My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 10

I’m not sure how long we lay here, I was a bit preoccupied with trying to remember how to breathe but I’m soon snapped out of it as his hands come to hold my back against him and for a brief moment I felt myself wanting to bury my head into his chest.

“You were incredible... come home with me? I can’t just let you go after that.”

That’s my cue to leave.

I let myself soak in five more seconds of the sweet smelling and handsome stranger who just gave me the thing I’ve been most desperate for but won’t give a second more. Men like this are exactly the ones you should avoid when you’re a girl like me.

Heart-warming heartbreakers.

Jumping up I try to ignore the wet puddle between my legs or the fact I actually felt quite bad about leaving him. Pull your shit together Brianna, he’s just some guy you met at the bar, nothing more.

“Sorry babe. I’m not that girl.”

I start to rush back across the park and see a taxi making it’s way down the street.

Looking back quickly I see him frantically trying to put himself back together before running after me and shouting.

“Please, at least let me give you a lift home?”

I smile as I wave down the passing cab and it stops by the curb. “I’ve got it, thanks though.”

Pulling open the door he continues running towards me and I know he’s trying to stop me. “Wait, I don’t have your number, hell I don’t even know your name!”

I smirk, pulling the door closed and lowering the window slightly. “You don’t need it... Goodnight good boy.”

And with that I drive off into the night, leaving one of the best shags I’ve had in years with nothing but the precious memories.


Even my hangover couldn’t bring down my spirits this morning. Shovelling down a bagel along with my third cup of coffee my mind kept wondering back to last night. That guy was just what I needed, I definitely would’ve taken and kept his number on speed dial of he wasn’t so obviously good for and into me too.

The throbbing that still pulsed between my legs was a constant and very welcome reminder that it happened though.

There’s this voice in the back of my head that just rejects nice guys on principle, they usually turn out to be anything but anyway. Connor was sweet, he clearly liked to talk and cuddle, and was fucking amazing in the sack... or at least on a table. He’d be perfect for most girls, I’m just not most girls.

“Brianna! Did you pin down a venue and date?! That woman will be hounding us if we don’t have something sorted by tomorrow and I will not be made a fool of because of your incompetence.”

Her manicurist cut one of her nails too short yesterday so now Sonya has decided today she will mostly be playing the role of Satan. I almost felt sorry for miss bad-dye-job this morning when Sonya hurled an ice coffee in her face for not notifying her of a call within twenty seconds of hanging up. That was of course until I remembered what a cunt she is and all those feelings fluttered away as quickly as they came.

“Yes, The Ivory Tower has a cancellation on the 17th but we may need to grease some wheels to secure the date, I’ve already got a basket of the coordinators favourite products on the way and their Facebook page shows their mum lives in a retirement community out on Brookside so I’ve had a hamper of muffins sent there too. I should have it booked by five.”

This was the shit I’m best at, making people do exactly what I want is why Sonya hired me.

“Good, don’t forget about the-” She cuts herself off as she stares out the glass doors into the foyer and as I follow her vision I see why.

There standing in a perfectly sculpted navy blue suit and impeccably styled hair is the man that has overstayed his welcome in my dreams as my favourite whore.


“He’s delicious isn’t he...” Sonya remarks. As I snap my eyes back to her it becomes clear she didn’t mean to say that out loud and I have to stifle a laugh as she tries to pull herself back to her poise of indifference.

I watch as every woman in the office pauses to watch the Italian stallion that just stepped in, before a very flustered receptionist points him in our direction, she practically collapses into the seat as he smiles at her and turns away.

How can one man have such an effect on women? It’s like every woman here just wants to let their panties fall from their body at the mere sight of him... mine included.

As he steps to the double glass doors he has to push both open just so his frame can fit through. Madame flat-chest tries to stick her non-existent tits out at him like a baboon trying to attract the attention of a mate with its ass but he pays her no due as he saunter straight past her desk towards us.

“Antonio! How lovely to see you, to what do we owe the pleasure?” Sonya asks with so much confidence you’d never know she’s practically putty in his hand right now.

“Sonya.” He leans down and places a delicate kiss to each of her cheeks. “I was hoping to talk with you about some ideas I have for the party, I would like to plan something special for my beautiful bride to be. May I take you to lunch?”

Sonya’s eyes light up but are soon diminished again as the trollop in the corner pipes up. “Sonya you already have a lunch date today with the Jenkins firm before they jet off to Hawaii later this evening, I’m afraid they are already expecting you.”

Sonya practically growls at her. Antonio’s lips twitch up for just a moment but then it’s gone. “Oh Sonya I must apologise, I remember now you told us yesterday how busy you would be today... could I possibly take Ms Parker instead and have her relay the information?”

Both their eyes meet mine and I don’t know where to look. Lunch? With Antonio? Now? What the fuck is he doing...

“Well.. if you wish..” Sonya glares at me but I’m not sure what the hell she wants me to do here? “Although I could be free for lunch any other day this week if you’d rather wait?” I’ve never seen Sonya anything other than perfectly put together but right now she actually looks put out.

Antonio doesn’t remove his eyes from mine. “I believe Ms Parker is more than qualified to assist me with my request.”

Jesus fucking Christ could he please stop looking at me like that whilst talking with that bloody accent! I’m wearing bloody white and the wet patch is going to show!

Aleah told me this thing about Chad talking to her in Spanish or something while they were in bed together once, how much it made her body react in ways she couldn’t understand. I never got it before but right now I’m absolutely lost as to how she didn’t pound that boy into oblivion right there.

Professional Brianna, be a bloody professional. “Thank you very much for your faith in me Mr Romano. If you tell me where to meet you I would be happy to accompany you to lunch and help with any plans you have for your future bride.”

His lips pout at my tone but he pulls it back. “I have the car already waiting, if you simply wish to come with me now?”

Shit. I nod, rising from my desk and placing a few bits into my bag. Sonya doesn’t say a word but I don’t miss the way the other women in the building gawk at me as I walk with Antonio back to the elevators.
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