My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 120

There’s a tenderness to his next kiss, his hand that has been stroking my thigh smooth over my body, caressing over my hips, stomach and breast slowly until it reaches my neck. He runs his fingers along it as I stretch up further into the kiss.

I can feel my body temperature rising as he runs his fingers gently down my neck and along my collarbone as he kisses me, until I can feel the sensual energy pour out in bumps that coat my skin under his touch.

Sucking on his bottom lip I get the first taste of a moan from him and fuck do I need more, I need to make him do that again and fucking louder. I suck harder and bite down enough to get a reaction as the fingers that were once stroking me in delicate circles move to hold my lips in a deadlock against his that I cannot escape.

I try to turn into him and take some control but his other arm travels up to hold me in place, his thumb inadvertently rubbing against my nipple and forcing me to release a moan of my own.

Steve realises his positioning and pauses, his face pulling back so our eyes meet. “Fuck... Do you want me to stop?”

Not even if this whole fucking hospital were on fire!


I don’t get time to process his reaction before his lips find themselves back on mine. His fingers now circling my hard nipple through the fabric of my clothing makes my whole body clench, finally having him touch me in a way I’ve been crying out for since the moment we first kissed.

He pinches my nipple between his fingers and I moan into the kiss before his tongue enters my mouth just in time to block the noise. He continues to tease them, letting his hand drop from the grip he had on my face so he can play with them both at the same time.

It’s like I’m a virgin being touched for the first time with the way my body is reacting to him. He continues to kiss me but it becomes sloppy as I get distracted by him flicking my hard buds through the fabric, making my body jolt each time with pleasure.

He slides his thumbs into the straps of my top along with my bra and slides them down over my shoulders until they come far enough my perky breasts fall out into his view. He brakes the kiss as my head falls back against his shoulder and he looks down at the sight of my exposed chest before him.

There’s a moment where he does nothing but admire me as his fingertips graze along the length of my arms up to my shoulders and he watches as my nips grow hard whilst his tickles along my neck.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful.”

He brings his thumbs to my lips and I suck them in as he starts to pepper my neck with kisses, licking and sucking at the skin before he pulls his thumbs from my mouth and takes hold of my breasts, using his wet digits to begin the tease all over again.

I can’t even bring my eyes to open, I just fall back against his shoulder and let him take control of my body. I’m so fucking wet I can feel it threatening to slip out and down my legs as he pinches my nipples harshly, before smoothing them over with his touch and starting all over again.

He leans into my neck and runs his tongue from the base to the sensitive skin behind my ear and kisses it before starting to nibble on my lobes.

Fuck, what is he doing to me? He hasn’t even touched my pussy and I just want to cum all over him.

He starts to suck on my neck and I can’t take it anymore. “S-Steve...”

Hearing his name come from my mouth does something too him as his breath draws shallow and he starts sucking on my neck with urgency as I begin to wiggle and writhe below him, rubbing my thighs together trying to release the tension with some friction.

Fuck it.

I reach down and undo my shorts, the sound of the zipper forcing Steve’s head from my neck as he watches me lower them enough I can slide my hand inside.

He doesn’t try to stop me, he just watches whilst continuing to tease my nipples. I’m so sensitive, my fingers taking little effort to find my spot. I rub against it, flicking my clit in rhythm with what Steve is doing to my nipples.

Then I feel him leave one, my breath becoming a pant against his neck as his hand slides in over mine onto my panties. He doesn’t try to remove mine, he follows it, his fingers laid over my own as he feels me work my body. He stays like that until he memorises my most sensitive areas, before forcing my hand away and taking my pussy for himself.

He follows the trail I left, moving from one bout of ecstasy to the other as he rolls, rubs, flicks and pinches every sensitive nerve bundle.

“You’re so fucking wet.”

I can barely breathe, there’s no way I can respond. I try to steady my pants when suddenly he pinches my nipple at the same time he flicks my clit and I scream out at my orgasm begins to build.


Throwing my arm behind his head I bury my face into his neck to muffle my moans but he forces it back to look at him. My eyes open and I see the look of pure pleasure on his face as my legs begin to twitch, the tightening in my stomach grows deeper and deeper until without remorse my orgasm comes shooting throughout my whole body just as his lips plant themselves on mine.

He doesn’t stop, my legs quivering and body arching as he keeps going and let’s me ride out every second of it under his touch. His lips don’t leave mine until I’m a babbling trembling mess of pants and gasps.

Fuck, that was intense.

I’ve never felt anything like it... the connection.

I gather my breath, Steve making the best attempt he can to cover me back up and put everything back into place but the last thing I want right now is to be in more clothes.

The movie runs to it’s end but I can’t hear a word as I flip myself onto my knees to face him. I pull his lips to mine whilst sliding my hands all over his chest and shoulders, trying to get a grip on his t-shirt to pull it off before I rip the fucker to shreds just to get it clean off his skin.

“Brie, you don’t have to do anything to me. Just let me touch you. This isn’t why I asked you here.”

Oh bless his poor heart, I never thought it was. I’m gonna break this boy and he doesn’t even realise it yet.

I pull away from him and stand to my feet. Okay stranger, let’s do this, let’s see how far I can push that self restraint of yours.

Looking him dead in the eye I pull down the zip at the back of my top and let the whole thing fall to my waist, before grabbing hold of it along with my shorts and shoving them to the floor to leave me standing in my beautiful and virtually see through lingerie.

If I thought he jaw dropped earlier then right now it’s basically detached from his body.


I smirk at him. “Need me to wipe the drool from your lips there stranger?”

I’m not sure he can even hear me he’s so mesmerised right now. I walk forward slowly, stepping so my feet are planted either side of his thighs and he reaches out to take hold of my legs, running his hands up to my thighs before gripping hold of my full apple cheeks and pulling me close so he can kiss my stomach.

“Are you sure I can’t touch you now?” I tease as his grip on my tightens and I fall to my knees so I’m straddling his hips.

He wastes no time reconnecting our lips and I pull at the hem of his t-shirt but am met with no resistance as I yank it over his head, him allowing me to break the kiss for a moment before he locks our lips again.

I keep myself there before I lower my pussy to the front of his jeans and begin to grind my hips. In all the time I worked at the club he never once let one of the girls give him a dance, not even when the owner made him work his birthday and we all tried to cheer him up. He was always so respectful of the fact we were there to do a job.

But now I’m not working, I just want him to have something I couldn’t give him before.

Rolling my hips back and forth I play the music I need in my head before working my body in rhythm. My lips move from his to his jaw then his neck, kissing and nibbling on his sensitive skin until I begin to leave marks on the surface. His moans fill the room and I couldn’t stop now if I wanted to. My sensitive nipples rubbing against his chest just making me more excited to see where I can take him.

Placing heavy pressure on his chest I push until he falls flat onto his back with me on top of him and I trail kisses down his tattooed chest until I meet his nipple and suck it into my mouth.

“Fuck Brie... you’re making it very fucking hard to say no to you.”

That’s the plan stranger.

Biting on his nipple as I continue to grind against him I slide my hand between our bodies until I reach the zipper of his jeans and pull it down. He moans out loud as I slide my hand into the denim and start to stroke him through the fabric of his boxers.

He’s hard, so fucking hard.

There’s a moan of disappointment from his lips after a minute as remove my hand but it’s soon silenced as I place my pussy down directly on his dick and start to grind again.

“Shit...” He looks up to me as I sit up, resting my palms against his strong chiselled pecs for support as I rub and roll myself against him seductively, the only thing separating his throbbing cock from my dripping pussy is the thin material of our underwear.

Steve moves his hands to cover his face, his fingers gripping at the roots of his hair as he moans out in a mixture of pleasure and frustration at my actions.

I’m in heaven.

Suddenly he sits up, forcing me to slide down his thighs and taking his boxers with me until his solid hard cock spring free and slaps against his wall of abs.

Holy... fucking... shit...

Turns out he wasn’t lying, that thing is really a fucking monster! Look at the size of it... it’s... it’s... it’s fucking perfect.

Steve begins to kiss my neck, his hands sliding all over my body like he’s trying to memorise every inch of me, but all I want to do is wrestle with the beast.

I force my hand between our bodies and take his thick member in my hand, my fingers barely able to make it all the way around him as I hold him in my fist. He pauses his attack in my neck for a moment, his breath heavy against the moist skin as I start to stroke him slowly.

Looking into my eyes I stare back at him, so many emotions flooding through him at my touch. I want him to feel it, I want him to know that this is special to me. That he is special to me. I can already see how he feels about me, even if I don’t understand why.

He responds by gently thrusting into my hand but I tighten my hold to force him to give into my will. I stroke from the root to the tip, tickling the skin with my fingers and listening as he groans into my shoulder. He’s doing well keeping his self control...

Until I flick my thumb over his swollen and dripping tip.

Suddenly he grips my ass, lifting me slightly so he can get his hand between my legs and pulls my thong to one side before placing two fingers at my entrance and lowering me back down onto them.

I draw in a sharp breath at the feeling of him back inside me, this time with nothing in our way, and he does the same thing. He moves from my neck, placing a kiss to my lips before resting his forehead against mine so we face each other intimately.

The air around us is hot and sticky as we both start to use our hands to fuck each other in sync. We start slow, his fingers masterfully working me as he curls them against me with each gentle thrust, exploring my body to fulfil my desires.

I do the same, running my hand up his length before flicking at his tip and smothering the pre-cum back down him before repeating the process.

We connect on every level; physically, emotionally and spiritually as the world around us disappears and all we have left in this universe is each other.

Our pace quickens, my grip on him increasing its strength as he jerks against me with each motion. I can’t hold back my moans, his fingers hitting the perfect spot every fucking time as they start to slide in and out of me at a furious speed.

I can’t stop myself, finding the tempo that makes him cry out and sweat drip from his head onto mine, following that rhythm until I can see his eyes fall shut.


Fuck. Say it again. Please say it again.

I can feel my juices leaking from me and as he realises they’re running down his arm he adds a third finger and I have to loop my free hand around his head to hold me in place.

“Fuck Steve... I’m gonna...”

“Wait, wait for me...”

I stroke harder, gripping and squeezing him as I earn the cries of pleasure I’ve been searching for.

“Oh god Brie...”

Steve hits that spot again, thrusting deeper as I fuck myself on his fingers and I don’t know if I can hold out any longer. My whole body screaming for release yet all I want to do is give him everything, everything I have and everything I am in this moment belongs to this man.

He thrusts into me hard and I bounce my hips to meet him whilst clenching my grip onto him and teasing his tip once more.

“Fuck! Now Brie, fucking cum for me!”

He pushes against the bottom of my back and forces my body closer into his as I scream out through the second orgasm this man has given me tonight, but this time I’m not alone.

Our souls connect as one as spurts of milky white cum shoot out of him, coating my hand and his stomach as we both convulse with pleasure. Our expression of euphoria so loud I have no doubts half the hospital can hear us right now.

My body collapses, every nerve in my system firing full force as we both go crashing down to the floor.

We pant for air, the world coming back into view but I hardly remember anyone else in it. It’s him, it’s just him.

Steve leans over and take the napkins from the food earlier to clean both me and him up, despite the fact we’re both still vibrating and I can hardly move.

This was one hell of a fucking trial date.

Then we just lay there, both soaking in the feel of each other as our sweat soaked skins stick together under the comfort of the blanket. His lips always against me.

I don’t know how long we lay there. I don’t remember what happened to the tent or the pillows. I don’t remember Steve wrapping me up in his leather jacket or how he carried me back to his room.

The last thing I remember before waking up once more in his arms was being placed in the bed.

Steve coming in next to me and pulling me into his embrace, our exhausted bodies intermingled in the way they seemed to naturally fall these days.

He brushes the hair from my eyes before leaning my head against his chest, no words could express the way he’s made me feel tonight. Everything from the moment I looked into his crystal blue eyes when I arrived until now has been what Steve always is, perfect.

Leaning down to my tired face he kisses my lips, my eye too heavy to peel open.

“You are my Queen, Brianna Destiny Parker.”

The most frightening part, after tonight...

... I think this man could be my King.
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