My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 13

Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck.

Okay Brie chill, this isn’t school. You’re not going to get in trouble for screwing the teacher... right?

You might get in trouble for abandoning his ass in a park right after giving him the ride of his life but that is a completely different matter.

Shit he’s looking this way.

I push myself down further into the seat, not that it makes much of a difference with my hair so big it challenges Gretchen Wieners.

Connors eyes scan the room until suddenly they lock with mine, the emerald gaze becoming cloudy – like he’s not sure what he’s seeing is really in front of him.

I can see he’s shaken but then a small curl comes to his lips as he breaks the connection and turns to his laptop making me wonder if he’s still even upset.

Damn he looks good up there. The whole suit and geek glasses is usually far from my type but on him it works well, a little too well. My fanny’s all fluttering as he turns himself towards the board behind him and gives everyone here the view of his ass. That thing is so tight I could bounce a quarter off it.

A deep inhale comes from behind me and I turn to see the guy who said hello to me earlier checking him out without a care, his eyes running over the sexy behind I had my hands dug into last night.

“Okay guys, I’m going to go easy on you today but don’t get used to it. I talk fast, expect you to work hard and don’t accept excuses easily. Do what I ask of you and we’ll do great, don’t and you’re free to leave anytime.”

Fuck me.

I get my head down and concentrate on the class instead of his ass. Not an easy fucking task I can tell you.

I’d forgotten how hard this shit is, especially without Al sitting next to me telling me half of what’s going on. School hasn’t ever been easy for me, the letters on the page seem to get muddled up sometimes but I always get there eventually.

Connor doesn’t look at me again, that I see anyway. I think I’ve got away scot free until I see him starting to make his way through the class asking for everyone’s names as we all try to rush down everything he’s just said. He really does talk fast doesn’t he?

Shit. Okay how am I going to handle this? Cool and collected? Act like I don’t even remember him? It’s not like he could tell just by looking at me that I can still feel how sore I am from stretching myself to the limit to accommodate that pole of his, can he?

He stops at the table in front of me and I decide the best play here is to act like nothing happened, this is exactly the reason I don’t screw good guys. A bad boy would just give me a wink and a smile before moving on to the next girl, no mess no fuss – just the way I like it. This guy actually seemed to want to take me home that night and practically begged for my name and number.

Shit okay he’s coming. Chill.

Wait? What the fuck?

Just as I look up to smile at him he grazes by my table all together and moves onto the next. Seriously? He’s blanking me? That cheeky little fu-

His breath meets the back of my ear as he turns back and leans in to face me, keeping his voice dangerously low. “I need to talk to you after class, stay.”

Yes sir.


The class empties and I notice I’m not the only girl here hanging around, little miss knock off designer shoes has pulled her top down so low I can see the edges of her nipples whilst she slowly places her stuff back in her bag, all the while staring at Connor.

He seems oblivious as he cleans up his desk. “Okay guys, I need to lock up if you can hurry it along.”

She saunters past him, stopping and leaning over his desk. “I really enjoyed this class Professor Joseph, would you be free to discuss it further later tonight?”

Desperate much?

Connor doesn’t even look at her. “I’m not sure that would be appropriate, staff aren’t allowed to fraternise with students outside of class. I’m sure I can answer any questions you have next session.”

Oh shit, he doesn’t take any prisoners. Okay maybe this won’t be as straightforward as I first hoped.

I wait for her to leave before walking up to the desk, I need to take control of this situation.

“Look, I’m not going to cause problems so don’t worry about me telling anyone about what happened last night. I just want to get my qualifications and move on, so let’s just pretend it never happened. We good?”

He smirks up at me. “Good to know I’m so easily forgettable.”

I roll my eyes. “I didn’t say that... Honestly it was probably the best time I’ve had with a guy I just met in a bar that night for years. That thing you do with your tongue should really be trademarked.”

The heat rises from his chest and over his neck until I see how red a guy can actually get... it’s cute. Shit no, not cute. You don’t like cute Brianna.

“Fuck. You really are different to other girls aren’t you?... I mean... you were pretty incredible yourself.”

Like I need to be told. “I know. You should see what I can do when I’m not limited by the size of a picnic bench.”

Jesus Brie, stop flirting with the guy. Fight all your natural instincts here.

His eyes widen but he turns away from me, not before running his eyes along my long exposed legs though. “Wish I could... I appreciate you keeping that between us. It wouldn’t work out well for me here if the higher ups found out.”

I nod and turn to leave before those beautiful green eyes make me do something I’ll definitely regret.

“Brianna I take it? Unless of course that’s the guy sitting next to you and you’re Craig?”

Smiling I turn back. “Looks like you finally found a way to get my name... See you later Professor good boy.”

His eyes follow me away and honestly, I can’t blame him.
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