My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 102

Fiona sits with a woman who just looks like an older version of her, the same white blonde hair and sparkling green eyes that you could see across the room. Fiona never had much confidence unless she was dancing, but I never understood why because she’s so bloody beautiful.

She stands from the bench and engulfs me in a hug, which I return gratefully. “What are you doing here?”

I take the seat opposite the woman sitting next to her, who’s smiling at me but regularly checking over my shoulder at some of the kids behind me. “May is friends with Hope from dance, and I knew Connor before that, so Hope asked if we’d come. You?” I don’t think Fiona would care he’s my professor but I promised him I wouldn’t say anything so I won’t.

“This is my sister Aniston, her twins are in Hope’s class in school but she asked me to be back up in case they tag team her when they need to leave.”

Aniston chuckles before she turns her soft face towards me. “They’re demons, I love them but I’m pretty sure I was knocked up by the devil.”

“You kind of were.” Fiona adds, earning herself a shove from her older sister. Aniston can’t be too much older than me but I don’t think I’ve ever met her before. “Sorry! I’m just saying your ex is a twat so unfortunately the kids are always going to be half twat.” This time Aniston shoves her so hard Fiona falls from the bench to the floor with a thud, making us all burst into laughter.

“I swear if she wasn’t my younger sister I wouldn’t put up with her.”

I laugh, looking over at May who I’m pretty sure just threatened to punch a boy at least three years older than her. “Tell me about it.”

We chat for a while, Fiona catching me up on everything the squad have been up to over the last few weeks. They have a big competition next month and I can see the stress that I’m all too familiar with written all over her face.

I meet Aniston’s twins, the blonde hair seemed to be the only similarity they had with their sweet mother as they ran around like banshees on speed. Fiona managed to distract them enough to lead them back to the climbing frame where they proceeded to burn through more of their everlasting energy. They sign so fast I have no chance to catch it but Fiona doesn’t miss a word, signing back quicker than I can process.

One of the twins ran up to Connor and he immediately picked her up and tossed her into the air before catching her, making her giggle and cry out for more.

“He’s good with them.” I point out as Aniston smiles over at them.

“Yeah he is. He’s a good guy, always picks them up for me if I’m running late and takes them in if I’m sick. His wife left about the same time by ex did and the kids are the same age so we’ve always chatted on the school yard and stuff but he makes a point of looking out for us, not a lot of guys care enough to be like that.”

No they don’t. I watch as Karen yet again tried to pull his attention, her fake tits pushed out so far she’s almost bending backwards just to get her nipples closer to his face. “Damn, she’s not subtle is she?”

Fiona and Aniston follow my eye line before sniggering to themselves. Aniston rolls her eyes. “No she is not. I feel bad for the guy, she’s basically made him her target this year. She likes a yearly conquest from the single dads and I don’t think she’s missed one yet, although he doesn’t seem interested if I’m honest. Let’s face it, a guy that looks like that could have his pick.”

Fiona giggles. “Damn, you got a crush there sis?”

Aniston responds with another shove to her sister. “Shut up and go get yourself a decent girl that will actually put up with you for longer than a month before you start jumping into my love life... He’s just a nice guy that’s all, there isn’t a lot of them around.”


I stare off into the trees behind, when it hits me. I’ve definitely seen this view before... Wait, is this? My fingers graze at the edges of the weathered wood until I feel the four dents that my own fingernails fit into perfectly. It’s the same fucking table.

“Brie, you okay? You’re looking a little flush.”

You try sitting at the table that man fucked you ragged on and see how flush you get at the memories Fiona!

Connor picks this moment to catch my eye from across the party, my gaze falling from his to the table and back again as the realisation hits him too. We both just smirk at each other as the noise of the party fades away until it’s only him, me and the memory of that night left.

I can feel him inside me, the way he held my hips and threw away my hand so he alone could bring me to orgasm. He was so fucking powerful that night, even when he gave me control it was still him that couldn’t stop forcing himself back up into me.

Fuck, his tongue. That fucking tongue that just knew how to tease every part of me until I was soaked and ready for him... just like I am now.

I move uncomfortably, my hard nipples pushing through the thin fabric of my dress and I know he sees, his own body reacting as well until he’s forced to turn away.

Down good boy.

I’m grateful when Hope calls for time to do the cake, all thoughts vanish as everyone sings and signs along with her as she even sings herself happy birthday, completely off key and rhythm but bloody adorable none the less.

The party winds down, the kids a mixture of exhaustion and elation as parents start to say their goodbyes. Fiona, Aniston and I help to clean up whilst May, Hope and the twins all stuff themselves with cake until I’m sure at least one of them is going to be sick.

Connor and Aniston talk for a little bit, a subtle flirt being thrown each way when they think no-ones watching. Tara had dropped us here then gone shopping, when she returned May had almost passed out so Connor carried her to the car whilst I stayed with Hope. I’d forgotten what regular parties without billionaires and a screaming Sonya felt like.

Hope’s grandmother didn’t acknowledge me, I wasn’t sure how much she knew but Meg seemed like the gloating type so my guess was everything, I couldn’t blame her for avoiding me. She did however smile when Hope told her about my gift and gave me a nod of approval. I’ll take it.

Finally after I’d said goodbye to Fiona and helped them wrestle the twins to the car all that was left was for Karen to fuck off so me and Connor can get on with our movie marathon. He needed some Dirty Dancing in his life, stat.

Bethany went to pull the car around so I stood at the entrance way with Hope. “Did you enjoy your party birthday girl?”

She nods her sleepy little face at me, barely balancing on her legs. I pick her up and hold her there, her head burying into the crook of my neck as her breathing became heavy and sleep called to her despite the early hour.

“Thank you for coming Beebee, it made Dad very happy. You always make him so happy.”

Oh baby girl...

Bethany pulls up and Connor comes to join us, taking Hope from my arms with a smile and putting her into the car to go home with her Gran. She kept kissing his face and telling him how much she loved him, her little arms around his neck and holding him to her.

“I don’t mean to be rude but shouldn’t you go now? I mean, your sister isn’t even here anymore.”

Okay, this bitch is getting on my last fucking nerve.

I spin to see Karen standing there with her arms crossed over her chest, her hip popped to the side as she picked her nails impatiently. Did Brittany have another cousin I don’t know about?

“Neither is your kid.” I snap back.

She runs her eyes over me slowly, stopping for a moment at the short hem of my dress. I swear I heard her tut before she returned to my face. “I offered Connor my assistance to help clean up after the party.” Yeah, I’m sure that’s all you want to assist him with... “I’m going to take him to dinner now, to thank him for having me here. It’s something grown ups do sweetheart. You should stick to shopping in the junior section, he’s a man who needs a woman.”

Oh bitch, I could’ve fucked circles around you while you were still figuring out how to give head, experience is not the fucking issue here.

“He’s busy tonight.” Bethany’s car pulls away as Connor walks back towards us.

“Oh yeah? With who?”

Connor stands next to me, his green eyes looking almost as captivating as his plump lips. You really want to know bitch?

My hand reaches up into Connors hair, cupping the back of his head as I pull myself deeper into his body. I look into his face for approval but the way he’s smiling down at me as his arm slips around my waist is all the approval I need before I press my lips to his.

He reacts on instinct, his lips exploring mine like he’s trying to regain the long-lost memory of their touch. I didn’t mean for it to go this far but as he sucks on my bottom lip I gasp, allowing him permission to enter my mouth with his tongue. His other hand comes to meet my waist, holding me tight against his body as he deepens the kiss further for a moment before finally pulling back.

We smile at each other. “Me.”

He’s going to be really busy tonight with me...
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