My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 115

Work has been mental, I hardly made it to class on time Tuesday and now I’ve got May threatening to burn the bloody house down if I don’t make it back in time for dinner!

I thought being the boss was going to be awesome, that without having Sonya around to tell me when I can leave I’d actually be able to make something that sort of resembles a life. Of course that’s not the case as I sit in seven o’clock traffic, trying to read over my notes from yesterday before I write some of my essay this evening and listen to Al trying to calm an irate May down the phone.

“Seriously babe, how much longer? She’s ready to blow.” Is it normal for people to be this scared of an eight year old?

I look out at the mile of traffic ahead of me. “Just start without me chick, I’m stuck on main and it’s got no signs of clearing. I think there’s been an accident or something. Tell her I’m sorry.”

I barely get out the words before I hear a plate smash on the other side and Granny’s booming voice yelling at the little firecracker.

I’d been letting her down a lot lately, now with Jayce gone again and Milo away at basketball camp for the week she was feeling even more neglected than usual.

There’s a part of me that knows this is best long term, me getting myself into a job that will provide for her a life I never had will be something she appreciates with time. Although I understand why right now that gives little comfort to a girl who just sees her sister disappearing constantly, not going to her basketball games, missing her dance rehearsals and not even making it home for dinner.

Al hurries off to handle the menace and my heart sinks as I hear May begin to sob before she hangs up. I feel like I’m already spreading myself so thin yet it’s still not enough. I even can’t remember the last time I went to a bar or danced in a club like a normal twenty-one year old, it’s been months.

I don’t have time for me, but I should be making time for her.

The lights change from green to red and back again but still there’s no movement. I continue to read through my notes and write a pretty good plan for the essay before I finally see something other than the back end of this fucking Honda in front. What’s with the ‘my kid is an honour student’ bumper stickers? Love, if your the kind of person that needs to shove that shit on your car to look like a decent parent then your kid is probably sniffing glue then getting banged behind the science block just to escape the pressure of being your fucking child!

Finally as the clock strikes half eight I make it to the driveway of my freakishly quiet home. Even as I open the door all that can be heard is the sound of Granny’s shows.

Al pops her head in from the kitchen with a sympathetic smile.

Looking around I can’t spot my favourite little troublemaker. “Where is she?”

Granny shhh’s me before I even get the words out and Al gestures for me to follow her into the kitchen. She’s drying the dishes but her big bump keeps knocking against the counter as she attempts to put the glasses away. I drop my bag on the side and take over from her, giving my future god-daughter some love before she sits down on the chair.

“She’s upstairs. She wouldn’t even eat her food to start off with but I bribed her with twenty extra minutes of screen time just to make sure she had something in her. She’s really upset babe, this is the third time you’ve not made it home when she asked... and this time it was special.”

I look over my shoulder as Al goes to the fridge and passes me a white cardboard box. I open it to see two very poorly made cupcakes, one with my name underneath and the other with May’s.

“She made them in school, that’s why she wanted you home so bad. They were supposed to be your surprise dessert.” Fuck, I’m the worst sister on the planet.

My heart breaks as I look at the effort she’s put in, the different coloured frosting and abundance of glitter. With May’s ADHD it would’ve been so difficult for her to concentrate for the amount of time it would’ve taken to make these. She must have tried so hard.

“Fuck. I’ll go see her now, is she still awake?”

Al nods. “Pretty sure she is. Babe, when she realised you weren’t coming home she um...” Al rubs the back of her neck when she’s nervous, a habit she’s picked up from that man of hers and right now it must be raw. “... She asked if she could go stay at the Manor tonight instead. Granny explained to her that she can’t use Tara and Cole to just run away too but she didn’t make it sound like it was for the night when she asked... It sounded like she wanted to stay there, permanently.”

The sad thing is, I couldn’t blame her if she did want to stay there. I’ve hardly been here these last few months, everyone else has been running around for her. I don’t even pick her up from school anymore. I love how close she’s got with everyone at the Manor, I love they treat her like one of their own but I don’t want to lose her, she’s my sister.

Walking past Granny on the couch, with the cupcakes still in my hands, I can see she’s close to falling asleep right there. I stir her gently and help her up the stairs, her eyes heavy.

“Are you feeling okay?”

She nods. “Just tired. These new tablets just make me dopey is all.”

There’s no point in asking if I can make her an appointment with a better doctor again, it’ll only end up in another argument and right now she’s not the one that needs my attention.

I tuck her in and kiss her head before heading to May’s room. She’d usually be asleep right now but she’s so much like me, neither of us able to get to sleep while there’s still tension in the house. Even when she was little and we would fight, she’d always end up crawling into bed with me for a cuddle so she knew everything was good before she could go to sleep.

When I open the door May’s back is facing me but I can see her hand moving on the drawing pad next to her.

“Hey firecracker. Look I’m sorry I’m late, work got-”

“Crazy. Yeah, I know, you say that every time.”

She doesn’t even turn to face me, her body still so tiny under that thick quilt. Sometimes I think she’s grown up too fast, other times she still looks like the little baby that woke me up at three am for a bottle.

I was thirteen when May was born, my whole life changed in an instant when my mother handed me this tiny little baby and never took her back. Granny always did such an amazing job of taking care of us but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel like I was the one who was the closest thing to a mother May had. I forget sometimes she’s still just the same lost baby girl, fighting for attention in a world that offers her so little.

Approaching the bed slowly I climb in on the empty side behind her. This room was the first one she’s ever had all of her own, we’d always shared or she was with Granny then.

“Did you do those?” I ask pointing at the artwork hanging with pegs from the string of fairy lights on the opposite wall.

She glances up. “Most of them. The one on the bottom is Milo’s and the two in the corner are Jayce’s.”

Obviously I knew that but I just needed a conversation starter. “Wow, you’re nearly as good as Jayce is now. Soon they’ll be putting your stuff up in a gallery.”

She doesn’t even attempt a giggle, I wouldn’t even be sure she heard me if it wasn’t for the fact the moment I finished talking she stopped drawing. I look over her shoulder to look at what she’s drawn but I can’t make it out.

Before I can get a good look she rips the page out of her book and tears it to spreads, leaving the pieces to coat her bedroom floor.

“Hey! What did you do that for? It was good!”

She sits up and turns to face me, her eyes still puffy from all the tears earlier.

“Like you care! You don’t even know what I like to draw anymore! You’re always ‘crazy with work’!”

I sit up to face her. “May I’m so sorry about tonight. I wish I could’ve done something but I couldn’t. Granny needs her meds and you need to be fed, that means I have to work. I know I’ve been working a lot lately but it won’t be like this forever. I’m sorry for missing dinner, I promise I will make it up to you firecracker.”

Her face doesn’t change. “You won’t. You’ll say you will but you wouldn’t even know how! You don’t know anything I like, you don’t know anything about me.”

I sit back against the headboard and stare at her, my eyebrows raising as I take her in completely. “I don’t know anything about you? Okay let’s see.... I know your favourite colour is blue even though you tell people it’s purple, I know that chocolate ice cream always gives you the shits but you eat it anyway, I know that you’re allergic to peanuts, celery and tomatoes but not broccoli like you claim – you just hate that and knew how to fake the reaction.”

She giggles at me and I take her wrist. “I know you got this scar right here when you were ten months old, you climbed up on your toy box trying to reach the cookies whilst I was distracted trying to put on the Cinderella VHS, because you almost had a fit when I had the audacity to try and put Snow white on. You fell and sliced your arm open on the corner of the box. Looking back it wasn’t that deep but I saw all the blood and freaked. I picked you up and ran ten blocks with you in my arms, without my shoes on, just to get you to the hospital. You stopped crying after three but I wouldn’t stop until I got you there. The doc told me you’d need a stitch and I almost ripped his head off because I thought he was going to hurt you putting it in.”

May laughs, her mind probably filling with images of a scared doctor backing away slowly from a screaming fourteen year old girl, which to be fair was exactly how it happened.

“I know that you do ballet because you know I love to watch you dance and I know more than anything else in my heart that you are the most important person in the world to me. I know that nothing will ever make me happier than being your sister has... I’m so sorry I’ve let you down pudding, I swear to you I’m gonna do better.”

She pauses the fiddling she’s been doing with the blanket ever since I started talking and looks up at me, tiny tears sitting in her eyes for a moment before she launches herself forward into my arms. I cradle her head of curls that almost rival my own and breathe in the scent of her strawberry shampoo.

We stay like that for a bit, just having a cuddle before finally she pushes herself back to her side and stares longingly at the cupcake box.

I smile. “Want to watch a film and eat these. Snow White?”

She glares at me before snatching the box from my hands. “Cinderella, no one has time for a woman that moves in with seven guys the day she meet them just to cook and clean. Then marrying a guy who kissed her when she was basically a dead body? Come on, that girl needs feminism.”

I burst out laughing. “But a guy choosing to marry a girl based on her shoe size is perfectly acceptable?”

She nods. “Yeah if it gets her a step up in the world. She got a rich guy and new shoes, Cinderella is life goals.”

I flick through until I find Cinderella and set it to play whilst taking a bite out of the cupcake that was actually surprisingly good.

“You know Cinderella only got that shit because she’s pretty right?”

May flicks her hair. “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem, I’m just gonna be the younger, hotter version of you.”

God help the guy that ends up meeting this girl at eighteen... She may be more Brie than me...

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