

It’s always been the two of us, even when she went off to college we still spoke almost every single day but now she’s god knows where in the world and I only get a quick call when they port somewhere that actually has signal every few weeks. I’m happy for her, I really am, no-one deserved their shot at happiness like that girl. However she did kind of run off and leave me here so fuck her... not really.

The let down of a guy below me starts to shake and I know the end is near – finally. He was supposed to be a nice little palette cleanser, a way to clear my head before tomorrow but so far he’s proven to be a bigger disappointment to me than I’m sure all those tats make him to his parents.

“I’m... cum...ing...” His face looks like he has to shit right now. Is there such thing as a sexy cum face for guys? Because mine is beautiful, I’ve watched back so many videos of myself in the throws of pleasure and in each one I’m blissful, not like this constipated looking twat.

I lean forward, placing my hands on his chest for balance and clenching my pussy around him to make sure I get every drop as I ride him ruthlessly, round two with this guy is not happening so let’s make this a good one shall we?

He finally shoots his load into the condom and my work here is done. I jump off and leave him gasping for breath as I search the bed for my underwear, I know it’s here somewhere.

His hands loop around my waist and pull me to him, his lips meeting my neck. “You were incredible, how many times did you cum beautiful?”

Don’t laugh. Brianna do not laugh.

I spot the black lace of my underwear poking out from under the pillow and grab them, pulling them over my legs quickly.

“Oh loads babe. Lost count... couldn’t even remember my own name by the end.”

His head falls back to the pillow with a smirk and I have to turn away not to let him see the giggles that are threatening to release themselves knowing he actually believed that.

I jump up from the bed, grabbing my dress from the floor and shoving it over my head to get it all on even more quickly.

“You can stay beautiful, no man in his right mind would throw a woman that looks like you out of his bed. Stay here with me.”

Aw bless. This guy really has no idea does he? I’m definitely not the cuddling type. I’m not the girl you watch movies with or take home for dinner at your mums. I’m the girl that will ride you till dawn then forget your name, it’s just who I am. No strings, no attachments, no shagging guys with tiny dicks more than once. My only rules.

“Sorry beaut, I totally would but I’ve got work first thing. I’ll call you okay?”

I leave quickly, not bothering to put on my shoes, before he realises he never actually gave me his number.

Stepping outside I see the motorbike this guy brought me here on, if I’d known that was the best ride I was going to get tonight I would have called it quits there.

Rule number two of the one night stand – always have an exit strategy. Luckily when Aleah left me, she substituted herself with my new gay best friend. I get far away from the house and call the only person that would still come get me at 3am. Josh.

“Brianna – this better be an actual emergency, not a running away from bad cock emergency.”

“Josh you’ve never seen anything like it! I had to check his ID to make sure I wasn’t accidentally fucking a toddler!”

Josh and me had become closer over the years. Losing his boyfriend, one of my best friends, in a school shooting over three years ago made us connected in a way we could have never imagined. Him and Aleah had become roommates in college just before their second year started and the three of us had become quite the team. Them with their broken hearts and me with my lack of one.

Harley was incredible. Funny, eccentric, wild and probably the most pure soul I’ve ever known. Josh tries to act like he’s okay but he still can’t even talk about him without breaking down. He’s not so much as kissed another guy since the night we lost him, says he just can’t do it. Harley was his everything, the guy was the reason he came out. Everyone thought they were Endgame until he was torn from us.

“For fucks sake... Do you know where you are or do I need to track you again?”

I smile. “Tracker please. I’m somewhere off High Street I think?”

I hear Josh shuffling out of bed and I’m so glad I have his pathetic little ass here with me.

“I’m crashing at my bros so I’m close to there, you good to come back here?”

“Yeah of course, can you drop me back in the morning? Sonya has this massive client we’re supposed to meet first thing and you know how she gets if I’m late. Its not until ten so I should be good to let you catch up on a bit of beauty sleep gorgeous!”

I hear his car engine start. “I’ll be there in five.”

I love that boy.

I’d started working for Sonya six months ago. Aleah’s stepmother-ish person, Tara, had given me a job straight out of high school helping her organising big parties and events. I worked with a lot of her high class friends over the months with their little parties and galas until I caught Sonya’s attention.

She runs the biggest high-end events planning business in the state. Anyone who’s anyone goes to her when they want things done right. She’s a class A bitch but luckily I’m a class A student when it comes to figuring out how to work people. She works me hard, pays me well and never says thank you. Just how I like it.

Apparently I was also glutton for punishment. Despite knowing we were taking on a big client this month I decided it would be a brilliant idea to start bloody night classes at the business school this semester too.

I never got to go to college with everyone else, too many responsibilities. I had Granny to take care of and May too. She’s was nearly nine now with the attitude of a damn teenager to go with it. Things have been easier since she got her own place at the Manor, we actually got a damn break from the girl and for some crazy reason her ADHD ass seemed better under control when she was there.

Tara was a good woman, her and Cole treated May like one of their own. Not a lot of people would want the love-child of their ex-husband and his trashy whore in their house but not these two, they just wanted her to build that relationship with her brothers and be a part of their family, just like they did with me.

I was so angry at them for so long, I felt like they kept Aleah and Jayce apart but their acceptance is what finally brought them back together.

I’ve never known two people more perfectly suited than those crazy pair, even if originally they were destined to be step-sibling’s, fate has a funny way of interfering doesn’t it?

Headlights approach from over the hill and Josh’s silver Bentley pulls up at the curb.

“Can I give a pretty lady a lift? Or more precisely, can I give the dirty whore who can’t even get herself home afterwards a lift?”

I roll my eyes as I get in, grabbing the bottle of water he’s so kindly brought me and glugging down half the contents.

I liked this place at night. Westbrooke was always so busy in the day but at night you could actually see the beauty of it, we passed the bay and the moonlight illuminated the crashing waves as they forced their way to the surface before disappearing again.

“So it was really that small huh? You wouldn’t have guessed by looking at the guy.” I’d managed to get Josh to come out for one drink tonight, a task not for the faint of heart I can assure you, socialising wasn’t his best asset. I’d also invited our friend Kallie, she’d just split with her boyfriend Drew when he decided to stay on for another year at a college on the other side of the country and she had to come back. She was taking it pretty hard, they’d been together since high school and I’m pretty sure he was her only boyfriend. I thought she might enjoy joining our lonely hearts club but it’s still a bit raw for her, I’ve arranged to meet her tomorrow after work though so she can be a blubbering mess while I drink coffee. It’s what I’m best at... well that and fucking.

Following Josh up to his room quietly I try not to wake the rest of the house, before stripping down to my thong and getting into his bed. The boy had seen me naked so many times now he didn’t even blink.

My head raced as I tried to think of all the shit I had to do tomorrow. Let the fun and games begin.

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