My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 112

Who the fuck is calling my phone right now?

Shit. Helena.

Steve still has by body caged in a bear hug as I try to scramble to get to my phone, the loud tone doing nothing to wake him or his practically unconscious brother. These two would sleep through the bloody apocalypse.

Stretching to the point I almost dislocate my shoulder again I finally grasp hold of my phone, only for it to slip from my fingers and smash onto the floor at Josh’s feet.

“Fuck!” Pretty sure if I break this one Jayce isn’t going to buy me another.

Josh stirs, looking at my body practically hanging from Steve’s arms as I try to reach for my phone.

“Jesus Christ Steve, let her fucking go.”

Steve’s gruff morning voice comes from behind me. “No.”

I laugh, pulling his arms from around me enough I can reach what I expect to be a very smashed phone, instead when I turn it over I freeze, the screen is perfectly fine... displaying the name ‘green eyes’ for all to see.

Shit. He said he’d meet me here for breakfast!

I sit up straight, Steve’s hands being forced to detach from around my body but still rubbing against my back. Sliding my finger across the green button I bring the phone to my ear. “Hello?”

Connor’s cheerful voice fills my ears. “Hey, you okay? I got your message about Helena being moved up onto this posh ward, I’m by the reception now but they’re saying she’s not up here yet. Where are you?”

Oh shit. He’s here, on this floor, right now?

“Um yeah, she’s being moved today hopefully. I’m with Steve and Josh in his room. I’ll come meet you now.”

I can hear Connor talking to the receptionist down the hall from here. “It’s okay, we’re coming. I brought extra coffees and doughnut in case a few people stayed anyway. Room 206?”

Oh fuck.

I barely manage to jump from the bed, my hair standing on end as the door swings open and a little bundle of energy comes sprinting into the room.


Hope springs from the floor into my arms, I turn quickly to see Steve looking at me with a mixture of hurt and confusion. I don’t have time to explain before Connor steps towards the door. Josh groaning something behind me about kids being too happy in the morning.

Connor looks at me before moving his eyes to Steve, who still lays on the bed half naked staring at me and Hope. “I’m so sorry, she heard which room Brie was in and bolted before I could catch her.”

Steve chuckles, sitting up and extending his hand towards the clearly embarrassed man. “It’s all good man. I’m Steve.”

Connor shakes his hand with a look of appreciation for his understanding. “Connor, this pocket rocket who has apparently forgot her manners is Hope.”

I see the moment the penny drops for Steve, he’d heard Connor on the phone that time Jayce brought us all home from the hospital and he knew we were... involved. I expected him to get all pissy like Antonio did when I woke up from the accident but his reaction couldn’t be more different, he just smiles and nods at Connor before turning his attention to Hope.

“It’s very nice to meet you Hope. Finally Josh will have someone to discuss his love of My Little Pony with.”

Josh glares at his brother, the redness in his cheeks almost matching the fiery hatred in his eyes. “I told you, I fell asleep watching SpongeBob! When you came in it had changed to My Little Pony!”

Hope starts to laugh uncontrollably in my arms, her eyes darting between the lips of the two brothers trying not to miss a moment of their exchange. Connor settles himself into a chair and hands out some coffees whilst I perch at the end of the bed with Hope in my arms.

We all chat for a bit, well all of us except Josh, who only lifts his head from his coffee when he gets an opportunity to try disprove what Steve is saying about his Pony love. The Queen doth protest too much if you ask me...

I catch Connor up on Helena’s condition while Steve kindly distracts Hope from the dark conversation by letting her pretend to be his doctor and cover all his little scars with pretty pink Band-Aids she convinced a nice nurse to give her.

Steve takes it like a champ. It did take him a little while to even notice that Hope couldn’t hear him, she’s an excellent lip reader but after the third time he tried to tell her about the fact she was holding the stethoscope to his head when it should be on his heart he realised there was something up.

Hope turned to sign to me. ‘Why does he have so many tattoos?’

I shrug. ‘Guess he likes them?’

She nods. ‘I like them, but not that rubbish one on his arm. I could draw a better wolf than that.’

I burst out laughing and so does Connor, Steve and Josh completely isolated from the conversation.

Steve frowns at me. “Is she bullying me in a language I can’t understand? Because that’s kind of mean for someone so cute.”

Hope goes all doe eyed at Steve, his charm apparently not limited to just grown women who want to bang his brains out.

She shakes her head at him. “I was just saying I like your wolf tattoo.”

Steve laughs. “Why do I have a feeling I’m not getting the whole story there little miss?” She laughs again and Steve reaches out to grab her from my lap, tickling her so much she shrieks and giggles with happiness whilst convulsing around the bed and almost knocking me off.

He’s good with kids too. Of course he bloody is... he’s practically every woman’s fantasy come to life.

Hope keeps up the laughter despite Steve putting her back down at the end of the bed. “Why did you pick a wolf?”

Steve looks at the tattoo with a smile. “It was actually supposed to be a shark but apparently two bottles of tequila and a poor attempt at Google translate meant I woke up with this thing instead.”

She stares again at the image. “Why did you want a shark?”

He smiles. “Because of this.” Leaning down Steve rolls up the leg of his shorts, revealing a jagged scar of points forming a semi circle.

“Wait, is that-?”

“A shark bite, yeah. I was surfing and one of the babies got me. Little fucker refused to let go until he made sure he’d left his mark too.”

Hope scrambles up the bed to get a closer look. “That’s so cool!”

Steve smiles. “Oh you like that? You should see the one in my back. I got into a bar fight out in Mexico with this-”

“Steve!” He stops abruptly at the sound of my voice. “Dude, she’s like five, less of the bar fights yeah?”

Red coats his face as he turns his eyes from Hope eagerly awaiting the end of the tale to Connor. “Sorry man. It’s been a while since I’ve been around a kid this age.”

Connor just laughs. “It’s all good, but we should get going, her ballet class starts soon and I turning up late to Ms Days class would result in me having a bigger chunk bit out of me than you got from that shark.”

Josh shudders. “That woman fills my nightmares. She once caught me drinking a coke in the studio and screamed at me in Russian about how I should be immediately executed. I can’t believe they let her teach children, she’s a menace.”

I roll my eyes. “Jesus Christ, sensitive much? She’s a good woman, she just commands respect. Go back to watching Powerpuff Girls or something, you’re so moody in the morning.”

“It wasn’t Powerpuff Girls! It was My Little P-”

Steve’s eyes light up as Josh realises his mistake just a moment too late. “I knew you were watching it!”

The whole room bursts into laughter while Josh scurries off to the bathroom suddenly needing to be anywhere else but here. As the laughter dies down I set Hope on her feet. “Show me that spin girl.” She sets her mark on the wall and makes a perfect rotation, my heart beating with pride at how far this little princess has come so quickly. I smile at her, “You’re gonna kill it today.”

Her confidence only grows as she soaks in my words. Connor says his goodbyes to Steve before turning to me, my body stood at the end of the bed as I look over quickly at Steve who seems to be watching the exchange with interest. Connor steps forward, not hesitating to pull me into a hug and leave a delicate kiss on my cheek.

It’s never felt wrong before, being with Connor like this, but right now something deep in the pit of my stomach is telling me this isn’t right, not anymore.

“Call me if you need anything, okay?”

I nod, unwrapping Hope from around my leg I walk them too the door. I don’t understand this feeling, it’s like something is eating away at me, trying to tell me something I just don’t understand. Being with Connor always makes me happy, his calming personality is probably one of the most stabilising factors in my life. Am I just being selfish? Holding onto him in the hopes of becoming what he needs one day?

He said he didn’t want to change me, I believed him and I think he truly meant it when he said it, but the more time we’re together I just have this nagging doubt in the back of my mind that I’m not exactly what he needs.

“She might be the sweetest kid I’ve ever met. Kids usually hate me but that one’s different, I can see a lot of her Dad in her...” I don’t know how I expected Steve to react to meeting Connor and Hope, but I certainly didn’t expect him to be this cool with everything. “...I can see why you like them Brie. If you’re serious about the guy tell me, I’ll step back. I don’t want to ruin something for you that could change your life.”

The thought of Steve walking away from me feels like someone shoving a hot poker into my stomach. I don’t know where things stand with Connor, we haven’t spoken at all about us since he found out about Meg. Things are better... they’re just not the same.

“You’re not getting between anything Steve. Connor knows who I am, so do you.” I walk back to the side of his bed. “If you want out I get it, I can’t promise you anything. I don’t know what I want right now and I don’t know when I will. Jayce told me just to see where life takes me so that’s what I’m doing. You’ve just got to decide if you want to come along for the ride?”

He smirks at me. “No pressure here Brie. I’m good with what we have right now. If the day comes either of us want more we’ll talk about it then, okay?” I nod. “Right, that’s enough soppy bullshit for one fucking morning. Want to get out of this room?”

My phone buzzes from the side table and I glance over to see a text from Tara.

‘Hannah will be at the hospital in ten, I’ve given her Steve’s room number. Cole is taking May to ballet so I’m here if you need me. T x’

Fuck. I need to tell him.

“Um yeah, you might actually want to stay sitting down a minute. I need to tell you something.”
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