My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 103

“Okay, I don’t get it. So he’s got a whole group of dancers that could pick this dance up in an hour and yet he thinks his only option is to teach some girl who can hardly dance and turn her into a dancer in a few days? It makes no sense!”

I shovel another handful of popcorn into my mouth as I bury myself in further to Connors couch, my legs resting over his lap. “You can’t overthink Dirty Dancing, you just feel it. It’s not about the reasons why, it’s the emotion. He could have any girl in the world but he picked her, come on, who doesn’t want their massive crush to like them back? Everyone wants to be chosen as the one by somebody.”

Men never have an appreciation for the God that is Johnny Castle.

“I still think he should’ve come up with a better plan...” Connor complains whilst digging into the popcorn bowl. I’ve told him to get his own but apparently he has a death wish, I hate people taking my food.

“Remind me never to watch a classic with you again, you pull the fun out of it. When we watch Fast and Furious after this I don’t want to hear shit about how cars being thrown from planes with parachutes wouldn’t land on the road.”

He looks at me like I’ve lost my mind. “Okay firstly I’m not watching that, I have to draw the line with you somewhere. Secondly, they definitely wouldn’t land on the road, it’s physically impossible.”

Spoil sport.

I like being around Connor, I like his chilled attitude and how nurturing he is... but I’m still struggling to find the things we have in common. It’s not something I usually have to look for in a guy, my usual requirement is just a dick ready for my entrance, now I’m finding myself searching for the things we’d talk about or do outside of the bedroom. Does he like the beach? Three am trips to the supermarket? Does he want to travel the world and see everything it has to offer?

As I sit here drinking this sugarless coffee he made me and eating low calorie pizza he insisted we get, I’m not sure what we’d do if this was our lives.

“What’s your perfect Sunday morning?”

He smirks at me. “Already so sure you’re staying the night?”

I pick up a handful of popcorn and throw it at him. He laughs, before immediately starting to pick it all up. “I’m serious, Tara loves those shitty glossy magazines and it said in the one I was reading on the bog yesterday that you can tell a lot about a person by what they’re perfect Sunday morning looks like.”

He seems to debate on it for a moment as he picks up every piece of popcorn, getting up to put it in the bin as soon as he has it all before returning to the couch and putting my legs back over him. The smooth skin of his hands taking the opportunity to run up my legs slightly.

“I like lazy Sunday’s. Probably something like making everyone French toast, doing the newspaper crossword puzzle and actually knowing all the answers. Watching Hope play in the garden as the sun rises high into the sky.” He turns to face me. “The most beautiful woman in the world sitting next to me.”

Perfect... A perfect answer for someone like him. I can see him now, smiling as he sat on the patio watching Hope on her swing set, her little laugh filling the air as he glanced over at the love of his life... her little bump filling him with joy as he stroked it gently...

“What about you?”

I smile. “Waking up on a beach in the Bahamas, or Hawaii – I’m not fussy. The buzz of last night’s drinks still clouding my mind as the cold fresh water hits my toes... even on a Sunday morning I still want adventure.”

He smiles back at me. “That sounds good too.”

Yeah it does.

We haven’t talked about the kiss from earlier, I’m not sure how much of it was us actually wanting to kiss and how much of it was both of us wanting balloon boobs to just back the fuck off.

“Seriously! The only way into the car was to smash the window? This guy has anger management issues.”

He really needs to stop talking shit about the Swayze, the man is my dream.

Connor moves slightly, clearly uncomfortable. “Want to swap places?” He shakes his head but I can see after the party what he really wants is to lay down. I stand up, much to his disapproval. “Lay down.”

He doesn’t budge. “Brie, I’m fine.” Okay, hard way it is. I grab hold of his shoulders, my own twinging despite the fact it’s in a much better state than it was before. He looks uneasy until I shove my whole body weight into him, forcing him to lay down on the couch and chuckling as I end up following through to land directly on top of him.


He smiles up at me, his arms coming up to circle my hips as my body lays flat on top of his. “Much... you?”

I look down at our position. “I’ve laid in worse places.”

We both just lay there, his hold on me strong as he refuses to let me leave him. Fuck, those lips, those eyes. Why do people really need to have things in common? Isn’t that opposites attract a really thing? Al and Jayce disagree on fucking everything but they’re still the best couple I know.

Shouldn’t we try? Just let the night take us or something and see where we end up?... Is that what I want?

His hand slips up from my hip, roaming all over my back as we continue to look into each others eyes. His breath so familiar, his scent surrounding me as his heaving chest rocks me up and down. I can feel the heat travelling from his body into mine. The way his fingers are desperate to take me yet he’s forcing them to be delicate.

He moves from my back to my neck, his thumb circling at the nape and causing me to arch into his touch. Damn he knows how to work my body. He applies gentle pressure, lowering my head towards his awaiting lips.

It’s just a kiss Brie... It’s just a...


My phone starts ringing just as my lips are about to touch his, both of us struck from our trance as I look at the screen – Helena.

“Fuck!” I jump up from Connor, elbowing him in those perfect abs in the process. “Shit, sorry. I have to take this, she hasn’t been answering all week and I have to tell her something.”

Connor doesn’t respond with words, just gesturing for me to answer whilst holding his stomach and wincing.

“Helena! Fuck girl, I’ve been trying to call you! Look, don’t go to back to work today okay? There’s a-”

I’m cut off by the sobbing down the phone, the deep voice that follows isn’t Helena’s. “Brie?”

Wait. “Christopher?”

He continues to sob down the phone. “Brie... It’s... It’s Helena, she... She’s...”

What the fuck did she do?
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