My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 129

May was finally asleep. Getting her to actually sit and practise her spellings was a nearly impossible task with her attention span but Al showed me some tricks she’d learnt in college about changing colours to practise writing words, apparently your brain can absorb different things better if they’re certain colours so me and May got busy with the finger paints, now she’s a little spelling machine.

Wondering down the garden I can see Al in the upstairs window arranging then rearranging her mother’s work on one of the walls in the study. She stood still for a moment, her hand on her bump as she stared down at one of Heather’s masterpieces.

I know it kills her that her mum isn’t here to guide her through this journey. Heather was incredible, of course she was to raise an amazing woman like my best girl, but I know she would’ve come into her own as a grandmother. She should be here right now, she should be up in that room helping Al pick out the perfect shade and arguing over baby names.

I fucking hate cancer.

The backdoor was already open when I got there, but I almost lose my grip completely as I step inside directly onto the new wet tiles.


I knew Jayce would put his all into their home but this kitchen is something else. The solid white oak doors and sparkling black granite counters, it looks like my lottery win Pinterest board come to life in here.

There’s still so much to do but I can see what it will be now. I can see where Al will make their little girls first birthday cake, I can see the oven she’ll burn the turkey in on their first thanksgiving, I can see the pantry we’ll hide in to drink a coffee mug of wine when it’s her turn to hold the P.T.A. meeting. This is where they’ll build their life together, this is the house their beautiful baby girl will call home.

Opening the fridge there’s still no food but there is a six pack.

“Get one for me too.”

Coning up from the basement is my favourite former nemesis, his hands still stained with paint and his white t-shirt stuck to his skin with a layer of sweat. If he wasn’t Jayce I’d think he looked completely fuckable right now, but since it’s him I mostly want to tell him to keep his sweaty body the hell away from me, this dress is silk.

Twisting off the cap I pass him one, opening one for myself and taking a swig.

“Oh god, this is that non-alcoholic crap isn’t it? It’s fucking gross.”

He laughs. “You should really spend some more time with Lisa, you guys would get on, she thinks it tastes like rats piss too.”

Ah yes, I forget sometimes Jayce has his very own gay best friend. Wonder how her cute girlfriend is...

“So, what’s this you’ve got to tell me?”

There’s a smile on his face I’m not quite sure I trust. “Not exactly tell you, more show you and give you.”

“Jesus Christ Jayce if this is you inviting me into a threesome, me and Al already discussed it and we decided it wouldn’t work. Sorry babe, you’re just not my type.”

There’s an eruption if giggles from down the hallway as the pregnant one comes to join us.

“If I remember rightly you said it would take two bottles of vodka and Jayce to wear one of those Avengers face changing masks to make him look like Chris Evans.”

“Hemsworth! God Al, I’m not an animal, I’d never corrupt Cap.”

Jayce looks between us in what should be disbelief, but is more a look of bewilderment as to how he got himself into this situation. He knew when he picked Al this was going to be his life.

“If I haven’t said it enough already I’ll say it again - you two are too close... Come on, it’s out front.”

I follow him through the house, pausing to admire the work they’ve done on my way through. Jayce walks out the front door and towards the double garage they’ve been using as a storage shed but Al stops at the top step and smiles at me.

“You’re not coming?”

She shakes her head as she looks towards Jayce. “No, this is kind of his thing. It was all him.”

There’s that look again, the one I saw myself earlier in the face of the man kissing me. A look that says they can’t believe they get to wake up next to this amazing person.

I walk down the limestone steps and across the gravel drive to where Jayce stands, his hands set on the door to the garage as he looks down at me.

“Close your eyes then.”

God, what is it with men telling me to close my eyes lately? I’d protest but I’m kind of excited to see what he’s done.

I shut my eyes gently. “If you push me inside and lock the doors Jayce, I swear there is nowhere on this planet you could hide that I wouldn’t find you.”

The sound of the doors dragging along the gravel drive is drowned out by his laughter. It all comes to a stop as I feel his hands lay against my shoulders when he moves to stand behind me.

“Okay, open them.”

I let my lids open to be greeted by the basking moonlight until I lower them towards the garage.

Oh. My. God.

My hands shake, my eyes fill as I look at the beautiful yellow metal.

My baby. My bug.

She’s right here in front of me, not a mark or a dent, her shiny paintwork radiating the starlight like she’s been magically made whole.

I turn to look up at Jayce and I can feel the tiny tear escape my eye and trickle down my cheek.


He wraps his arm around my shoulder.

“A lot of hunting. It’s not your original, I went to the police impound lot to see if I could save that one when it was released but it was basically a cube. I’m sorry. This one is eight years younger but it was the closest model I could find. It needed some work but I did everything myself so I know it’s perfect. Do you like it?”

Do I like it?

My whole body reacts as I jump up into his hold, wrapping my legs around his waist and arms around his neck, squeezing him so tight I’m surprised he can breathe enough to get out the laughter he’s releasing. I can’t believe he did this, with everything he has going on, I can’t believe he did this for me.

Burying my head into his shoulder I let out a gentle sob.

“I’ll take that as a yes then.” He chuckles, cuddling me back with equal enthusiasm.

“I fucking love it, I love you. How much do I owe you? I will literally give you anything.”

Gently lowering me back to the floor I now see Al is by his side. “I don’t want the money for it Brie. It’s yours.”

No fucking way. “Obviously I’m giving you the money for it Jayce, don’t be ridiculous.”

He chuckles as Al wraps her arms around his waist and he kisses her head.

“Well technically it’s not entirely free. I kind of hoped you’d make me a promise.”

A promise? “Name it.”

“I want you to consider it a retainer. In what, two years? Maybe less? You’ll be a fully fledged P.R. guru, and I want you to promise me I’ll be the first name you sign. Things aren’t going to be easy for me.” He looks down at Al. “Our relationship isn’t exactly conventional and when it gets out, which we know it will, I’m going to need the best public relations expert on the planet in my corner. I know there is no one else that will fight for us like you will. I want you in my corner, I’m a pretty sure you’re going to have half the team wanting you in theirs too.”

He has faith in me? He doesn’t think I’m a fuck up, he wants to trust me with his whole future.

I’ve never had anyone feel that way about me before.

“Jayce.. are you sure you want to do this? I’m going to be so new and you’ll probably do better with someone more experienced and-”

“I want you. Brie, you are the best friend, the best sister and soon to be the best aunt. You have proven your entire life there is no one better to have fighting for you. I have total and utter faith in you Brianna Parker, this is my commitment to that.”

I look from my blurred vision of him to the perfect smiling beetle in front of me.

Someone believes in me.

Wrapping my arms around both of them I pull them into my welcoming embrace. These two, they’re my fucking family.

“Thank you.”

I won’t let him down.

They hold me until the cold begins to chop down on my skin, my legs vibrating in a mixture of chill and elation.

“Want to go back in for hot chocolate?” She asks, finally breaking the hold.

I nod, following them back in with only one thought in my mind.

Where are the keys?

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