My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 113

Steve didn’t take the news well. He barely had time to process that the brakes had been cut before Hannah turned up. Josh freaked when she explained to him what had happened.

“Are you absolutely sure? That car was battered, maybe it was cut accidently by something inside the bonnet? Or maybe it was just some stupid kids who were fucking around and thought it would be funny?”

Hannah shakes her head. “We’re sure Brie. The cut was clean and precise, whoever did it knew what they were doing and they completed the task cleanly. If I was a betting woman I’d say they were either extremely experienced with cars or a professional who had done this type of thing before. There’s no doubt in my mind that someone was trying to kill one or both of you.”

Steve’s hand stiffens in mine. Hannah had barely got half way through the conversation before he’d pulled me back onto the bed next to him. He had one arm around my waist like he was protecting me from her words and the other had found its way into my hand. We’d been sitting here for a while now, recanting everything from that night but Steve’s grip never diminished. I couldn’t tell if he was scared of what could’ve happened or terrified if he let me go it could happen again.

“I’m going to need a list of enemies, everyone either of you have ever pissed off enough to want to do this along with a full list of ex’s, work colleagues, business rivals, anyone who could be holding a grudge no matter how small it could seem. I want to know everything so we can look into this thoroughly. Have either of you ever had an attempt on your life before? Something I should know about?”



“Yes.” We all look at Josh who is looking sympathetically at Steve. “He was stabbed a few months ago.”

Steve glares at his brother, never before have I seen him look at Josh like that and my heart starts to beat so hard it’s going to break its way out of my chest. He’s so pissed!

“You were stabbed?” Hannah checks her notes. “I don’t have anything about that, when did you report it?”

Steve gives Josh another ‘I’m going to fucking kill you’ look. “I um... I didn’t. It was just another fighter that got a bit carried away. I was fine. Pretty sure he’s more the shoot you in the head than the cut your brakes type anyway. Nobody outside of the group we were with knew I was going to be travelling in Brie’s car, if someone was the target it was definitely her, not me.”

He squeezes my hand tighter but I don’t need the reassurance, I already knew it was me they wanted dead.

Although there was a serious list of people that would’ve been happy to see me go over that cliff, there’s just one name that stands out amongst the rest.

“Clarisse.” Everyone just stares at me but I continue. “Clarisse Vanderbilt. I’ve been working for her and the night the bug went off the cliff she got into a fight with her fiancé... about me. She was seriously angry, like take my head off if she had the chance mad. The family has the money and connections to make something like this happen. If I was going to put money on it, I’d bet it was her... I just can’t prove it.”

My eyes have been on my hands the entire time I spoke, I hadn’t realised the effect they’d had on Hannah until I looked up and saw her face completely drained of colour. She began pacing the room mumbling to herself.

“... That bitch... Just like before... Rowena... History won’t repeat itself...”


She stops, looking directly at me. “I’m going to do everything I can Brianna, pull every favour I have and see if we can get anything to tie her to this. I promise you, if she’s involved, I’ll find out.” Okay, this is bigger than just what happened to me isn’t it? She has the same look she did that day she walked into Granny’s kitchen to arrest Nigel – determination. “I’m going to need to know some details of that night Brie, I’ll come by your house this week and we can get everything down, okay?”

I nod, grateful to have a few days to figure out how I’m going to explain to her about Antonio without getting him arrested for what happened between us all those years ago. Or the whores and sex club thing... Or the fucking Mafia thing! Damn, that guy really should be in jail shouldn’t he?

Hannah gathers her notes, pausing at the door as she exits. “You have to stay away from that family Brianna, they’re not what they seem. Keep far away from them all, especially the Queen of the castle. Do you understand?”

Trust me, not going to be a problem. If I never see that woman again in this lifetime it will be too soon.

“Don’t worry. There’s no reason for me to go back there. Not anymore.” Hannah gives me an understanding nod before leaving.

Josh sinks further into his chair but it’s clear Steve isn’t done with him, although he lets it slide for now as Josh scrambles to pull his things together and get out of here before Steve can unleash his wrath.

“You want me to drop you home? Or are you going to see Valarie for a bit? Al’s coming by later with Jayce to say goodbye before he leaves for the team again so they can give you a lift back.”

“I’ll go back down with Val, maybe they’ll actually let me in to see Helena now. I spoke to her on the phone and she said there’s been little change but I’d still rather be there if I can. I’ve got the lease car coming tomorrow morning so you won’t all have to keep running me around much longer.”

Yes, I’d given in and got a lease. I’d been paid my standing fee for the engagement party which meant I probably had more money than I’d ever had but I still couldn’t buy a new car until I got my full commission, that should be any day now and I already had my eye on something special. For now I’d have to deal with the only car the rental place had left in my budget – a fucking Ford Focus. I might as well get the word ‘basic’ tattooed on my ass if I’m going to be seen driving around in it for long!

I miss the bug. It was battered and rough around the edges but that just made it even more like me. I honestly can’t imagine riding anything else... except maybe Steve’s cock if he keeps looking at me like that.

“What you smirking at coma boy?”

He continues to look at me with those ridiculously blue eyes of his. “You.”

It would be a super sweet moment if Josh wasn’t pretending to gag in the corner the moment the word left Steve’s lips. I lean over and pinch his cheeks like an annoying aunt at a wedding. “So fucking cute!”

Steve attempts to swat my hands away but I just continue to coo at him like he’s an adorable toddler until he finally rips my hands away. “I’m not fucking cute. Now fuck off, I’ll see you Friday.”

I frown at him. “Why? What’s happening Friday?”

He smirks. “You’ll see.”
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