My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 12

I got the fuck out of that restaurant as soon as we were interrupted again moments later, making a mad dash for the exit and not looking back. Not my most professional move but there’s only so much restraint you can expect a girl to have in that type of situation! Especially with someone that is the personification of sex like him, with the skills to back it up.

I’d already arranged to leave early today so I could get ready for my night class. I only had another hour in the office before I got to escape.

Sonya didn’t return from her lunch which probably meant it ended up being more liquid than actual food, all of us were used to her shit like this by now.

You know that twin thing where if one gets hit by a bus the other one can feel it? I swear that me and Al have that, sitting on my bed after the hottest, and heavily self pleasured, shower I’ve ever had all I wanted was to talk to her when suddenly her beautiful name popped up on video chat.

“Hey there gorgeous!” Her little smiling face was exactly what I needed in this moment. She looked so happy, her skin glistening under the starlit sky with the afterglow of what I’m sure is the seventh orgasm Jayce has given her today.

“Al! Oh babe you don’t know how much I need you right now, please tell me you’re coming home right this minute? I need your face!”

She giggled. “Not exactly babes, you really that scared about starting this course tonight? Why you worried? You know you’ll smash it!”

That bitch never let’s me down, I hadn’t even reminded her I was starting today. “Awww you remembered I’m starting school again tonight! Glad to know Jayce’s giant dick hasn’t completely scrambled your brain while you’ve been at it like rabbits for these last few months.”

“I can hear you Brianna!” Jayce’s voice comes from off screen before I see him pass her a mug of hot chocolate and place a kiss on her head. They’re so gross...

“Hey Romeo!”

He plants a kiss on the screen which I return, he’s pretty much the only guy other than Josh that’s never tried to get in my pants and I’ve actually let into my heart instead. Of course the fact he treats my best friend like the queen she is helps, even if they are sickening when they keep looking at each other like that.

“Hey!” I snap my fingers in front of the screen. “Best friend having an emotional breakdown over here, pay attention.”

Jayce laughs. “Okay Brie she’s all yours, I don’t know what you’ve done to me but I actually miss you shouting at me.”

Aw I’ve got that boy so friend-whipped. Al moves the screen back to her after managing to rip her eyes away from her beau. “Okay bitch, tell me everything.”

And I do.


“HOLY SHIT BALLS BRIANNA!!” Yep, that would pretty much be my reaction to this story too. “What are you gonna do?”

I shrug as I continue to walk around my room getting dressed for class before I’m late on my very first day.

“Nothing I can do, it’s not like I can actually fuck the guy now... no matter how he made me feel the last time we did it. I’m not losing this job for a bit of dick.”

Al takes a deep breath, like she’s still processing everything I’ve just told her as I pull my boots on.

“Yeah babe you just can’t, its not worth the risk. Shame you didn’t get that Connor guys number, he sounds sweet.”

I roll my eyes, that girl reads too many romance novels and thinks everyone needs a happily ever after. “Exactly babe, since when was sweet my type? He was the kind of guy I could actually bring home, enough said.”

“You deserve happiness babes, you can’t keep running away from it for forever.”

I smirk at her. “He gave me plenty of happiness beaut – twice in fact.... I’ve got to go babe or I’m gonna be late. Love you!”

“Love you too!”

Granny was already asleep on the couch when I got down there, she barely made it to seven these days before passing out here. Tara had agreed to have May on school nights for me so at least I didn’t need to worry about getting them both to bed now.

I stir her gently and help her up the stairs before tucking her in. “You go Brianna... You’re going to be late... I’m proud of you picking.”

Aw that woman always knows how to make my heart flutter.

Giving her a kiss on the forehead I double check the door is locked before rushing to get to the school. When I signed up to this course it seemed like a really good idea, it was supposed to be a chill night class twice a week but as I look at the huge intimidating structure of the building I was feeling less and less sure about this by the second.

I follow the directions the seriously unhelpful receptionist gave to my classroom, what is it with old moody bitches hating the young and hot? She stared at my exposed legs in this t-shirt dress like they were a front to her damn stay miserable forever religion or something.

Stepping through the door I was grateful to see the class still hadn’t started but less grateful to see the seats at the front had all been taken. My concentration wasn’t brilliant and Al would always make me sit up front in classes I actually needed to pay attention in to keep my mind from wondering.

Come on Brie, you’re a big girl, just suck it up and get it done. You need this degree if you’re going to get out from under Sonya some day.

I slide into one of the empty seats at the back next to some emo guy that doesn’t even look up from behind his curtain of a fringe to acknowledge me.

There’s a tap on my shoulder and I turn around to be greeted by a tiny cute being with the best winged liner I’ve ever seen. “Hey I’m Aaron. We did class introductions earlier but I just wanted to say hi before Mr hottie gets here.”

Mr hottie?

The door to the class swings open and a familiar pair of emerald green eyes step in accompanied by some extremely biteable lips and a body carved out of stone.

Fuck! Connor...

Shit shit shit... please don’t come sit up here by me. What were the chances of him taking this class as well? I thought he was a teach-

Oh no.

“Hi guys, I’m Professor Joseph and welcome to my class.”

Holy shit. I fucked my professor.

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