My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 100



Clarisse still hadn’t paid the bill, as you can see Sonya is taking it really well.

I knew it was a punishment, Clarisse clearly knew stuff had happened between me and her fiancé, so she was being a petty bitch and withholding payment until the last moment. Sonya had put everything she had into that party and it was stopping us from taking on any new clients at the moment.


There goes another vase.

The door to the she-witches office swings open and crashes straight into the wall, I don’t react but no-tits over there practically falls from her chair in fear.

“I swear if that money isn’t in the account by five I’m suing that bitch for every fucking penny. I will destroy her at the country club. I will make her furry grey ass wish she’d never been fucking born!”

Five o’clock was the cut off for the payment, anything after that would be a breach of contract. Most high end clients paid for the event after but usually it was instant, unless they were one of those penny pinching whores that wanted to avoid paying for the extra shrimp forks and would argue for weeks just to save ten bucks. Fucking rich people...

“Sonya, it will be there. Just go home, I’ll check with the accountant at five and call you. If it’s not there I’m sure your lawyer will have a seat with your name on it the next morning where you can drag her name through the mud. Go home.”

She slumps, the three glasses of chardonnay she had at lunch taking their toll as she finally relents, grabbing her bag and stumbling slightly as she picks up Rose to shove her inside.

“If it’s not there I want you to go down to that mansion, tell her I’ll take it in fucking diamonds if I have too but I want my fucking money!”

Yeah, I’m not going to that house again even if you pay me fifty percent. I’m sure she’ll get so wasted tonight she won’t even remember me agreeing anyway. “Of course, now go, we’ve got this.”

Sonya side eyes bargain basement Brittany. “Oh please, she can’t even cover up that monstrosity on her face. I’m trusting you Brianna, no-one else.”

I snigger as the pitiful assistant across from me holds her hand over the pimple she’d poorly tried to conceal with overpriced make up this morning. Bitch there’s no hiding that, it’s like an ants hill on your damn face.

Sonya finally leaves, making sure to make at least two more people cry in the foyer before getting into the lift and smirking at me through the glass doors.

We’d come to a bit more of an understanding after I found out about her the night of the engagement party. She didn’t harass me as she once did, we were never going to be friends – I liked being the biggest bitch in my circle and I could never let her steal my crown – but I understood a bit better why she was the way she was. I understood the anger and the fear that had engulfed her life for so long, it had made her into someone she probably never felt she could escape. I’d keep working on her.

Walking to the window I set the machine to make me another coffee and glanced out at the busy street. Sonya was just approaching her car, Peter waiting ready with the door open. I couldn’t see what they were saying but there was definitely some flirting going on there, their body language coy and the physical contact definitely more than someone should have between a driver and client. You get it girl... Maybe getting her brains banged out would chill her out a bit.

I finished up with my paperwork, drinking all the coffee I could to keep me awake. Yesterday was class but this time, thanks to Connors tutoring, I felt much better. Since Hope’s party was tomorrow I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time for coursework this weekend so as soon as I finished my paperwork I got started on that.

Bitch-face over there had to go to some kind of appointment, I’m guessing something to do with the personality transplant she was in desperate need of, so I was left alone in the main office. Just how I liked it.

I was just putting the finishing touches to my essay when my phone buzzed for five, my body filling with anticipation as I pulled up the accountants number. God please let it all be there...

Just as the phone began to ring the elevator doors opened down the foyer, a head of silver hair exited followed by a body dressed in a gold and cream designer fitted suit. Fucking great.

She offered me that fake smile as she made her way to the glass doors and forced her way in. Glancing around the room she realised we were alone, letting the heavy glass door fall shut behind her and her mask alongside it.

“Alone Brianna?”

Fucking clearly. “Yes Clarisse, unfortunately Sonya has left for the evening. Can I help you with something?”

She hardly glances at me, her eyes running around the office before finally settling in my direction. If looks could kill I’d be dead, she looked at me like I was nothing, like I was something she found on the bottom of her shoe before she discarded the entire pair just so she didn’t have to deal with it.

Placing her hand into the bag on her shoulder, that probably cost more than my house, she pulled out a cheque and lent over my desk to put it on top of my textbooks.

“Apologise to Sonya for my tardiness with payment. Between the wedding and the baby shower I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had the chance to deal with such menial matters. I’m sure this seems like a lot of money to someone like you, unfortunate soul, but I’m sure Sonya didn’t miss it.” Yeah right. “You must be so happy to finally have enough money to replace that car of yours. I hear public transport these days is ghastly, although I’m sure you’re used to it.”

Oh fuck off you cunt.

I look at the cheque that has so many zeros I’m not entirely sure how much it is. Holding my shoulders high I don’t let it bother me. “I’m sure Sonya will understand, it must be so exciting to have so much happening in your life. This is your fourth? No fifth grandchild, right? Antonio must be ecstatic as well, the closest you two could ever come to having children of your own isn’t it? With you being so much older than him...”

You came to play bitch, let’s play.

Her hands grip at my desk as she attempts to tower over me but I stand, making sure to let my much taller frame square up to where she is. She may have money and power, she may be used to people cowering before her, but I’m not one of those bitches. I’ve been dragged up in streets that would make her clutch her damn pearls just driving through, I’ve been in bigger scraps that Floyd fucking Mayweather... I’m not intimidated by a nice pair of heels and fancy manicure.

“Christopher must be so happy, his life being complete by the arrival of this baby. That’s all people want for their kids right? Good mothers just want their kids to be happy?”

She freezes, I’m guessing she had no idea I knew that baby wasn’t his, not that I outright said so but the implication was there. Regaining her composure she steps back from the desk and stands to her full height.

“I know what is best for my children, even when they don’t. That’s what good mothers do, they lead. Family means sacrifice sometimes Brianna... and there is no one I am not willing to sacrifice for my family.”

Her tone is dark and cold, the chill of it hitting my skin and sending a shiver through me. Christopher told me she’d done unspeakable things to protect her family, what exactly was she capable of?

I want her out of this office, the pain she’s caused Helena making me want to punch her in her perfect fucking teeth right now.

“Thank you for your payment Clarisse, I’ll be sure to pass on your regards to Sonya and I hope you’ll be using our services again soon.”

She gives me a smile that I know means she’d rather die than have me back in her house, trust me bitch the feeling is mutual.

As she leaves the sense of uneasy I’ve had since she entered the room only grows, I can’t explain it but it’s like I know something isn’t right with the way she is, something dark is festering inside that woman and I can’t quite predict when it will expose itself, but I know I don’t want to be around when it does.

I try to return to my school work but the sense of dread that fills my body just won’t fuck off, there’s something I’m not putting together here but I can’t see the pieces to do so.

There’s not too much time to dwell on it as my phone begins to ring immediately, Sonya’s name flashing almost as angrily as I know her tone will be. I answer it quickly.

“WELL? Tell me that fucking money is there before I go burn that place to the fucking ground.”

I pick up the cheque and smirk at the payday in my hand.

“Oh yeah, it’s right here... I think we need to talk about my raise.”
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