My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 124

Sandwich was on its way thanks to Kallie’s naturally bossy nature and Drew’s desperate desire to make her happy. Apparently he had to fight three old ladies to get it but he was now on his way with Helena’s meal.

Although I still hadn’t forgiven him entirely for what he put Kal through, he was slowly working his way back into my good graces... Well my ‘I will tolerate you for my girls sake’ graces.

Helena was happy playing her favourite game of twenty questions about the future. I can’t believe she can’t remember the final season of Game of Thrones! Although some people would say that’s a blessing...

“So how was your night with Steve? Aleah popped in yesterday when they were setting up, it sounded so cute.”

Did everybody know about this date before me?!

“Babe it was so fucking cute. He got me McDonald’s, a double order! He’s lucky I didn’t just shove his cock down my throat right there.”

I watch the blush gently creep up her cheeks, but it’s not as red as it used to be when I said things like that. Her eyes start to gently close despite the fight she’s putting up.

“Go to sleep babes, I’ll wake you when they get here.”

Helena tries to shake herself awake. “No, I’m good. I want to meet the boys who’s blood is running through my veins.”

I chuckle, she practically offered to give her life for Josh when she met him for the first time after he donated her blood. She settled a bit when she read through all their messages and realised they truly were friends. Her and Drew didn’t have that connection so I was excited to see if she’d offer him a kidney or something.

“Babe it’s fine, I won’t let you miss them. Just rest, you fall asleep with a mouthful of that sandwich and choke I don’t think your mum will forgive you for the extra hospital bill.”

She laughs, resting her head into the pillow and closing her eyes.

“I’m not sure she’ll mind as much now that old boss of mine is giving her all that money when she sends the papers back.”

I freeze. Clarisse offered her money?

“What do you mean? What papers?”

Helena attempts to shrug but through all the plaster it just looks like she’s having a small fit.

“Not sure. Mum just said I was a maid at some fancy house, which seems crazy because I hate cleaning. Anyway, she said that’s where I had my ac-” She pauses, her eyes opening again as she stares at the ceiling. “That’s where I hurt myself. She said the rich woman that owns the place came to see her, telling her neither of them wanted a legal battle so she’d give her a load of money if she signed some stuff saying she wouldn’t sue the family or go to the press.”

Yeah, and I bet my fine ass what Clarisse is offering isn’t shit compared to what they’d get if they could actually afford to get a decent lawyer. This is just another cover up.

“Babe, Clarisse is dangerous. I need to talk to your mum, I need to-”

I’m cut off as my phone starts to ring, Kallie lighting up my screen like her vibrant personality lights up my life.

"Brie, I've had to stay in the car with my brother, he's having a melt down but Drew is going to drop it up. He should be there any minute so please try not to attack him."

No promises. I still wasn't okay with Drew, although I appreciated that he was struggling through his own pain at the time he hurt Kal, I still couldn't shake the turmoil he'd caused her or the fear he would do it again. Aleah had told me repeatedly that I had to let it go but there's something about Kallie that's always made me so protective of her. "Okay beaut, I'll call you later."

Helena looked tired again, her eyes sleepy as the painkillers I remember so well flooded her system. It feels like I've been at this hospital so much over the last few weeks I might as well have my own room.

There's a knock at the door and a very sheepish Drew pokes his head through, realising he's in the right place upon seeing me he hands me the bag quickly. Do they put something in the water in Westbrooke that just makes all the guys fucking giants? I don't know what to say to him in all honesty, him helping Helena without question went a long way to redeeming him but it’s still awkward as fuck.

It turns out I don't have to say anything as Helena gasps loudly at the sight of him.

"It's you!" She looks frozen, her once tired eyes now wide open as she stares at Drew in awe.

He looks at her, his head tilting to the side as her eyes fill with tears and I see a moment of realisation hit him. She tries to sit up, desperate to pull him into her embrace but she still can’t move. It’s like she forgot the state of her body for a moment.

Drew pushes through the door, rushing to her bedside and attempting to gently cuddle her. He keeps staring at her face, pushing back her hair like he’s trying to check her eyes for something.

“I didn’t realise it was you. I didn’t know you were Helena.”

What the fuck is going on here? How do they know each other? I watch them in their awkward hug, Helena crying constantly as Drew keeps his hold on her as strong as he can.

“Um guys? Want to fill me in?”

Drew lifts himself slightly but Helena doesn't seem to be in a hurry to let him go. She wiggles her fingers and Drew slips his hand into hers.

She keeps squeezing his hand, like she's not entirely sure he's real and needs to keep checking.

Drew keeps looking at her like she’s a precious, delicate little thing. A mixture of joy with hurt as he glances down at the true extent of her injuries.

I click my fingers in between their gaze, drawing their attention to me as Helena continues to cry.

“It’s him Brie, the boy from the school, the one that got me out. It was him.”


I saw Drew run in there with Chad, I remember him coming back out with a load of kids, I think he even went back to get more. I never even saw Helena.

She turns away from me to face him, her cheeks coated in tears. "I swear when I went back to school, I looked everywhere for you. I wanted to thank you but I couldn't even find you in the yearbook so I knew you must have been from a different school... Whenever I was scared or sad after that night, through all the nightmares, I could always picture your face and the way you smiled at me to try and calm me. You saved me and I never even got your name. I’m so sorry."

Drew smiles at Helena, looking at her like she's still a scared little girl he wants to save even now. I have always spoken about how brave Chad was to run back into that school but Drew did the exact same thing, he didn't hesitate and risked his own life to get those kids out too.

"I'm Drew and it's very nice to know your name too now Helena, I always wondered what happened to you.” He looks down at her sorry state, the pain evident throughout his being. “I actually thought I saw you back at the anniversary thing but I wasn't sure, you’d grown, and I didn't want to intrude on the moment between you and your mum when you might not even remember me. I should've said something."

She shakes her head. "No it’s okay, I'm just so glad I'm meeting you finally. Well when I’m not frozen and crying, except I am still crying, shit... Of course I remember you, it’s kind of hard to forget someone who saved your life... Guess you did it twice now huh?"

He laughs, stroking her head delicately. “It was nothing. I’m just so glad you’re okay now.”

The door pulls open again and Valarie steps through carrying a few bottles of water. She looks at the scene before her, as Drew still leans over Helena, with confusion, but Helena giggles. "It's him Mama, the boy that saved me in the hall from the shooting. The one that got me back to you. It was Drew."

Valerie was already so grateful to Drew and Josh for giving blood, I’m not sure how she’s going to cope with this.

She drops the bottles of water to the floor as she runs to Drew, without a care in the world as she pulls him into her arms and holds him so tight I expect to hear a rib pop.

"Oh thank you. Thank you so much. If you didn't do what you did... I could’ve lost them both. You’re my angel. My god, I don’t know what to say to you. Thank you."

Okay fine, I guess he’s alright now. Jeez, you try stay mad at a guy that’s practically a walking Knight in shining armour.

Damn it, when I tell Kal about this she’s definitely going to break that no sex pact she has going with him isn’t she? That girl could never resist a good fairy-tale.

I let them have their moment, Valarie fanning over Drew before it becomes clear he and Helena need a minute to themselves, so I use the opportunity to take her outside.

She appears to be walking on air as she stares in through the glass at them, Drew still cradling Helena’s head as they talk. She needed this, a reminder of all the reasons she has to live.

“I can’t believe he was the one. She always spoke of him but I’d almost convinced myself he wasn’t real, that maybe he was in her head after she ran out.”

I don’t have time for this. “Yeah he’s a peach. Now, what the fuck is this about you taking money from the crossroads demon?”

Valerie slumps, her shoulders sagging as she walks over to the chairs in the hall and sits down.

“I have to take it Brie. It’s too much money for us not too. I know Christopher is paying for her treatment at the moment but God only knows how long that will last, if he stops then that money is enough to at least pay for her physical therapy. I want to see my daughter walk again Brie, I can’t afford not to take it.”

Christopher would never stop paying for her treatment, even if Clarisse stopped it I know Antonio would take it over, he made me a promise.

“She’s the reason Helena is even in here Valarie. That money is dripping with blood, your daughters blood.”

Valerie sits up straighter. “You don’t know that Brianna. I appreciate that you have your own axe to grind with that family but there’s no proof that she had anything to do with this... I’m sorry for upsetting you with this but I’m her mother and it’s my decision. With what the doctors found earlier it’s clear that she was unstable for a while, what happened with Christopher just pushed her over the edge. You said he’s not coming back for her. I have to take the money Brie, to protect her future, not to tie her to the past.”

Things with Clarisse are never that simple.

“What about the contract she wanted you to sign, what does it say?”

Valerie shrugs, digging into her purse and pulling out a brown envelope.

“I don’t know really, it’s above my understanding. There’s a legal aid guy that works at the community centre one afternoon a week, you can only get a twenty minute session but I was hoping he’d be able to get through most of it.”

I take the contract from her hand.

“I’ll get my friend Tara to look at it. She’s a fuck-tastic lawyer and it won’t cost you shit. Don’t let them bully you into signing anything else before I get this checked, okay?”

She nods, ready to say something else when the door to Helena’s room opens and Drew steps out. Valerie springs from her seat and pulls him into another hug. Drew was never much of a hugger but he seems happy enough to just hold Valerie as she cries.

Eventually she detaches herself.

“Helena fell asleep so I thought I’d sneak out, my girlfriend is still in the car outside with her brother so I can’t stay much longer but tell her I’ll check in on her when I’m next back home.”

She goes back inside the room quietly while me and Drew head for the elevator. I hesitated for a moment as we came to the hall that led to Steve’s room, but I knew if I went back in there I’d never leave.

Drew kept the doors open for me as I stepped inside - I get you’re trying to make amends babe but I know how fucking doors work.

“So you and Kal back to using the ‘boyfriend-girlfriend’ titles huh? Everything all official again?”

He looks down at his shoes, the nerves rolling off him.

“Yeah, kind of asked her a few days ago but think she was waiting to see you in person to tell you. Look Brie, I know you hate me for what I did to her. Trust me, I fucking hate me too. I just-”

“Save it basketball-less.” He smirks as he hears my playful tone and glances back up to face me. “I know you’re sorry Drew. I know you’re doing everything you can to make it up to her and I see how much happier she is with you in her life. I don’t hate you Drew, I love her.”

He smiles at me. “That makes two of us.”

Yeah, you better bloody love her, you lucky prick.

We walk to the front of the hospital in comfortable silence, pushing through the doors until I’m met with the cold crisp winter air of outside.

Kal is sitting in a car right out front, she catches my eye and waves at us. There’s a definite sense of relief as she scans her eyes over Drew and realises I’m returning him to her in one piece.

“Oh yeah, one more thing.” Drew stops in his tracks as he turns back to face me. “If you ever hurt her again, if she sheds so much as one fucking tear because of you... I will cheese grate your dick down until it’s a bloody puss ridden stump, sprinkle it on a baked potato with some sour cream and fucking feed it to you. Do you understand?”

He takes a large gulp but nods, the fear I see in his eyes making my cold dead heart do a little happy dance.

Looking over at Kal, his eyes fill with a light I can only hope to receive from the man I love one day.

“If I ever hurt her again Brie, I’ll pass you the fucking grater.”

That’s all I needed to hear.

I glance back at Kal as Drew climbs in next to her, kissing her cheek as she looks at him like he’s the only man in the world.

She doesn’t know it yet, but that girl is getting banged into oblivion tonight.

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