My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 119

I’ve never lacked in confidence before, but having a guy walk straight into a wall then fall back and land on a trolley carrying a dead body because he was so distracted by how damn good you look is enough to give anyone an extra spring in their step.


Steve’s ward is quiet, before I make my way to reception I go to the door at the end of the hall to check in on Helena but I can see through the glass that both her and her aunt are sleeping. I’m hoping this means Valarie has finally gone home for some much needed rest.

“Can I help you?” The bitchy nurse who caught me straddling Steve stands off to the side of me, eyeing my outfit with disapproval, which obviously just makes me want to pull up my shorts and lower my top even more.

“No, I’m just here to see Steve. You remember him right? Hot, tall, tattooed and completely uninterested in you?” She glances back down at my exposed chest and I swear if she didn’t have the devil in her eyes I’d think she was hitting on me right now.

She scrunches up her fat piggy nose in disgust. “Ah, it’s you. I still don’t understand how he got them to let him do this. He’s in the gardens at the back.”

Oh god, what’s he done? I thought maybe we were just going to chill in his room and maybe order pizza or something. I didn’t realise it was a whole thing.

Walking towards the garden I’m met with a lot less hostility, in fact almost everyone I pass is smiling at me or cooing like little high school girls as I pass. I push open the door to the gardens and see Steve pacing back and forth next to the bench he was sitting on the last time I was here, he stops when he spots me and his jaw falls open.

I have to stop mine doing the same thing as I look over him. I haven’t seen him put together for a while and fuck, he looks too fucking good. He’s kept it simple; black ripped jeans, black t-shirt and his signature leather jacket. It’s not the one that got torn to pieces because of me but it’s almost identical. My heart aches a little as I look at him in it, he looks so much like he did that night.

“Fuck.. Okay.. Fuck..” Steve can’t seem to get his words together as he walks to me with his eyes glued to my body.

“Oh, you like this? You should see what’s underneath it babe...” Steve freezes, his eyes growing wide and I swear I can smell the lust coming off him from here. Damn I’m good.

Reaching me after his momentary freeze-frame he smiles, pulling me from the step straight into his arms. “Hey stranger.”

Fuck, he smells good.

“Hey yourself.” I quickly place a kiss on his lips. “So this was the best you could do huh?”

I’m teasing him but he winks at someone behind me and I turn to see a nurse sticking a sign to the door behind me that I can just about make out though the sheet of paper.

‘Garden out of use for the evening.’

Then the lights in the garden begin to lower until all that’s left to light us are the bright white stars in the deep blue sky. It’s beautiful, just like our night on the beach.

He smiles at me. “Close your eyes.”

Yeah that’s not happening. I cross my arms over my chest and stare at him but he just laughs.

“Jesus Christ Brie, stop being so fucking stubborn and close your eyes. I’m trying to do something good for you here.”

Hmm. I’m not sure I like how confident he is when he talks to me like I couldn’t kill him using just my thumb. He takes hold of my hips. “Fine, hard way it is.” Suddenly he picks me up and throws me over his shoulder so I’m staring down at his perfect peachy behind.

I’m nearly 5'11 so I’m definitely not used to being man handled like this. Damn fucking giants and their alpha male ‘I’ll just take what I want’ bullshit. This is not turning me on... No, definitely not... Maybe...

Steve walks us across the garden as if I’m completely weightless and he didn’t fuck his shoulder only a few weeks ago. I can’t see anything except for the grass below my head. I try to wriggle but Steve just moves his hands to my ass to hold me down, his thumbs slipping into the creases at the bottom of my exposed cheeks.

It’s doing things to me it really shouldn’t having his hands there. I can feel the warmth of his skin against mine and his firm grip is sending electricity straight through me, my body wanting his hands to move slightly more towards the middle of my thighs...

Steve chuckles as I continue to fight against him before his steps stop. “Okay, if I put you down are you going to close your eyes for like thirty seconds or are you determined to ruin this before it begins?”

Oh, someone is very fucking cock sure aren’t they? “Fine I’ll keep my fucking eyes closed. You’re kind of demanding, do you know that?”

He laughs and attempts to lower me to the floor before he stops.

“Fuck it.”


Oh that mother fucker did not just spank me!

Steve lowers me to the floor in a fit of giggles and I keep my word to not let my eyes open, but it doesn’t stop me swinging out my arms the moment my feet hit the ground. Apparently he knew what I was going to do because no matter where I try to hit he’s nowhere near me.

“I will get you back for that Steven!”

His hands take hold of my wrists as I swing out again and pull my body into his until my chest meets his own.

“Looking forward to it.” He kisses me gently and all the anger I felt disperses, how does he do that? “Now keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them.”

The cold air hit me as Steve steps away. Any other place with any other person I’d have my guard up a mile high being this vulnerable, but with Steve I have no fears. All the thoughts I had earlier about not knowing what to do or say disappeared the moment I set my eyes on him.

He’s my human safe space.

I jump with surprise as his arms wrap around my waist, the feeling of having him so close warming both my skin and my soul. He leans down into my ear as he whispers. “You’re perfect Brie, you’re so fucking special and you don’t even realise it. I just wanted to give you something no-one else could, something you deserve. Open your eyes.”

Flittering my eyelids open my heart stops beating entirely and I can’t find my breath.

“Holy fucking shit...”

It’s so beautiful. Hanging from the huge palm trees in the corner of the garden are large draping white sheets creating a tepee style tent, filled with loads of soft pillows and fluffy blankets. There’s a stool in the corner with a laptop on opened to Netflix and the whole thing is dripping in fairy lights. I notice some large glass lanterns filled with candles that flicker in the wind and I can see where Al had an influence here.

It’s perfect.

There’s no designer boat or fancy champagne, but anyone who knows me knows that’s not what I want. Money means nothing to me, effort means everything. Hanging all these sheets and lights alone must have taken hours.

I can’t believe he did this... I can’t believe he did this just for me.

“Is it okay?”

My words don’t seem to want to come out, I feel shell shocked as I can feel the tears building in my eyes. I won’t fucking cry, but I will fucking kiss him.

Turning in his arms to face him I bury my hand into his hair and pull his lips down to meet mine, I don’t ask for permission as he gasps and I launch my tongue into his mouth. His lips move against mine like they know every move I’m about to make and my stomach does a summersault as he sucks on my tongue in return.

I can’t stop fucking kissing him, his hands travel down from my waist to my ass as he takes a handful and pulls me up towards him with force. I’m standing on my tip toes until he pulls my body up completely from the ground and holds it against him as the kiss only deepens.

Whenever my lips touch his it’s like I’ve found myself home again, something about the way his hands hold me and his fingers caress me makes me feel more precious than I ever have before.

He doesn’t just want me, he kisses me like he needs me. He craves my touch in a way no other man has. It’s not animalistic, it isn’t just lust, it’s true passion. He wants to please me and make me happy with everything he does.

He is slowly becoming my happiness.

Lowering me back to the grass we smile at each other.

“No ones ever done anything like this for me before. I’m just... I don’t know what to say.”

He smirks. “Keep kissing me like that and I’m not sure you’ll ever have to use words again.” He brings my hand to his lips and kisses the back. “I wish I could do more, I would’ve taken you anywhere you wanted to go if I could leave this place.”

I place my finger on his lips to silence him. “This is better.”

He smiles. “Come on then. Foods probably fucking freezing by now.”

Food? Thank fuck, I’m starving! Al wouldn’t even give me one chip!

I kick off my shoes and step into the warm cosy cave he’s built for us, settling down into the cushions as Steve grabs a bag from under the stool. I swear the only thing that could make this better would be-

“McDonald’s.” Steve passes me the brown bag with a giant M and I almost melt into a puddle right then. “I asked Aleah what your order was. Figured you’d forget to eat at work so just got you two of everything you like.”

Marry me.

“I was just glad when she said you like it, was scared you’d be one of those girls that only eats in five star places now you work with all the millionaires.”

I laugh. “God no. Portions are too small and the waiters spend half the time staring down my top like they’ve never seen a girl with tits before.”

He glances over at me as I shove half a big mac into my mouth and smiles.

We chat through the burgers, Steve updating me on his recovery and me telling him all about Helena and May. He doesn’t just nod and smile like most guys, I can see he’s taking in every word and actually gives a shit about what’s happening with me. When I tell him about what happened with May and the cupcakes he gives me some advice on all the things he used to do to stay involved with Josh growing up despite the distance between them, it actually helped.

We talk about so much crap I forget what I’ve already told him. There’s never any breaks or awkward silences, it’s like I’ve known him my whole life. I want to know everything about this beautiful creature.

A particularly cold wind rushes through me just as I start on my second box of fries and Steve notices.

“Shit.” He pulls the sheets until they close around us, protecting me from the wind in our little bubble before pulling me across so my back meets his chest and wrapping us both up in one if the thick blankets. I sit between his legs feeling completely cocooned in his giant body. “Want to watch something?”

He brings the screen on the laptop back to life and I look at the options. “Sure, I’m pretty easy, you pick.”

Damn it Brie! Don’t call yourself easy on a first fucking date! Luckily either he didn’t realise or chose to ignore the statement as he scrolls through the selection.

He stops at one but hesitates to ask. Please pick that one!

“Do you want to watch Die Hard?”

Yes abso-fucking-lutely I do! Bruce Willis in his prime getting all hot and sweaty, yes bloody please! “Sure.”

Steve smiles even brighter as I stare up at him. Moving a large bowl of popcorn to the side of me even though I’ve still got half a box of fries left. I pull one out and reach up over my head to feed it to him as he settles back into his spot behind me and the title credits begin to roll. He takes it between his lips but makes sure to take the tips of my fingers into his mouth as well, sucking gently before pulling back with the fry.

Fuck. Every little thing he does is so sexy, it’s like he was put on this earth just to turn me on. For every three fries I take I make sure to feed him one, each time he takes it greedily until I have nothing left. Then he moves the popcorn onto my lap and we continue the process.

His arms stay on my body, never letting me leave his touch. They start by stroking my waist through the lace of my top, then move to my hips before sliding down to caress the skin of my thighs. I should be like ice with how cold it is outside tonight but between his body heat behind me, the snugness of the blanket I’m wrapped in and the warmth of his touch against my body I’ve never felt more comfortable.

The movie ends but he just puts on the next, neither of us wanting to move from this spot. I shuffle up so my head comes next to his and I can lean against him, kissing his cheek before he turns to face me so I can capture his lips.

Tonight has been... “Perfect.” He smiles before kissing me again. “This whole thing has been perfect Steve. I couldn’t have ever imagined someone doing something like this for me.”

“I can’t believe you’ve never had someone treat you the way you deserve to be treated Brie, but I’m glad I get to be the first. You’re so fucking incredible. You deserve the world.”
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