My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 131


Christmas at the Manor meant three things; food, drink and me having to try really hard not to fuck Steve on top of the turkey. So far so good... Of course the day was just getting started and Steve wasn’t actually here yet... but I was on my third glass of nog and Tara had made so many of these tiny little pigs in blankets on sticks I could see myself not having room for dinner.

“May will you get your ass down here! Tara wants to give you your present!”

She’d decided to give everyone her own gift this year, I took her shopping in the week to get things but she decided this morning there was also something else she wanted to give Jayce and now she was holding everyone up trying to get it wrapped.

“I’m coming! Just give me like two more minutes!”

You said that ten minutes ago.

Picking up the glass of nog off the table Tara glanced at my wrist.

“Are those Cheerio’s?”

I laugh, looking down at the bracelet I hadn’t taken off all day. It was a mix of pipe cleaners, little beads and nail varnish painted Cheerio’s; an original Hope creation. When she gave me my present outside the dance hall she made me promise to video chat her Christmas morning so she could see me open it from the lodge.

She of course didn’t play by the same rules, ripping open the custom made Belle dress I had made for her as soon as I placed the gift in her hands. She’d practically tried to tear her clothes off in the middle of the car park to get it on, and by the picture Connor sent me of her sleeping on the plane in it I think she loved it.

This bracelet may be made from things you’d find on the back seat of a soccer mom’s mini van but to me, it was priceless.

I didn’t get anything for Connor, we weren’t really in a good place when I went to the show, but I did wake up this morning to a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a nice bottle of Italian wine left outside the front door, so I guess we’re back on a good path. Although it wouldn’t have killed him to put a note so I knew it was actually from him... actually come to think about it, he didn’t even mention he’d sent me anything on the video chat earlier either...

“Can’t we just do ours now? I’ve been waiting ages!” Milo protested as he tapped his fingers on the box he’s been carrying for the last hour. It’s a big one, I hope it’s mine.

Suddenly my little firecracker came racing down the stairs, a poorly wrapped canvas in her hands as the paper started to tear under her strong grip.

We’d already exchanged presents at the house, for the first time ever I could actually afford to get her something decent. Apparently now I’m the best sister ever again, all it took was an Xbox and tickets to see some boyband who’s music makes my ears bleed to get me back in her good books.

She races around until she stands in front of Jayce and Aleah, a smile on her face as she passes them the package.

Jayce smiles up at her. “For both of us?”

She nods, acting slightly sheepish now she realises everyone is looking at her.

Aleah helps Jayce unwrap the package until they both just stare at the canvas in front of them.

“Oh May...” Aleah’s eyes fill with tears, Jayce immediately reaching up and pulling May into his arms. Everyone gets up, walking behind the couch to look at what’s got them both so choked up, me included.

Oh bless her little heart.

On the canvas is a recreation of a drawing I saw long ago in Jayce’s sketch pad, an image of him and Aleah walking hand in hand down the beach with their little girl. Hers is slightly different, a bit more stick figure than people and the sunset is replaced with a large rainbow.

Looking more closely I see there’s a cloud in the sky with another small figure.

“What’s that pumpkin?”

May brings her head up from Jayce’s chest to look at where I’m pointing.

“Do you remember when Mrs Taylor in school had to go away for a while then came back without her baby?” Oh god, May’s teacher had a late on miscarriage a few months ago. It hit May hard, she didn’t realise people could lose baby’s. Aleah had explained to her what happened with her, we were always of the opinion in our house that if kids were old enough to be asking the questions, they were mature enough to be receiving the answers.

“Well when she came back she told us about rainbow baby’s. They’re baby’s you have after you lose a baby, like a rainbow after the storm. She said they’re really special and that’s what you’re having Aleah.” Al grips her hand as the tears start to flow again. “So this,” she points to the little girl in the picture, “is your rainbow baby. Then this baby up on the cloud is your first baby. They’re still part of your family, they’re just in the sky. Like you told me Chad and Harley are, they’re going to look after her.”

Sometimes, just sometimes, kids are so much wiser than we ever give them credit for.

“I thought you could put it in your nursery, then tell them I made it... then I’ll be their favourite aunt instead of Beebee.”

The tears are broken by laughter but I still can’t stop looking at her. My Little girl is growing up, and she’s going to be fucking epic.


The presents were mostly done, Granny looking on in disbelief at the range of kitchen equipment everyone got her. She hadn’t been baking as much lately with how tired she’s been but I think this was a tiny hint from everyone that we all miss her food.

Kal, Drew and Jacob got here an hour ago. I know Kal had been worried that this whole thing might be too overwhelming for him but he was doing so well and Milo was keeping him busy looking at all his video consoles.

Jacob didn’t talk a lot but he seemed happy just to follow Milo around and watch everything he did with great interest. There were just two more we were waiting for...


“I’ll get it!”

Al sniggered at me. “Eagar to see someone are we?”

You bet your fuck ass I am. I had been so busy all week the closest I come to contact with Steve was the flirty text war we seemed to have going twenty-four hours a day.

I’d almost driven over there more times than I care to admit but in all honesty, I was scared.

Josh seemed to be good with everything now, and I realise the people around us were ready to send us down the aisle, but I just couldn’t shift the fear... I needed a push but I wasn’t sure he was ready to give it either.

There was just nothing standing in our way now, no operations, no scary Italian Mafia members, no protective brothers. Just me and my inability to lower my guard.

Except I felt he had the key to that too.

I checked over my make up in the hallway mirror and smoothed over my burgundy, crushed velvet mini dress. With all the gold jewellery I was wearing and the sparkling shoes, I was the epitome of Christmas.

Even the giant tree and abundance of tinsel Tara had wrapped around every inch of the Manor couldn’t hold a candle to me.

I pull open the door to be greeted by a pile of presents with legs.


His head pokes out over the top. “Brie! Take the big blue one, it’s going to fall now.”

I grab the box teetering on the edge and set it down on the table as Josh turns to the side and shimmy’s in through the door. I want to laugh as Jayce runs to his rescue and starts unloading the boxes from his arms.

“Hey stranger.”

Oh god. Is it possible for someone to fuck you with their voice? Because I’m pretty sure he just did. What the hell did he just do to me?

Turning back to the door his crystal blue eyes were the first thing I see, they draw me to him and without a second to process he’s got a hold of my waist.

His hands against me feel like a puzzle piece I needed being slotted in just perfectly, completing the picture and giving me a whole new view on the image. I never want his hand to leave me.

He steps back out through the door, keeping us connected with every movement until we’re standing on the front step out of everybody’s immediate view. I can’t stop smiling at him and he seems to be having the same issue as he looks down at me.

“Where the fuck have you been?”

He chuckles, sliding his hand behind my neck and into my hair.

“Sorry I kept you waiting angel, there was something I had to get perfect.”

His eyes peer at the roof of the porch, a twig of mistletoe catching his eye before they dart back down to my lips and that devilish fucking smirk of his makes its way back onto his face. This boy better fucking kiss me quick before I-

Those lips don’t hesitate to meet mine, my body melting despite the freezing temperatures outside. Oh god I’ve missed his lips, I’ve missed his eyes, I’ve missed him.

I should’ve gone, I should’ve pushed all my crap out and spent every night this fucking week in his arms, in his bed. Maybe I would’ve actually been able to rest because without him it’s been nearly impossible.

Our lips brush with so much ferocity we could create our own heat source, my arms wrapping around his neck as he pushes me up against the door.

I want him.

Pulling him in closer to me I can feel him smiling against my lips with every kiss.

“I’ll take it you missed me as much as I missed you then?” He whispers between delicate pecks against my swollen lips.

Of course I fucking missed you, you idiot.

“Um.. guys? Everyone’s kind of waiting for you before they do presents... I mean, wherever you’re ready...” I break the kiss and look to the side to see Milo shuffling on his feet nervously as he tries to avert his eyes from us. Oh hun, in a few years this type of thing is all you’ll be thinking about doing.

Steve laughs, leaning over to Milo and ruffling his hair like he’s known him forever. Milo slaps his hand away and they both begin to laugh as Steve takes my hand and pulls me inside.

I hold it as long as I can but when I see the back of Granny’s head I drop it, I’m definitely not ready for that conversation and I’d rather the woman not grill him all the way through dinner about his intentions with me. Especially since that kiss showed me they’re anything but pure...

Josh starts handing out presents as Steve settles in on the seat next to him. He introduces himself to everyone here who hasn’t met him before and I can already see Granny eyeing up his tats disapprovingly. Thank god she’s never seen the one I have on my hip, she’d probably try preform an exorcism to get it off my body.

Steve picks up a box of white and red Christmas roses, before handing them to Tara with a wink. The blush creeps up her cheek as she takes them from the charmer but Cole doesn’t miss it at all, his arm suddenly finding its place around her waist like Steve was about to carry his fiancé away at any moment. Everything about the exchange making me and Al laugh out loud.

Milo waits patiently with that same big box on his lap, no it wasn’t for me in the end but the cute skirt he got me was enough to earn my forgiveness, even if it was definitely picked out by Tara and about six inches too long.

The moment Josh hands over what appears to be the final present, Milo jumps to his feet and forces the box into Josh’s hands.

“Merry Christmas Josh.”

Josh smiles up at him from his seat before unwrapping the box to reveal a basketball in a glass case, I’m not sure what the big deal is until Josh’s eyes widen and Jayce almost tries to snatch the thing away.

“Oh my god Milo, that signature, is it...?”

Milo glows with pride. “Yeah, he’s your favourite player right? I looked everywhere for it, he doesn’t sign a lot of stuff.”

Josh can’t seem to find the words he needs at this moment, jumping up from his seat and pulling Milo into a hug. “Dude, this is seriously the best gift anyone has ever given me. Thank you man.”

This isn’t fair, when I tried to hug Milo earlier he practically shoved me onto the floor, why is Josh the ‘cool’ one? I’m cool! Ask anyone. Josh still owns Star Wars figures for crying out loud!

Steve looks around until he spots the last present I didn’t even see on the floor behind him. Picking it up he smiles and hands it to me. “This one’s for you babe.”

Josh settles back into his seat, still smiling about his ‘great’ gift. I mean, I got him those fucking season tickets he wanted but whatever.

“You’d better appreciate whatever’s in there Brie. He made me drive six bloody hours last night just to make sure he had-” Josh is quickly cut off as Steve’s hand collides with his chest. Oh god look how red Steve is! What the hell is in here?

I pull open the lid of the box and look inside, my hands shaking as I pull out the beautiful glass jar.

How does he remember this?

Sitting in my hands is a handmade replica of the rose in the vase from Beauty and the Beast. Except the flower has been swapped for a completely preserved black rose, my absolute favourite flower on the planet.

It’s beautiful. No, it’s perfect.

I don’t really tell guys about my love of Disney, it doesn’t exactly suit my image and it’s the furthest thing from a turn on, but one night after my shift at the square room Steve walked me to my car and when I switched on the engine the title song from this film was playing. I thought he’d laugh at me when I told him in was my favourite, the big bad Brianna Parker listening to Disney on her way to her stripper job would’ve been easy to make fun of, but he just smiled and told me he loved this one too.

That was it, a tiny little moment that almost anyone else would forget.

But not him.

Fuck, don’t you dare fucking cry Brianna.

“Wow, that’s gorgeous Steve. Where did you even get something like that?” Tara asks, running her hand over the glass.

Steve looks to Josh and then back to the floor. “I um.. I made it for her.”

I can’t even look at him, waiting until everyone else is distracted before I even attempt it. He made it? This must have taken him every minute he had since he left the hospital.

Tara calls everyone to come to the table but I stay still, letting the crowd move on before I bring myself to glance his way. He knows he’s got me, his whole face says he can read all the thoughts going through my mind right now.

I stand and he joins me, both of us walking in silence until we stand at the end of the couch. I check that no one can see us before I lean up and place a kiss on his jaw.

“Thank you.” It’s about all I can get out right now without blubbering.

He smiles down at me, looping his hand around my waist so his hand brushes against my lower back.

“Merry Christmas Brianna.”

Damn it. He’s just so... He’s so...

He’s so going to break my fucking heart, isn’t he?

We part as he walks into the dining room, my heart still beating so fast I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to slow it down again.

“Wow, this really is gorgeous... Wait, did you see this inscription at the bottom?”

Al stands with my present in her hands. I run over and look at where she’s pointing along the base.

‘For my queen’

“Brie, marry that guy.”

Seriously Al... I’m thinking about it.
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