My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 121


Fuck, she’s so beautiful. How did I even get her to agree to go on a date with me? I mean look at her... She’s perfection.

Cuddled up in my arms is the woman of my dreams, her twisted curls sprawled across my chest and I dare not even breathe too deeply for fear of waking her up. I just cant stop staring at her.

The way she gently snores against me is even fucking cute. What the hell is this? I’ve never been like this with a girl, I’ve met plenty that I wanted to bang the crap out of but never any I’ve wanted to wake up to every fucking morning.

Of course I do now though, it’s Brie. She’s the girl that I could never stop thinking about, the one that would pop into my head while I was in the shower or out on the bike, and the one who would make my heart fucking skip if I ever saw her.

I remember thinking that I saw her a few years ago, I almost crashed that fucking bike trying to get a better look. It wasn’t even her, yet my heart was pounding like crazy at the mere thought of it being her... and now I have her in my arms.

Last night... Fuck, last night was incredible. When I asked Aleah to help me set up the date I honestly never even hoped I’d get more than a kiss from her, but fuck me. I’ve never met a woman that can do so much while doing so little, she only lent against my chest and I was having to picture my dead Nana just to stop my traitorous dick from giving away how I was feeling. Then she let me touch her and I have never felt more bliss.

I want to give her everything. The way she reacted to that date last night showed me hat no man has ever treated her the way they should have. She’s a fucking queen... She’s my fucking queen... I’m going to keep proving to her what she’s truly worth.

She stirs and I cant stop myself smiling down at her fluttering lashes. Fuck she’s gorgeous. I’ll never get bored of waking up next to her. Even if she never touched me again and all I ever got to do was to hold her as she slept, I’d die a happy fucking man.

“Morning beautiful.”

She doesn’t even realise what she’s doing to me. Just running her hand across my chest as she stretches herself awake I just want to wrap her back up and keep her for myself, forever.

“Morning. Your shoulder must be fucked carrying me in here”

Yeah, it’s aching like a bitch but it was fucking worth it.

“It’s good. You practically held on like a koala bear anyway so it wasn’t too bad.” Fuck, I love it when she blushes. It hardly ever happens, she’s not a girl to get easily embarrassed, her self-confidence is too high for that.

I love that I get to see other parts of her, the parts she hides away. Damn it, I just can’t find something I don’t love about her. After the night she came to the hospital with Helena she just cried in my arms. I knew it wasn’t just almost losing her friend, it was everything. She needed to let it out but she didn’t want to. I knew she needed to have someone be there for her for once, she’s always there for everyone but I don’t think people realise how much of her confidence is an act, covering up how easily she feels the pain. Even as she fought me I still held her, I made sure she knew that I’m going to be here for her, always.

Even if this shit didn’t work out with us I want her to know she can depend on me, I’ll always be loyal to her.

“Like fuck did I cling to you. You’re dreaming mate. Must have been one of your other girls.”

She rests back down on my chest but those words still ache. There are no other girls Brie, it’s just you.

Of course I can’t fucking tell her that or she’d sprint for the hills. I know Brie, because I was Brie. Absolutely terrified to let anyone in, always keeping my foot in the doorway to stop it completely closing. I think part of the reason I stayed with Chrissy for so long was because I knew it wasn’t going anywhere, I didn’t love her but I was comfortable with her.

Every time we’d split up I’d bounce back so quick I knew it wasn’t meant to be.

Brie needs time and I’m going to give her all she needs, I know she can’t be pushed and I don’t want too. I’m good with what we have, I’m good with knowing I’m who she’s going to pick one day.

You’re going to fall in love with me Brianna Parker, just like you’re going to make me fall in love with you. I already know it.

“Really? I thought I got her out of the hospital before you got here.” Yep, that earned me a slap.

My shoulder kills now but as she aims for it again I make sure to grab her arm, pulling it to my lips and kissing the inside of her wrist. Even her skin tastes incredible, moving my lips down until I reach the crook of her elbow, my tongue comes out to run against the sensitive skin and I feel her shiver in pleasure below me. Fuck, please don’t do it, I won’t be able to control myself if you do it.



Grabbing the back of her neck I pull her to me so I can kiss her lips. She smells like me, like I’ve fucking marked her as my own. Shit, I have never wanted a woman the way I want her. She’s like the human version of fire and I just want her to fucking burn me.

My tongue massages hers, deep sensual moans fill her chest as my hands grab a hold of her ass. I cant stop touching her, even when we were sleeping my hands just kept stroking her skin, she’s like a drug I cant get enough of. My fingers dip into the band of her thong and it’s taking all the fucking self control I have not to pull it from her.

Did she have to wear this underwear? I mean I’m not complaining at all because she’s perfect in it, but it’s kind of making it impossible for me to think about anything else.

She grasps hold of my waist and I flinch, her acrylic nails accidently cutting into my healing stab wound. I swear this body is falling apart.

“Fuck, sorry. Are you okay?”

Of course I’m okay, don’t stop kissing me.

“I’m good. It still stings like a bitch but it’s better than the rest of me.”

Her eyes grow firm as she attempts to climb over me to see the damage but I just hold her in place. She doesn’t need to worry about this shit, it’s my issue to deal with.

“I’m so glad I hit him. He actually squealed like a little girl I slapped him so hard.”

Wait, he was gone when Brie got to me in the cage, how the fuck did she get the opportunity to slap the guy?

“What do you mean you slapped him? When? You shouldn’t have fucking done that Brie, those people are dangerous.”

She shrugs, like smacking some guy who could make one phone call and get her killed is no big deal. Maybe he was the one that fucked with her car? Not that old rich chick.

“Trust me, he’s not coming after me. His brother put the fear of god into him so I’m pretty sure he’s more scared of me than I am of him now.”

How the fuck does she know his brother? How the fuck does she even know him?! The whole family is not to be fucked with, why would his brother protect Brie?

Of course I get no answers to these questions when my mind falls completely blank the moment she climbs on top of me. Jesus Christ have mercy...

“So, where were we when I fell asleep stranger? I’m pretty sure my hands were about... here.” She slides her hand between my cock and her clit as she sits straddling my hips.

Nana, Nana, Nana...

I can’t fuck her, I’ll do anything else she wants but I can’t do that while she’s still so unsure of what she wants. We’d never come back from that, if she decided she wanted a different guy that’s fine but I won’t fuck her until she tells me she wants me, just me. I wont risk her friendship with Josh like that, we might never be able to come back from it.

There’s a knock at the door but Brie doesn’t bother to move and I don’t attempt to move her, whoever it is can fuck off until after I’ve sat this gorgeous woman on my face.

She smirks down at me, running her fingers along the outside of my boxers that I know are already feeling tight as everything rises to push against her.

The banging on the door gets louder.

“Fuck off, he’s busy!”

Can I fucking marry this woman already?

Looping my hand behind her neck I pull her lips down to meet mine as she begins to grind against me, her rhythmic hips making sure to get all the right spots. God, she can move. Once a dancer, always a danger.

My hands slide down her back, getting to her bra clip and readying myself to discard it completely, when the door swings open.

“Jesus Steve, you sounded like a fucking girl then. How long does it take you to-”

We both freeze at the sound of the familiar voice. Fuck.

Brie just stares down at me, not knowing what the fuck to do as I stare over her shoulder at my brother. I thought he’d be pissed but honestly, the poor kid just looks embarrassed.

He throws his hand over his eyes. “Shit, sorry I thought you were like getting dressed or something... That is Brie right? Because if not you definitely have a type bro.”

I laugh but Brie genuinely looks insulted.

“Fuck you! Do you think there’s another girl alive with an ass better than this one?”

Not that I’ve ever seen...

She leans back down and kisses me, her tongue teasing my lips and solidifying my dick right before she jumps up off the bed, taking my leather jacket off the chair and wrapping herself up in it.

Fuck, she looks so fucking good. I never want her to wear anything but that jacket ever again.

“I’m good Josh, take your hands off your fucking eyes you knob.” Josh hesitantly splits his fingers and glances out at the scene before him, as Brie discovers her outfit from last night and takes it with her to the bathroom.

No... Please don’t get dressed... A body like that should never be hidden by clothes. The only thing that should coat that body is the thin layer of sweat as I pound into her until her legs stop working.

The things I want to do to that girl...

Josh throws himself down in the tub chair and glances over my positioning, I’m having to keep my knees up so I don’t completely tent the sheet and he fucking knows it.

“So I guess this is a thing now then?” He gestures between me and the door Brie just walked through.

I lay back against the pillow and let the smile I’ve had on my face since last night continue to grow. “Yeah, it kind of is. You okay with this?” I’d call it off right now if he has a legitimate reason to keep me away from her, I’d never come between them and I know Bries worst fear is coming between the two of us.

He eyes the door, avoiding my gaze. “Don’t fucking hurt her Steve. She’s not as big and hard as she likes to let everyone believe, hurt her and you’ll hurt me.”

He’s serious, he loves that girl more than she knows and if I fuck this up he wouldn’t be afraid to put me in my place. My baby brother is all grown up.

“I won’t hurt her Josh, I swear to God I won’t. She has all the power here, I’m still not even sure how serious she is about all of this but I’m willing to wait to find out. I won’t sleep with her, not until she knows what she wants, it’s a line I won’t cross so we can still have a friendship if this all goes away.”

He glares at me. “So you’re telling me, if I hadn’t walked in when I did, you would’ve managed to stop her? Because I’ve seen that girl when she finds something she wants, there’s no power on heaven or earth that can make her stop, it would be all on you.”

I think back to her straddling my hips, her lace clothed pussy rubbing against my dick... Fuck, would I?

“I would’ve found a way, she deserves more than a quick bang in a hospital bed anyway... I swear mate, I’m going to treat her right.”

The bathroom door opens, Brie dressed in her outfit from last night and destroying any hope I had of softening this dick in the next half hour.

She smiles at me and Josh, flipping her head over and running her fingers through her curls before walking over to Josh and taking the half drunk cup of coffee from his hand, drinking it for herself.

“I fucking bought that! I’ve got to be in work in an hour and I need the fucking caffeine if you want me to make enough money to get you a decent Christmas present.”

Brie’s eyes light up before she returns the almost entirely empty coffee cup to my seething brother.

“I already told you what I want Josh and it won’t cost you a penny. You already agreed to do it so no backing out now.”

Josh looks at Brie with a mixture of fear and regret. Shaking his head he stares at her with pleading eyes. “No Brie, absolutely fucking not. You can’t make me keep promises I made under the influence of that much vodka!”

She smirks at him. “Sorry babe, I’m working on the costumes right now. You’re all set.”

Josh let’s his face fall into his hands, groaning and whispering profanity into his palms as he rubs them along his skin.

I can’t stop laughing at him. “Okay, want to catch me up? What did you ask him for?”

She sniggers. “Down at the dance hall they’re doing a Christmas talent show to make money so every kid in the neighbourhood can have a present to open Christmas morning. Fiona had this idea to recreate the Jingle Bell Rocks scene from Mean Girls. We already had me, her and Kal but Al can’t do it because she’s all huge now so your darling brother here agreed to be our Regina George.”

I look at Josh, who has never before tried to make his giant frame look so small.


“Yep, full slutty Santa skirt costume and everything. Might even give him a crop top.”

I wish I could protect him from this, but it’s too fucking funny.

“Where do I get tickets?”

Josh picks up the box of tissues off the side and hurls it at my head, only causing a ricochet of laughter to come from everybody else in the room.

Her laughter is so beautiful. I vow for everyday she’ll let me, I’m going to make that girl laugh, smile and fucking scream.
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