My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 110

Helena was still in surgery and now my arm killed, but at least I got a free cookie.

I wasn’t a match for Helena and neither was Kallie but we decided since we’d done the whole set up we should still donate to the hospitals blood supply, it might save somebody else’s child.

Valerie was asleep on my shoulder, her body exhausted after so long crying. She wasn’t in a true sleep and I doubted she would ever sleep properly again after today. The sky was dark now, the stars and the streetlights all that lit up the night.

Connor had offered to stay but I knew he had Hope coming home early in the morning so I told him just to go back. He was reluctant but after the doctor explained that it could still be a few hours before we have any news he agreed to go home on the condition I kept him updated and let him bring me breakfast.

He’d given me a kiss goodbye, on the cheek, making Aleah give me the wiggly eye brows she loves so much.

Slowly everyone had left with promises of returning until it was just me, Valarie, Josh and Christopher left. Helena’s friend Rayna from work stopped by at one point but she took one look at Christopher and burst into tears only to run back out the way she came.

I still hadn’t spoken to Christopher since I slapped him, nobody had spoken to him. He’d tried to talk to Valarie twice but the look I gave him that told him if he came near her I’d rip his face off soon made him back the hell away.

Valerie had a few friends come and leave, a neighbour of hers rushing in with four children who brightened up the place for an hour before they too had to leave too.

Apparently Helena used to volunteer at the hospital so she was getting checked in on a lot by different doctors and nurses who all shared the look of shock when they found out why she was here, it was clear everyone thought so highly of her and couldn’t understand what would make her take such actions.

Finally just as the clock struck twelve the doctor came back out to see us, his eyes almost as tired as mine and his hands trembling with exhaustion.

He came towards us and I stirred Valarie awake, she bolted upright when she saw him, her heart pounding as loud as mine whilst we waited for him to speak.

“She’s out of surgery.” The relief and sobs that rush through the room hit me like a tidal wave, Valarie grabbing hold of my t-shirt as she tries to hold herself together. “We’re not out of the woods entirely. Helena’s injuries were very severe, she had multiple breaks in her bones all of which needed to be reset. She is in for a very long recovery. We don’t know the extent of the damage to her spine at the moment, until she attempts to walk we won’t know if she can. There’s nothing obvious to suggest she won’t but these things have a way of creeping up on us. Her blood count is still low but the blood your friends donated probably saved her life and I’ve just been notified that a large donation has just been made and is being tested currently, if it’s all healthy then we should have her count back up by morning.”

Valarie shakes next to me so I wrap her up in my arms and hold her as he continues. “Her head took a severe knock despite the fact it was somewhat protected by her arms. When she wakes up she may be very disorientated, there may be loss of memory or language. This can sometimes come back or not at all. The human brain is complex and we don’t have enough information currently to be able to determine the long term ramifications of the fall. We will keep her in a medically induced coma for a few days whilst her body attempts to start healing... I have to say she is a very lucky girl. Only once in my thirty year career have I seen someone survive a fall like that, it's truly a miracle. She must have an angel watching out for her."

She does... Thank you Ellen.

“Can I see her?” Valarie asks with a voice so weak I want to hold her and never let her go.

The doctor nods. “At this point we’d like to limit the likelihood of infection so would ask that only one person see her until her body is stronger. I assume that will be you Ms Parker?”

Valarie nods, gathering her things into her bag before she squeezes me tight.

“Give her a kiss from me and call me if you need anything.” She nods before following the doctor, I call out quickly before they disappear. “Will she be kept down here?”

The doctor looks at his chart. “Currently yes as I’d like to keep an eye on her personally during the time she remains in this state, but I believe then she’ll be moved up to the V wing.” Me and Josh look at each other, the V wing is where Steve is and I know it’s not cheap.

Valarie also looks confused. “That must be a mistake. Helena used to volunteer up there, it’s the private wing isn’t it? I’m sorry, I wish I could but I can’t afford that.”

The doctor looks at his sheet again. “It appears to be covered Ms Parker. An unlimited account was set up for Helena covering all the costs of her treatment and rehabilitation, by a C. Vanderbilt. They made specific instruction that she is to receive only the best care and no expense is to be spared.”

I look at where Chris was sitting but the seat is empty now, then I hear the exit door so run straight after it. Christopher is hurrying through the car park towards the pick up bays.

“Christopher!” He stills, turning to face me with tears still fresh on his cheeks. “Where are you running too? Think you can just throw your money around and bolt?”

He steps towards me. “Brie please, I know you want to shout and scream. I know you want to hit me, I deserve it and I won’t stop you. Just please, please let me help her. I can’t do anything else, her mum isn’t going to let me see her again after this. Hell, I’m sure she won’t want to see me again after this! Money is all I have to give her, I wish I could heel every broken bone or move all that pain out if her body and into mine but I can’t, just don’t turn down the place on the wing.”

Stopping in front of him I take in his broken face. “I won’t. We aren’t stupid Chris, I know she’ll get better treatment there than anywhere else and so does Valerie. I’m also smart enough to know money from you people comes with contingencies. What do you want? Your mother isn’t going to just give you that money Chris.”

He shakes his head. “Nothing, I don’t want anything. She’ll give it to me because if she doesn’t I’ll be the next one to take a dive off the roof of that house. Antonio fixed it so even if my mother did stop paying then his family would cover it until I can get it back to him.”

Antonio made sure she’d get the best treatment? Why?

“He told me to give you a message too, when I saw you. He just said if you questioned why he did it then to tell you ‘for my amore’ and you’d know why. I assume you understand?”

I nod, my hand shaking as I run it over the arms that hug my body, trying to warn off the chill of the midnight air. He did it for me, he’d make sure she was taken care of for me.

There’s nothing more to say. Christopher continues to walk towards the pick up point and I see a red sports car pull in next to him. I know I should move, I shouldn’t look at him with how emotional I am right now because he’s someone that always knows how to make it better.

But we can’t do that again.

Antonio sees me standing there and gets out of the drivers seat as Christopher slides into the passenger. Our eyes lock but neither of us move, my legs trying to force their way towards him for the escape only he can bring.

We both know it would only make things harder. The only thing we can do now is walk away, if Christopher and Helena have taught us anything it’s that people in secret relationships will only end up with their hearts broken.

I let myself stare at him a moment longer, soaking in the chocolate of the eyes I wasn’t sure I’d see again. I wish he could sign, I wish I could show him in something other than words or sex what it means to me that he made sure Helena is okay.

There’s nothing more to say, finally I force my eyes away from his and walk back towards the hospital and Josh’s open arms.
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