My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 118

“Brie! What are you still doing here?!”

Waking up on the couch in Sonya’s office I can see the light outside is dimming despite the fact the windows are mostly blocked by the heavily pregnant woman that stands in front of me.

I look around the almost empty office building. “Wait, what time is it?”

She glances down at me. “Six, everyone’s gone home. Wasn’t that bitch secretary supposed to wake you after lunch?”

Yes she was but I think after I made her make me a fresh latte three times this morning I may have pissed her off slightly. Worth it.

“Sorry. I was up all night worried about Helena, guess it caught up with me. What are you doing here?”

She wonders over to the mini fridge in the corner of the room and pulls out a bag of Sonya’s prize M&M’s. She must have a death wish.

“I’m here to get you ready for the ball Cinderella.”

The ball? “Babe have those pregnancy hormones gone to your brain? The last ball me and you went too ended up with me losing you for an hour whilst Jayce ate you out against a wall in the storage room. What the fuck are you on about?”

She smiles, clearly replaying the memory of that night over and over in her dirty little mind before shaking her head free of the images. “Don’t try and distract me! Now, May is with Tara ready to see Milo come home, Granny has lover boy ready to go until sunrise and Kal is currently in the pool house picking out films for our girls night with Josh. There is nothing for you to worry about except getting your fine ass ready. Sonya has a shower in that bathroom right? It’ll be quicker than going back home first and I’ve got your stuff.”

I’m honestly completely lost. “Yeah it does. I had to shove Sonya in there fully dressed once when she threw up all over her outfit right before the final presentation for the Henderson party. Why am I doing this though? I thought tonight I was just going to see...”

Oh shit.

She smiles at me. “Oh yeah girl. Remember that whole boat thing with Jayce? Well someone cashed in that favour with me. Go get your ass in that shower beaut, you’re going on a date.”

I’ve never moved faster in my life. I’m going on a date, with Steve. I’M GOING ON A DATE WITH STEVE!

Slamming the water on, she hasn’t even locked the doors before I’m stripped and under the flow of the still heating stream. I’m so fucking excited it’s kind of pathetic, who gets this worked up over a first date? Okay, I don’t really know because I’ve never actually had one before, but I can’t imagine they all feel like this.

Digging through the pile of stolen hotel products in the shower I scrub my body with one that smells like a good strong pina colada but make sure to keep my hair dry, I only washed it this morning so it’s good.

Getting out Al wraps me in a fluffy white towel from the cupboard under the sink, which I remind myself to take home, wash and return before Sonya realises or she may have my head served as the centrepiece at the next banquet we throw.

“Okay I brought a few options, I basically looked in your closet for any outfit most people would deem too slutty for everyday use and brought those.”

She knows me so well.

I scan over my options before a smile lands on my face as I spot my favourite lace corset bodysuit and high-waisted shorts. Of course the top is more skin than lace and the shorts show off more of my ass than most people would deem necessary but I look completely fuckable in this outfit.

Al smirks. “I was hoping you’d pick that one. I’ve got these for you.” She throws a pile of lace and ribbons at me, firstly I think it’s scrap material until I hold them up and realise it’s my underwear. My really good ‘please fuck me now daddy’ underwear. This shit I’ve been keeping for a rainy day... and it looks like a storm is brewing to me.

I slip the tiny lace thong with criss-cross ribbon up the middle on, then the matching garter belt and finally the sheer lace bra with flower embroidery. They kind of look like I’ve had my tits tattooed, in fact the pattern resembles the tattoo Steve has on the back of his shoulder. He’ll love it.

I quickly glance at my reflection in the glass door to make sure it looks okay, I mean obviously it does, but it’s nice to get the reassurance.

“Damn Brie, even I want to fuck you right now.” Al admires my ass as I pull on my heels and give her a spin. She’s now munching her way through her second tube of Pringles and I’m going to need to stop by a store on Monday to refill Sonya’s supplies. Although the gin is looking really tempting right now too...

I pull the corset over my body and layer the high waisted shorts over the top, making sure to position them where they show enough of me to keep his attention.

Al set up my bag of work make up on Sonya’s desk but my hands are shaking and I can’t do shit with this eyeliner.

“I’ll do it.” Al takes the pen from my hand and starts to carve in a wing. “What’s the matter with you? You never get nervous.”

Don’t I know it. “I’ve just... Fuck Al, what do you talk about on these things? Should I just fuck him quick and get it over with? Guys are a lot less chatty after they cum and I think I’d be better off with that.”

She giggles to herself. “Do you remember how I was when I went on that boat date with Jayce? I could hardly put one foot in front of the other I was so scared. I got half way down the dock and convinced myself I needed to throw up... Then I saw him and all that shit went away. You’ll be fine babe, with you and Steve it’s so... natural. Just enjoy it and don’t put any pressure on it.”

It was different for her though, at that point her and Jayce were already completely in love so of course it was easy. She didn’t have this weird sense in the pit of her stomach when it came to looking at the guy, she didn’t have the voice in her head telling her to run every time his smile gave her a warm sensation in her chest.

“He gives me butterflies.”

She stops, letting go of my chin and stepping back to face me. We had a theory growing that we’d know the guy for us because every Disney Princess saw her Prince and got the ‘butterflies’ feeling. I thought I’d never get it, until that morning I fell asleep in his arms.

I woke up and it was still there, it wasn’t the food from the party repeating on me as I’d first thought. Nope, there was no denying it, it was the fucking butterflies.


“Yeah I know. I’m turning into one of those pathetic chick’s from one of your smutty romance novels. I just... He makes me feel completely safe and utterly nervous all at the same time. It’s fucking weird.”

She doesn’t say much more, she knows it would only make me freak out further. It’s usually me that does the make up here but right now I couldn’t blend if I tried and she’s decent enough with a contour brush.

Al does that wonderful thing she’s so good at and completely distracts me until it’s time to go, telling me all about her latest book boyfriend. Whenever Jayce leaves she let’s herself dive into a book to replace him for a while, she dated Elijah from Her Forbidden Alpha all throughout college, now she’s found Alejandro from Her Cold-Hearted Alpha by Moonlight Muse and to be fair, the guy has some mad skills with his tongue by the sounds of things so he should keep her occupied.

“So then he semi-turns into a wolf while she’s pinned against the wall and shoves his tongue right in her-”

She’s cut off as the reminder she set on her phone buzzes and she starts clapping excitedly. “Oh shit. Look I’ll send it to you so you can read it later if you’re in need of the release Steve won’t give you.” She wiggles her eyebrows at me but I just laugh, if I want that guy we both know I’ll fucking have him tonight.

We gather up all my stuff and turn off the lights of the empty office before making our way out to the car. She’s parked right behind me and squeezes me tight before pulling back to check my outfit.

“You’re a knockout babe.” I know, when am I not? “Just go up to the ward and the nurse on the desk knows to tell you where to go.”

“So your still not giving me any details?!”

She pulls open her door and slips into the drivers seat, manoeuvring the bump until it’s almost pressed against the wheel but getting in eventually.

“Pay back. Ring me after, I want to know everything. I mean everything, I need to live vicariously through you so don’t let me down!”

I watch her pull away before getting into my own seat and glaring at myself in the mirror.

It’s going to be okay Brie, worst case scenario you run and never look back. Best case scenario... you have an amazing night with an amazing guy... or is that the worst case scenario again?
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