My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 125

“Brianna, have you confirmed those fucking centre pieces? I swear if that prick at the ice sculpture place fucks this up I’m going to take that fucking chain saw and slam it up straight between his fucking legs.”

Damn it’s good to have her back.

Sonya has taken a full two weeks off, unheard of when it came to this woman and actually staying away from this place. Al came with me to Sonya’s father’s funeral and I was surprised to see it was such a low key affair, no over the top posh people in veils fake crying into their silk handkerchiefs, just people who genuinely looked heartbroken at the loss of such a kind man.

It was small and intimate, losing her dad had really changed Sonya, she seemed far less interested in maintaining the appearance of superiority. The rumours had spread quickly through the country club that she was now dating her driver but I don’t think anyone had the balls to say anything to her face.

She was so in fucking love I have no doubts she would’ve happily torn the throat out of anyone who had an issue with her choice of partner anyway.

Peter had become a bit of a permanent fixture around the office since she returned. He calmed her, and I don’t just mean when they were fucking against the desk. The woman needed to learn some volume control.

She was back on full work mode, the Dementia Foundation christmas party was in a few weeks and I hadn’t seen her this committed to something in all the time I’ve worked here. Now she was mostly sober I could truly see how spectacular she was at her job.

I confirmed with her the ice sculpture centrepieces and did some research on some other local ice artists in case this guy fucked up.

My phone buzzed again and I looked at the cute message from Steve.

‘They’re getting me in tomorrow now beautiful, try not to be the first face I see when I wake up, I wouldn’t know if I was still dreaming.’

I was glad he was better, he’d had a bit of a setback and they needed to delay his operation by a few days just to make sure he was fit and well enough to have it. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shitting myself at the thought of them cracking his skull open, but I knew the quicker they did it the quicker he could get the fuck out of there.

There had been few nights I hadn’t been to see him, it was actually getting harder and harder to leave each time. Now his op was coming up nobody wanted to leave him so it was getting more difficult for us to find moments alone. I couldn’t exactly tell everyone to fuck off so I could suck his dick into my mouth... well I could but Al said I shouldn’t. Fucking spoil sport.

Everything was better now though, Helena had a bit of the plaster taken off her legs yesterday so her feet could finally breathe. She still hadn’t moved them yet but the doctor said that’s to be expected given the range of injuries she still has. They’d had to lower her pain killers a bit to protect her kidneys so she was more uncomfortable, but of course being Helena, she wasn’t complaining.

Tiny parts of her memory had returned but nothing of substance, she appeared to be remembering feelings rather than actual solid memories. I wanted to tell her about Chris but Valarie was having none of it. Tara had checked the contracts and said there was nothing too untoward, although she did find it odd that there was a specific section referring to Helena never stepping onto the grounds of the Vanderbilt estate again.

I of course knew exactly why, if Clarisse never let Christopher leave and Helena couldn’t step on, then even if she regained her memories Clarisse could keep them apart indefinitely. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if someone just put her down like the dog she is?

I flicked quickly from my work to my notes for class tomorrow, I had caught up well and now we had a fucking test before Christmas break. I hate tests, I had wondered if I could get out of it by banging the teacher like in high school but realised it was a bit late for that in these circumstances.

Things between me and Green eyes was getting... awkward. I don’t know if it was still the Meg thing, the fact we weren’t spending much time together or that I was getting so close with Steve but, things just weren’t going the way they used too.

Don’t get me wrong, we still flirted like nobody’s business, and the way he licked his lips when he concentrated still made my mind flash back to the other thing he’s really good at doing with his tongue, but we weren’t running around trying to tear each others clothes off anymore.

It didn’t help that I kept ditching him at the moment. We were set to go out for milkshakes after class like always when Steve got the news his op had been cancelled so Josh asked me to go to the hospital while he finished up with work and I had to shoot off. Then Connor asked if I wanted to go over for movies on Sunday but I’d already said I’d go with Al to her baby birthing class while Jayce was still away.

If I wasn’t sure I didn’t want kids before, watching a woman push a plastic doll through a bowl of jelly representing the birth canal was definitely enough to seal the fucking deal. Nope, absolutely never fucking doing that. I will however make sure I’m by her side when she does it because I’ve seen Jayce almost faint at the sight of a box of tampons, there’s no way he’s making it through this labour in one piece.

A chuckle comes from the office behind me and I look at no tits, both of readying ourselves to block out the oncoming storm of noise. Ten minutes until the end of the day and I could run from this place. Me and May had plans for Disney movies and brownies, although she had definitely been spending too much time with the Thompson boys because she wanted Avengers rather than Jungle book, damn crazy if you ask me.

The noises all stopped as the office door swung open, Sonya walking out with her hand tightly locked in Peters as she smiled back at him.

“You can all go home, I have a meeting at the Hilton over by Seamount so we will be spending the night there. Brianna I need you to take this home with you, I’ll be by in the morning to pick it up.”

I wait for the stack of papers to hit my desk but instead her handbag falls right in front of me. She needs me to watch her Birkin for the night?

Then a little fluffy head pokes out of the top as Rose licks my knuckles. Oh fuck no.

“No Sonya, my Granny hates dogs. She only let us have a cat growing up because she couldn’t convince the little fucker to stop coming back. I can’t take her with me.”

Sonya looks at me like I’ve forgotten who the fuck she is. Sometimes I do forget that she’s the one that fills my bank account with all that money I’m so fond of.

“Brie just take the fucking dog. Her sitter is out of town and I don’t trust her with anyone else.” That’s actually kind of sweet, she trusts me. I’d say thanks if she wasn’t being a fucking dictating bitch right now. “Her food is in there, give it to her at eight and don’t let her out of your sight. If anything happens to her I will tear your clit from your body.”

I would shout back some abuse but at this moment Rose starts to snuggle her little fluffy head into my hand and I couldn’t say no if I tried. Oh god, May is going to be a nightmare after this, she’s been asking for a dog since she was two.

I look at Rose’s big brown eyes. I hope your ready little one, your about to get the full attention of a hyperactive pre-teen with no self control and too many hair bows.

Sonya pulls Peter along with her, he turns to mouth ‘I’m sorry’ to me but I just laugh and wave him off.

I mean, how hard can looking after a dog be?


Turns out... Very fucking hard.

Remember when I said Rose was the sweetest cutest thing on four legs? Yeah, turns out she inherited her owners ability to put on a front. The thing is a fucking demon.

“BRIANNA! GET THIS FLEA RIDDEN MUTT AWAY FROM ME! If it chews another one of my chair legs I’m going to tie it up in the fucking yard!!”

Yep, that was Granny swearing, it had been a long fucking evening.

So far Rose had torn apart three of the couch cushions, pissed all over the kitchen, chewed her way through two dining room chairs and tried to fuck May’s cabbage patch doll. Remind me why I agreed to this again? Oh yeah, I like being able to afford food.

May seemed completely un-phased by the nutters behaviour. They were like two little ADHD peas in need of a straightjacket of a pod. They were now playing tug of war over Granny’s slipper while she screamed something about having an unholy furry swine in her house.

“Flea ridden mutt? That dog probably eats better than we do, and has a better beauty regime!” I finished cleaning the kitchen floor and almost sent Granny flying over the back of me as I got up.

“That’s it! I’m going to bed, do not come and wake me until that devil of a dog is out of my damn house!”

Thanks Gran, just leave me here to deal with them both. May kissed her quickly before skipping over to me with her partner in crime nipping at her heals.

“Can I feed her? I think she’s hungry.”

I look at the clock, half eight, shit!

“Yeah, it’s in the fridge in a bowl. Just stay with her okay, the last thing I need is her fucking choking to death.” May chuckles, pulling the bowl out of the fridge and sitting on the floor with Rose in her lap as she started to feed her with a spoon. It was actually really fucking sweet.

I watch her for a minute, all the love and admiration she shows to the little ball of fluff in her arms reminding me how young she still is.

She was still so pure and innocent, despite everything that girl has experienced she is still kindness through and through. I was so proud of her, she has every reason to be a little psychopath but she reins it in. I hope she’s forgiven me for everything I’ve been missing out in lately, I want us to get back to how we were.

I start collecting all the stuffing Rose pulled out of the cushions that now litters the floor, throwing it into a black bag as the back door pulls open and Al walks in.

She coos over Rose when she sees her but the dog almost tears her hand off when she gets too close to her food so she backs up and comes to join me in the living room, stopping immediately when she takes in the scene in front of her.

“Wow. How can something so small make so much mess?”

I stand up straight, moving my vision from her eyes to her bump and back again.

“In about a years time, when that little princess is covering your walls with crayon, I’m going to remind you of that sentence.”

She laughs, attempting to lean down and collect some scraps of fabric that once belonged to the sofa but failing miserably as the bump almost sends her crashing into the floor. I grab her arm and force her to sit in the chair.

“How’s the house looking? Romeo happy with what your dad and the guys have been doing?”

She smiles and nods. “Yeah, he’s over there now fitting the worktops. I told him to just chill, he’s exhausted from training but he really wants it all done before the baby comes. He’s so distracted though, we’ve only had sex like twice today.”

Does she not realise what I would give to have had sex twice already today?

I straighten up the room as best I can, I’d have to get a new sofa this week. I’ll just add it to my ever growing list of stuff to do, I still hadn’t even got a new car. I had my eye on something nice but it was gone when I got there and nothing else took my fancy. I wasn’t used to having money and being able to actually have a choice in things.

May walked over and settled into the couch with Rose fast asleep in her arms, she almost looked sweet again as she snuggled down onto May’s lap.

“Can we keep her please Beebee? She’s so cute!”

“Babe, you know I love you, but I wouldn’t keep that dog if she was made of fucking gold. Now, which one do you want to watch?”

She looked over the options. “The one with Thor on the cover.”

Aleah’s eyes light up as she tries to turn more towards the TV without that little girl of hers leaning on something she shouldn’t. Chris Hemsworth was always her man.

I throw blankets over all of us as we settle in for the night. We were just getting to the good bit when suddenly...


I jumped up and slammed the light on to see May staring down at her lap, covered in sick as Rose proceeds to empty her stomach onto May’s legs.

Oh fuck.

I quickly pull her from May’s lap and run towards the kitchen, I swear the little shit smirked at me before she proceeds to throw up all over my top.

Al is already heaving as she runs for the bathroom, May stripping herself of her clothes and trying to make a run for it.

“May! What the fuck did you feed this dog?!”

May freezes on the stairs, turning back to face me. “It isn’t my fault! I just gave her that food like you said, then she was still hungry so I gave her dessert like me!”

Dessert? “What kind of dessert May?”

She smiles at me. “I gave her my brownie, so she’d be really happy.”

Oh fuck. I’m no animal expert but I’m pretty sure chocolate and dogs don’t mix.

May rushes up the stairs leaving me to pick up the mess as Al refuses to return with her weak stomach. Thanks a fucking lot guys.

I stretch my arms as far as I can whilst Rose continues to unload, I swear the little bitch is enjoying this.

A mangled cry comes from behind the closed bathroom door. “Call Kal!”

Shit yeah, Kal, she trained as a veterinary nurse at college. I grab my phone and ring Kal, barely letting her answer before screaming down the phone what happened and begging her to tell me how to make it stop.

“I can’t let Sonya’s dog die in my house Kal! I like my clit where it is! Should I call 911 or something?”

She starts laughing hysterically. “Babe she’s not going to die, she’s bringing it back up which is good. Just keep an eye on her and offer her water, I’ll be there now.”

I don’t move, keeping perfectly still as Al shouts down that she’s not coming out until it’s safe and sick free. This is a woman about to have a baby ladies and gentleman. That kid is so fucked.

Kal comes and not a moment too soon as Rose let’s out a final load into the kitchen sink.

“Oh poor baby.” Kal takes her from me and immediately starts digging around in the cupboards, throwing random ingredients into a bowl.

“What are you doing?”

She smiles. “My first rotation at the clinic back at college they showed us how to make up a homemade remedy, I wanted to be a military vet so you needed to be able to make stuff with what you have to hand.”

She’s in her element as she throws together the ingredients, slipping the mixture into a syringe and pouring it down Rose’s throat. I watch as Kallie checks her over, all her training coming into practise as she gets to work.

“I’ve got her Brie, you can go clean up.”

Thank fuck.

Pushing my way into the bathroom I see Al curdled up on the toilet.

“Is it over?”

I laugh, turning on the shower and shoving my clothes into a carrier bag.

“Babe, how are you going to handle this when the baby comes along?”

She smirks at me. “That’s what you’re for. Besides, how often do kids get sick?”

Oh god help her.
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