My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 128

That night I stayed with Steve, and every night I could since. The first night was the worst, even doped up on drugs it was clear he was in so much pain. I guess having someone drill into your damn skull will do that.

I don’t understand how he even remembered my name he was in that much of a state, I’m pretty sure he didn’t even recognise Josh for the first twenty-four hours.

There seemed to be little I could do to help at first, I fucking hated it. I couldn’t even run my nails through his hair the way he loved because we couldn’t touch his head.

It was three days before we finally started to see a change in him. I’d been fast asleep in the chair, my head resting on the edge of his mattress when I felt a hand come up to stroke the back of my hair. It took me a second to realise what was happening but when I recognised the touch I sprang up and was finally greeted with the smile I’d been so desperate to see.

“My queen..”

Things only got better from there. It had been a hard two weeks but everything was successful, his head was now back together and I was standing outside the hospital with all the gang and Denise as we waited for Josh to come down with his gorgeous big brother so we could finally get him the fuck out of here.

Steve was coming home.

He’d tried to pull me into bed with him more times than I can count over the last few days but I’d kept myself firm, I knew he needed to heal.. and I also didn’t trust my hands being that close to his body knowing I shouldn’t be touching him.

Denise loops her arm into mine as she smiles up at me. “You must be really excited to have him coming home huh?” Did Aleah teach her to wiggle her eyebrows like that?

Ever since Steve kissed me in front of everyone before going in for surgery, they’ve basically been clamouring to buy a new fucking hat. Honestly, I let it go at the time because he could die, but now he’s fine I might just kill him myself.

We weren’t there. Everyone kept looking at us like we’re this fucking big couple in the making but the thing with Connor has shown me maybe you don’t always know what people’s true intentions are.

I haven’t spoken to Green eyes since I left the school that night. He’d tried to call but I wasn’t ready to speak to him yet, he’d changed my opinion of him in a second that night. I could completely understand him being upset about Steve, I could even appreciate him being a little jealous, but threatening my work? My education? Just to keep me with him, that wasn’t okay.

The results for the test came out online yesterday and I was fully expecting to see a big fat zero next to my name, but to my surprise I got a 93/100. I earned every fucking point but I was still surprised to see he’d given it to me.

I smiled down at Denise. “Yeah, bet you’re happy too. You and your sister still planning to take that Christmas cruise now he’s getting out?”

She almost jumps for joy. “Absolutely. I’ve never left Josh at Christmas before but he assured me he’d be happy at Aleah’s. Are you sure Tara is still happy to have them for food? There’s going to be a lot of you and I don’t want to overwhelm her.”

I giggle. “Bitch please, Tara lives to play hostess. She’s having the turkey shipped in from somewhere across the Atlantic, she’s happy as a pig in shit to have everyone there. You just worry about having to fight off all those single men looking for wife number three as you’re sailing over the Atlantic.”

She slaps my arm as she chuckles. There was so much life to her now she’d dropped the dead weight of her useless ex-husband, it was like her life was starting all over again.

I’d never tell her the fact Tara was cooking Christmas Dinner for thirteen people was causing her to have heart palpitations. Drew, Kal and Jacob were coming now her Dad’s taken the job over the border and won’t be home for the holidays, as well as all the Thompson brood. It’s going to be a good day, if somewhat chaotic.

Aleah spots my need for a save before Denise starts asking me my intentions with her former step-son and gracefully pulls me away, distracting Den with the offer of one of her marshmallows, that she didn’t even seem to want to share because when I tried to take one she almost broke my wrist. Fucking rude.

“So...” She pulls me behind everyone so we can talk in private. “... You staying at Steve’s place tonight? The doctor said he shouldn’t be alone for a few days...”

Oh god, not her too. “Will you fuckers stop trying to marry me off to the nice tattooed biker please? It’s fucking creepy. I can’t stay tonight, I’ve got that gala tomorrow with Sonya before we close up shop for the season. Even if I could I wouldn’t though, he needs rest and shit, we both know if I spent the night with him he wouldn’t be getting any fucking sleep tonight.”

He might have his little no sex thing in place but we both know that won’t hold up under the pressure of my cunt grinding against his dick.

The doors to the hospital swing open and the most glorious sight I’ve ever seen walks through. No wires, no machines beeping around his head or pipes burrowing into his arms. Just my perfect, gorgeous, smiling Steve.

Dressed in what I’d come to think of as MY leather jacket.

Everyone started hollering and clapping, making all the people just trying to make their way through the carpark stop and stare at us as we all welcomed Steve back to the land of the living very loudly.

He walked over, shoving his middle finger up at us for drawing so much attention to him, as if his towering height, bulging muscles and lickable tattoos didn’t do that already. Standing by the group he swung his arm around Denise and pulled her into a hug, a little tear in her eye as she buried her face into her chest and stroked his back with motherly affection. Whatever animosity once existed between the pair is long gone now, I can see in the looks they share that all they want is to be a part of each others lives.

He rests his chin on top of her head and scans the crowd until he spots me. My heart starts fluttering like I’m some stupid teenage girl with a crush as our eyes lock, but then I lose control entirely when he winks at me.

My panties try to rip themselves free from my body and crawl into his fucking mouth. Even Al’s breath hitches as she catches the look he just gave me.

“Jesus Christ Brie, if you don’t fuck him I will.”

We get no time to laugh as a growl erupts from behind us and every muscle in Al’s body freezes. Did anyone else realise Jayce was behind us? Because we fucking didn’t. She’s going to pay for that one later... and she’s going to fucking love every second, the dirty little hoe.

Everyone takes their turn to hug him, each wishing him nothing but love. There’s a few guys from his work here that I recognise from the house party he had. I can’t hear what they’re saying as Josh begins chatting loudly with his mum next to me but I do see one of the guys try to subtly gesture towards me whilst asking Steve something. Steve smiles and nods at him which earns him the offer of a high five, which gratefully he refuses.

Has he told people about us or something? Is he that serious about me?

No, of course not, we’re just seeing how it goes... right?

Finally he breaks free and makes his way over to me, my heart racing as his hand reaches out to take mine. Why am I like this with him? We’ve been together so much yet every single fucking time it’s like the first time all over again.

“Hey stranger.”

He’s not as confident as he was when he was going into surgery, leaning in close but just putting a delicate kiss on my cheek. He keeps his lips there longer than necessary but I don’t pull away, it’s so good to kiss him somewhere that isn’t inside a fucking hospital.

Eventually he pulls his lips away but keeps the hand he has on my hip solid. We don’t speak as everyone comes to adorn him with affection but he doesn’t move either, keeping his hand on me as everyone starts to get back into their cars. I don’t fight him, I never fight Steve. His hands are the only ones I’ve ever had on me that meet my skin with so much familiarity they never feel foreign, they never feel like they shouldn’t be there.

Josh is the last to come up to us after everyone else has given him best wishes and told him they’ll all come see him soon. I can already see he’s exhausted.

“You ready mate? Doc said you shouldn’t be on your feet too much for a few days.”

He smiles down at me. “Yeah I’m coming, just give me a second.”

Josh nods, returning to his car as Jayce tries his best to pull Aleah away from watching us like we’re her favourite soap opera. Fuck, does she have popcorn now? Where does she keep getting this food?!

“You coming over tonight gorgeous?”

Fuck me. If he’d stop looking at me with those oceans he calls eyes I’d really appreciate it, they’re kind of impossible to say no to.

I lean up and kiss his lips, it was supposed to be a small peck to lessen the blow but the minute our lips touched he buried his hand into the hair on the back of my head and began to kiss me like he was a man getting home from war.

So much strength and passion transferred from his tender lips to mine, before I know it I’m being backed up against the side of Jayce’s mustang as he sucks my bottom lip into his mouth.

Jesus Christ he’s trying to kill me.

Everything between my hips to my knees throbs, my legs becoming jelly as he inadvertently places his foot between them for balance and my barely covered pussy comes into direct contact with the denim that covers his thick muscular thigh.

Of all the fucking days for Al to make sure I put on underwear.

My skirt rises as he continues to forcefully kiss my lips and I know if I don’t stop it now then real soon Al is going to be staring at my naked ass cheeks pressed against her passenger window.


“Fuck, don’t moan my name like that Brie, it’s taking everything in me not to throw you in the back of Josh’s car right now... tonight?”

I shake my head. “I’m sorry, I have a gala tomorrow first thing and I’ve got to prep May tonight for her last day in school tomorrow. She’s freaking about her spelling test. I swear if I could I-”

Steve cuts me off with another kiss to my lips. “I get it. If my little sister was that cute I’d rather be with her too. Do you remember Josh at that age? He was like a walking set of teeth with brown curls.” I can’t help but laugh, Josh definitely grew into his nashers. Steve smiles, the same smile he gives me every time he hears my laughter, like its the most beautiful sound he’s ever heard. “Tell her she’s gonna do amazing from me, okay?”

The best bit about Steve, there’s never any pressure. He always just lets me breathe when I need too. I know one day he’s going to want more, but I also know if that day comes and I’m not ready for it he wouldn’t push. He genuinely just loves being around me, it’s really fucking endearing.

Running his thumb under my lip, he pulls it back to reveal a small layer of nude lipstick. I already knew it was a state from the amount that I can see now coats his lips but it’s still cute he tried to fix it.

“I’d better get back. Call me when you’re free okay?”

He kisses my forehead, his hand sliding between my lower back and the glass of the window as he holds me close to his body. I lean into the crook of his neck, letting my senses be overwhelmed by him before we have to be separated again.

I can’t explain why I feel like this with him, it’s so far from who I am. Or maybe it’s just far from who I was, it’s like he’s changed me and I don’t know how I feel about that.

Three more breaths. Something that’s become a habit of ours, every time we have to part but don’t want to, we take three more breaths of each other before pulling away.

I soak in every part of him I can before he steps away, kissing my lips quickly before walking back towards Josh.

This is stupid, I’m gonna see him in a few days. So why do I feel so... empty? The feeling is so far from how I usually feel about a guy... it’s shaking me down to my soul.

When he was in the hospital it was safer in a lot of ways. We were restricted by the place and the circumstances, there was only so far we could go both physically and emotionally. Now he’s out, there are no limits. We could be anything we want to be to each other.

That terrifies me... yet... I still want to see him.

I know, I’m becoming a pathetic excuse for a heartless bitch but I’m pretty sure my pussy juices just left a potato print on his fucking jeans so sue me for being a bit fucking sentimental, okay?

Watching him get into Josh’s car I’m ready to keep our eyes locked until he drives away, that was until the door behind me slammed open on my back.

“For fucks sake Brie, he’s gone. Now get in the fucking car so I can get out of here before I piss myself.”

Aleah, such a beautiful way with words this girl has.

Jayce gives her a disapproving look as I slide into the back seat. He glances back at me in the mirror. “I think what the beautiful bag of hormones meant to say was, are you okay? That looked.. um.. intense.”

Al turns, leaning into the backseat and placing her hand on my knee. “I’m sorry chick, this baby is just using my bladder to play jump rope or something. Are you okay? You can go with him if you want? I’ll cover for you with May.”

Oh god don’t tempt me.

“I’m good hun, you know me, five by five and all that. Let’s just get back before it gets too late.”

Jayce pulls out of the car park and drives us back quickly, they leave me with my own thoughts until we pull up outside Granny’s and I almost dose off I’m so exhausted.

Stopping outside the house Jayce opens the door and leans in to wake me gently. Opening my eyes to seeing Steve so much has definitely affected me because I don’t even try to punch Romeo when I’m greeted by his blue eyes, in fact they’re kind of comforting.

“Thanks lover boy. I’ll call you later chick.” Giving Aleah a quick kiss on the cheek I jump out of the car and Jayce pulls me into a hug.

“When you’re finished with May, can you pop down to the house? I’ve got to give you something.”

I pull back and stare at him. “What? Why can’t you give it to me now?”

He laughs. “Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait. See you later.”

Hmm... what are you up to Romeo?
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