My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 111

I hadn’t eaten anything since the bowl of popcorn at Connors house and I was starving, so Josh created me a vending machine feast as we sat in Steve’s room.

Steve could see how broken we both were, so much so he agreed to let us watch ‘one of our shitty chick flicks’, which has now resulted in him being so emotionally invested in The Bodyguard that I’m pretty sure he’s forgotten I’m even here.

I munch away on my second seriously dry cheese sandwich as I look at the beauty that is Whitney Houston.

“I kind of had a crush on her when I was younger.” Steve confesses as he watches on with awe.

I nod. “You’d be stupid not to, look at her! They don’t make them like that anymore. I’d kill for half her talent, and her legs.”

Steve chuckles. “Have you seen your legs?”

I stretch my long limbs out in front of me, admiring my god given gifts. “Yeah your right, these are pretty good too. Plus years of dance means I can do this with mine.” Holding onto my ankle I easily pull my left leg behind my head whilst taking another bite of my cheese sandwich. Is this place allergic to a bit of mayo or something? Hard cheese on stale bread does not make a decent sandwich! “You want this?”

I offer Steve my half eaten sandwich but he seems so distracted he doesn’t appear to have heard a word I’ve said, despite sitting directly in front of me. It’s at this moment I realise my leg is still behind my head. Bloody men.

With a smirk I lower my leg, making sure to keep eye contact with Steve as he grows his own smirk before snatching the sandwich out of my hand and taking a bite. His face contorts as he attempts to chew the ridiculously dry sandwich.

“It could use mayo.”

Damn. He’s perfect.

We continue with the film, Josh’s head bobbing as he tries desperately to stay awake until the end.

Rubbing his eyes he turns to me. “Do you want me to run you home before I drop off right here?”

I can’t imagine anything worse than going home right now. Helena is here, May’s at the Manor, Granny has lover boy over and being alone in a bedroom all night with nothing to think about except who hates me so much they’d want to see me dead seems like a recipe for disaster.

“I’m good here if you are? I’d rather be close by if anything happens with Helena. Valerie said her sister is getting an over night flight and will be here in the morning but right now, she doesn’t have anyone else.”

Josh nods, his eyes hardly open anymore. It’s been a long day for all of us. As he curls himself up into a ball on the chair he’s spent almost every night on, I grab the spare blanket from the bottom of Steve’s bed and drape it over him.

Steve smiles looking over at his little brother. “I’ve always envied the way he can just sleep anywhere, we’d never get more than five minutes into a drive when we were kids without him snoring away on my shoulder.”

I didn’t really spend much time with Josh growing up, despite being in the same year since we were five, I just saw him as one of Jayce’s dickhead mates. Now I wish I’d given him a chance, maybe having my influence in his life sooner would’ve meant he could’ve avoided being such a prick for so long. Then I would’ve met Steve too, I could’ve been the light he needed in that dark time. He would’ve met me before I got all fucked up, back when I was innocent, if such a time ever existed.

Maybe we would’ve been friends, me sneaking over to Josh’s house so I could gawk over his hot older brother. That would’ve been where our story started, two kids who felt a spark and couldn’t ignore it, like Al and Romeo.

Instead he had to see me for the first time at my worst, spot me hanging upside down from a pole before watching me grind my body all over guys for money, not to mention that he saw me in Paradise. He knows some of the worst parts of me, the parts that turn most guys on yeah, but not actually make them want to have me for longer than the night. So why does he keep looking at me like I’m the most precious thing in the world?

A cold chill rushes over my body, why are hospitals always pissing freezing? I rub my hands over my arms to create some friction as I search the bed for another blanket. “Can you use that magic buzzer of yours that makes all the nurses come running and get me another blanket beaut?”

I hardly finish the words before Steve has hold of my wrist and pulls me towards him. “You don’t need another blanket Brie. Get in the fucking bed.”

If any other man spoke to me like that I’d drop their ass right here, yet Steve’s commanding tone only makes me want to drop my panties... Laughing, I pull my wrist from his grasp and stroke the hair he needs cutting away from his eyes.

“That was a one time thing babes. Besides, didn’t work out so well when Josh woke up and saw us last time, what makes you think it would be any different this time?”

He leans into my touch as my fingers trail from his hair down his cheek, my nails scratching lightly at the surface amongst the stubble he’s now tamed. He looks so much better, you’d almost forget he was in an accident at all only a few weeks ago.

“Let me worry about Josh, you’ve had a fucking shit day and tomorrow probably won’t be much better. I can’t do a lot to fix it, if I could I fucking would, but I can do this. Now, come here.” Steve lifts the covers, extending his arms for me to crawl into.

One man shouldn’t have the power to make you want to throw all your rules out the window, but this one does.

I still hesitate, until a groggy voice from behind me begins to speak. “Just get in the bloody bed Brie and shut the fuck up. I swear to God if you two fuck with me next to you, I’ll get that organ donor guy back in here and offer you both up as sacrifice.”

Josh’s words make both me and Steve chuckle. I don’t get much time to process them before Steve grabs me by the waist and pulls me onto the bed. I settle quickly into his arms, too quickly. We stay there in silence as I just soak in the feeling of being this close to him again. No other man has ever felt or smelt this good.

I could take a bath in Steve. I could run his whole body over me so that every pore in my skin would drink him in. There is nothing about this man that doesn’t make me want to pound him at any given opportunity.

But for the first time in my life, it’s not just about sex. I like being around him, he makes me feel safer than I’ve ever felt and every second feels completely natural. On that cliff I’ve never been more terrified, yet a part of me knew I’d be okay, I’d be okay because Steve was there.

My body relaxes into his hold, the pain of the day that I’ve been holding back finally rising to the surface as I picture Helena’s face over and over again in my head. I should’ve tried harder, I should’ve pushed my way into her bedroom to tell her about the baby shower. If she’d known before she got there she might have been more prepared, maybe she could’ve handled it all. Is she just another victim of my incompetence?

“Shit Brie, are you okay? You’re crying.”

I am? My fingers stroke my cheeks before pulling back, the glistening liquid now coating my fingertips.

“Fuck.” I try to sit up, to wipe away the evidence before anyone else can see, but Steve keeps his hold on me strong so I can’t pull away. “Steve, let me go. I don’t cry, not fucking ever, and especially not in front of guys. Let me go sort this shit out.”

I try to pull away again but Steve brings the hand that was holding my hip up to the back of my head, holding me against his chest as I now feel the tears fall down my cheeks.

“I’ve got you.”

I try to fight, try to push against his chest and hit his shoulders in my attempts to stop him seeing this side of me, but he doesn’t relent. He takes the punishment, with every hit repeating those three words. “I’ve got you.” Eventually my arms stop trying to push him away, the tears now becoming sobs as I cry out with the pain and fear I’d been bottling up for so long. Instead my nails start to claw at the skin of his neck, trying to pull him closer to me.

He wraps his arms completely around me, my body quivering as I hold him closer than I’ve held any man, my soul open and raw for his viewing.

“I’ve got you Brie, I’ve always got you.”

I can’t stop the tears now, my mind finally feeling the weight of suffering alone lifting to allow me to let it all out into him. It’s not just Helena that rises to the surface, it’s all of it; Helena’s suicide attempt, nearly dying in the crash, Antonio marrying Clarisse, breaking Connor’s heart, Sonya having to keep herself a secret, the fear of hurting Josh, facing my mother, Aleah moving on with her life without me, the way I feel about Steve, May finding a new family I’m not really a part of, Granny being sick, Harley, Chad... That day my childhood ended.

It all hits me like a tidal wave as the floodgates open and nothing I do can hold them back. Not while I’m so safe with him.

Steve just holds me, his hand rubbing my back or stroking my hair, his body reacting to mine in everyday that can nurture or give comfort to someone falling part before you. He doesn’t say one word, he never asks any questions or says he needs an apology for the way I tried to escape him with my fists. He just keeps me there in his embrace as I shake and sob into his t-shirt.

I’m not sure how long I was there, it could have been minutes or hours to be honest. As my body starts to resemble something of its natural form I realise what I’m doing, my moment of insanity ending as I pull myself back together. I can’t believe I just did that, how did I let myself do that with him?

Jesus Christ, shoot me now.

“You tell anyone I’m actually capable of human emotion and I’ll smother you in your sleep.” Steve chuckles at the threat I speak directly into his soaked shirt, the thin white fabric practically see through at this point.

He reaches over and grabs me a half drunk bottle of water and some tissues. Thank fuck all my make up had been washed off when I found out about Helena because otherwise I’d look a bigger mess right now than I already do.

Steve glances down at the large wet patch on his shirt as I sit myself up from his grasp to drink the water. Most people would think it’s gross to share his water but considering his tongue has been down my throat I’m pretty sure his germs are my germs already. “Sorry, do you want me to get you a clean shirt?”

He shakes his head. “It’s okay, I was warm anyway.” Warm? In this place? Before I have time to question it, all my thoughts are wiped from my head as Steve pulls off his shirt and casually tosses it to the floor, leaving his bare chest and perfect abs on display as he lays back down.

There’s no way he seriously expects me to share a bed with him looking like that and not do anything, right? I’m just one woman! No-ones self control is that good!

Although I can now see all the healing he still has left to do. His shoulder is more yellow than purple now but it’s still pretty rough, his body still littered with scrapes and cuts that I know are going to leave some serious scars.

I run my hand over the tattoos that coat his chest, most of them safe and fixable but there’s a written passage across his pec that is unreadable now. I try to study the ink, my fingers travelling across the lines gently but I can’t make out a word.

“What did it say?”

Steve glances down at my fingertips as they run across the broken skin.

“The boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends -”

“- and where the other begins.”

Steve looks up at me in awe, before checking the ink to see if I could just read the ending. I can’t but didn’t need too anyway, it is my favourite quote by Edgar Allan Poe too.

He lets his head fall back against the pillow, staring at the ceiling with a smile on his face. “You’re just too fucking perfect.”

Funny, I was just thinking the same thing about him.

I finish the water, my head beginning to hurt under the stress of the last twenty-four hours, the water doing little to stop it. I need sleep.

Steve notices my exhaustion, reaching out and placing me into his arms. I definitely can’t sleep facing him, my hands are itching to get on those abs and follow that V into his shorts. Nope, if I’m going to keep my word to Josh and not fuck Steve right here then I can’t stay like this.

I twist so my back is placed against his chest, his comforting arms still wrapped around my body and pulling me in closer. Okay, this isn’t much better, his dick is now firmly placed against my ass and I know with just a few rotations of my hips I could have him harder than this damn hospital mattress.

Couldn’t I just do him a little bit? Nothing crazy, just make his eyes roll back and have him panting an incy wincy bit? God, what I wouldn’t give to hear that man screaming my name...

I look over at Josh, sleeping so close I could probably reach out and stroke the drool away from his lips. Yeah, maybe not the best idea to tease Steve right now.

Of course he didn’t get the same message as his lips plant themselves on the exposed skin between my shoulder blades, the sensation of his lips on my skin making me shudder. I try to hold back a moan as he continues to move upwards, leaving small delicate kisses along my flesh, eventually moving to the back of my neck as my legs begin to shake.

Everything he does is like electricity running through my body, it all feels so much more intense, every move he makes is with intention.

Finally he stops his attack on my neck, continuing to move until he reaches the sensitive skin behind my ear. His hand caressing the front of my body, running up my waist and over my breasts until it holds my jaw and turns my head to face him.

We both know this isn’t leading anywhere, we know it can’t. Not tonight. He just wants to show me I haven’t ruined anything, that despite my mini breakdown earlier he still wants me the way he did before. It is exactly what I needed.

His lips meet mine in the softest kiss he’s given my skin, passion replaced with care as he continues to kiss me gently.

I should tell him about the car, about the brakes being cut, but I’m so exhausted and I don’t want to play twenty questions right now. Hannah said she’d meet me tomorrow to discuss things so I’ll tell her just to meet me here so Steve can have all the information too, he deserves too know just as much as I do.

Steve pulls back from the kiss and smiles at me. “You need to sleep stranger.”

I really do... but I need to know something first.

Settling into his hold Steve pulls me back so my body is flush against his, our hands finding each other as he interlocks our fingers against the mattress.

I close my eyes. “Steve, what’s your perfect Sunday morning?”

He lifts his head behind me, probably checking my face to see if I’m serious but I don’t open my eyes, I just let the question hang there in the air until he settles back into the pillow and his breath tickles my neck once again.

“Probably waking up on a beach in Maui, nursing my hangover with good street food before putting my girl on the back of the bike and taking her off to our next adventure god knows where.”

I was right. He’s perfect.
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