My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 101

I love kids, I love parties... but kids parties are what’s going to fill my room in hell.

There’s so much fucking noise and I haven’t even stepped inside the park yet, this is going to be a long ass two hours...

May is trying to rip my arm off as she pulls me towards the entrance gate, the hedges have grown since I was here last so I can only just see the tip of the bouncy houses over the top. Turning the corner May lets go of my hand and darts straight into the park.

“May!” Of course this does nothing to stop her as she spots Hope bouncing around like a crazy person as other kids take it in turns to run from the bouncy houses, to the inflatable slide, to the climbing frames. All screaming and loving life. Oh to be that young and carefree again. Growing up is a fucking con, being six forever is the dream.

Hope notices my arrival, and so do all the judgemental prick mothers who are already eyeing my outfit choice. What’s the matter? Never seen legs this good before? Wait until I turn around whores, you’re in for a treat.

“Beebee!” Hope springs from her feet straight up into my arms, her little body wrapping around mine so tight she’s cutting off my blood supply, but I don’t care, I’m just so happy to see her and be near her again.

I pull her back so she can see my lips but still hangs around my waist. “Happy birthday princess!” I look over her cute little Belle gold dress and matching tiara, she’s every bit the royalty she was born to be right now. “Killer outfit, I feel like I should curtsey or something.”

She chuckles as I lower her back to her feet and hold out the bag with her present in, just in time to see Connor approach us with a smile, accompanied by a little red headed woman who couldn’t seem to keep her hands to herself as she attempted to link her arm through his, which he ignored.

“You came.” He states with a smile, his eyes quickly running down the length of me before returning to my own as the blush creeped up onto his cheeks.

“Of course I came.” Did he seriously doubt I would? “Sorry we’re a bit late, May had three outfit changes before we finally left the house.”

The woman still trying to attach herself to Connor smiles at me but the glare in her eyes seems to be her not so subtle attempt at a warning. Move along girl, me and him have history in this park and you can’t do shit about it.

She looks between May and myself. “You must have been very young having her.”

Seriously? Not even a hello, my name is insert-stupid-bitchy-unoriginal-name-here, nice to meet you? Just dive in immediately with the judgemental bullshit.

“May is Brie’s little sister.” Connor interjects before I have a chance to make a scene at his kids party and I’m grateful. He steps away from the woman and towards the side of me to glance down at Hope who is now wrapped around my leg as she smiles up at us both. “Do you want to go take May to see the bouncy houses princess?”

Hope takes the bag from my hand. “Can I open this first please Dad?”

I kneel down to look at her. “Of course you can beaut, I hope you love it.”

She smiles at me but it’s quickly interrupted by the woman, who’s name I still don’t know, her hand now resting on Connor’s chest as she moves to his side like a hunter holding its pray. “Actually she can’t. If you’d got here on time you would’ve heard her dad ask that she doesn’t open any presents until after the party. There’s a table over there you can put it on, mine takes up so much room sorry, I can’t help but spoil her, but I’m sure there’s room for that little one though.”

Is this bitch serious? I look up at Connor with a knowing glare, one which he returns. He knows it’s taking everything in me not to smack this cow right upside her over hairspray coated head.

“It’s fine Karen.” Of course her name is fucking Karen. “Hope can make an exception for Brie’s present, Brie has a way of getting around all my rules.”

Hopes smile matches mine, the glint of mischief in her eyes making me want to bloody hug her all over again. She knew what she was doing and I love her for that.

She opens the bag and pulls out the tissue wrapped package, sitting on the grass and placing it on her lap as she unwrapped it carefully, revealing a pair of completely unique ballet slippers. Hope wasn’t your regular type of girl, she stood out, and now she would when she danced too.

I’d dyed the ribbon into an ombre rainbow that would look so cute when wrapped around her little ankles. Jayce had drawn a pattern of all different images from Beauty and the Beast along the silk of the shoes for me. There was the large red rose in the vase, Belle’s beautiful gold gown, her favourite characters in various scenes all around the edges. He’d done an amazing job and it was only enhanced as I added sparkly gems to bedazzle the entire thing. It had taken me two full nights and unlimited coffee to achieve but the look on her face right now made it all worth it.

“Beebee...” Her little eyes filled with tears as she held the slippers in her hands and scanned over all the intricate details. “I love them so much... Dad! Look!”

She springs to her feet and shoves the pumps into Connors arms whilst squealing with glee before jumping onto my back and pulling me to the ground with her.

I laugh as she practically wrestles me until she’s back in my hold again, I don’t even care that I’m probably covered in grass right now. “I love them so much, thank you.”

‘You’re welcome little one.’ I sign as she claps so excitedly I don’t think she’d be able to read my lips if she tried.

May grumbles impatiently whilst looking at the bouncy houses and all the other kids playing whilst she’s stuck here. I wave at her to run and she grabs Hope’s hand to pull her along whether she wants to go or not.

Connor reaches out a sympathetic hand to pull me up and giggles as I struggle to find my balance on my heels when standing.

He passes me back the gift which I return to the bag ready to add to the table with the others. “That was really sweet of you, if you weren’t already her favourite person, you definitely will be after that gift.” His smile is contagious as he looks at me with absolute awe. I really just want to reach out and touch him right now but I know that would be odd if any of his friends from work saw then saw me again coming out of his classroom later. “How did you even do all of that on such short notice?”

With great difficulty. “Loss of sleep.” I laugh. “You owe me two full nights in bed.”

Oh for fucks sake Brianna! His eyes light up and that cute little grin of his crosses his lips. Sleep, I meant two nights of sleep! Although two nights in bed with Connor doesn’t sound like the worst plan I’ve ever heard...

“I didn’t realise people still gave children homemade gifts, it’s so... quaint.”

I don’t remember asking for your opinion Karen!

Connor gives her a look that makes her take the step back she should’ve taken ten minutes ago. I need to get out of here before I go all John Cena with this bitch on the bouncy house.

“Brie?” A voice behind me draws my attention and I spin to see Fiona sitting on one of the picnic benches smiling up at me. Thank fuck, someone here I know.

I turn back to Connor and smile at him. “I’ll go sit down, call me if you need any help or anything?”

He nods and I retreat over to the safety of my former dance mate.
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