My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 132

Tara makes too much food. I never thought that would be a possibility with me but I think right now they’ll have to roll me everywhere until new year.

It was lush though, even Granny couldn’t find anything to complain about and that’s really saying something. I could tell it still felt odd for her, being a guest in a house she used to work in, but she was finally starting to relax and realise we were all just family here.

Al was even more uncomfortable than the rest of us bless her, that little madam of hers taking up so much room already she had to eat the meal in sections, not that it stopped her eating at least twice what Jayce and Steve even managed to put away. Animals, all of them.

We were all now sharing a vegetative state, sprawled out in the living room furniture as The Grinch played on the TV.

“I always thought he was kind of hot. He’s got long fingers too”

Al looks at me like I’ve lost my mind.

“Who? The Grinch? You can’t be serious! Babe, he’s fucking green!”


She throws a handful of popcorn at me whilst Jayce giggles but I don’t even have the energy to throw anything back at her. I’m in a full on turkey coma.

Granny is almost asleep in her chair when the door bell rings again, her lover boy coming to pick her up. Honestly I’m happy she’s going, I love her to death but she’s the reason I can’t wrap myself up in Steve right now and she’s done nothing but give him judgey little glares since he got here. Hasn’t anyone ever told her that thing about books and covers?

Tara answers the door with a smile.

“Pastor Jones, please come in. Can I offer you some egg nog?”

Granny springs to life, straightening out her cardigan as Aleah whispers to her that she still has some drool in the corner of her mouth.

“No thank you, I’m quite alright. Is Gloria ready?” Gloria, still sounds fucking weird coming from him.

He steps inside and smiles politely at the room before his eyes settle on one face in particular.

“Steven! What are you doing here? I’m so happy to see you up and about again my son! I hope your friend from work passed on my thoughts to you whilst you were undergoing your recovery, he came in to fill in for you and we all appreciated it. Although I think the kids missed you.”

We all stop, even Granny looking in disbelief as Steve leans over to shake his hand. How the hell do they know each other? I mean, Steve is definitely not the bible type.

“He did sir, thank you.”

Granny looks over at Steve then back to her man. “You know him?”

Pastor Jones smiles down at Steve. “Of course, Steve is the reason we have the computer program at the church. It was him and his company that made the donation of laptops for the computer library, not that he’d let me give him any credit mind you. He’s been coming by for years whenever we have a problem with any of our tech, helping teach skills to the unemployed groups that will improve their applications and providing equipment for the youth computer literacy group. I think I’d be truly lost without him.”

Oh god... He’s a fucking Saint too?

Why the hell does this guy want to date me again?

Granny looks shocked. “I’ve never seen him there...”

Pastor J laughs. “When was the last time you stepped foot in the computer room upstairs Gloria?”

She shivers. “You know I don’t trust those devil machines.”

Everyone in the room joins the pastor in his giggles. He scans his eyes from Steve to me and I turn to see Steve smiling in my direction. Yes I bloody heard him, you’re basically an angel returned to earth with the body of a Greek god, I get it.

“He’s a good young man Gloria. A very good young man.”

Granny now eyes the way Steve is looking at me but I don’t have the courage to look away. Of course she knows somethings happening, nothing gets past this woman.

“So it seems... Steven, would you mind escorting me to the car?”

Oh god no. Please no.

I turn to Al to beg her for help but we both know there is nothing she can do to save me now. I’m done for.

Steve gets up with a smile, not realising he’s walking straight into the lions den.

Well, we had a good run. It was fun while it lasted.

“Granny, I can take you?”

She shoots me an evil glare. “I believe Steven is quite capable of fulfilling the task.”

Lord have mercy.

They walk out the door as soon as she’s said her goodbyes and has given May more kisses than she could handle. My fingernails becoming nothing but bloody stumps as I wait for Steve to return.

“Do you think she’ll just threaten him or actually remove a body part? Remember when she thought that postman was interested in you so she shoved bacon in his pockets then let out your neighbours vicious pit-bull.”

Of course Al finds this all fucking hilarious.

Steve returns and there’s no sign of obvious injury, that’s good right? Everyone else continues with their conversations as he slides down into the seat next to me, subtly moving his arm behind me and stroking my lower back.

“Your grandmother is kind of terrifying.”

Oh god. “What did she do? Whatever she asked for, don’t give it to her, she doesn’t need to see your bank statements no matter how much she insists.”

A deep laugh bounces around inside his rib cage. “Thanks but she already made me give her my tax breakdown from last year.” I’m gonna kill her. “She just wanted to know if we... she wanted to know how I... Fuck, she wanted to know how I felt about you and if this was serious.”

Kill. Me. Now.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry. She’s not great with guys and me... She’s overly protective... What the hell did you tell her?”

He smiles. “The truth.” The truth? I don’t even know what we are, how could he explain it to her? He notices my confusion. “I told her exactly how I felt about you.”

You told my grandmother you want to bang my brains out? What did he tell her?

“And how did she take it?”

He smirks. “She told me I have to come for dinner on Sundays.”

Wow. From that woman, there is no higher compliment. Sundays are reserved for family... He’s fucking won her over already...

As the film continues I lay my head down on Steve’s shoulder but he moves his arms around me until I’m firmly pressed against his body with my face laying on his chest.

I’ve never been affectionate with a guy in front of people but as I loop my arms around his waist and bury myself further into him it just feels... right.

Steve starts to pull away and I huff, making him chuckle before I follow his eyes to where Cole is giving him the ‘Dad look’. It’s so sweet but unnecessary, this guy is at much higher risk of getting hurt by me than I am by him any day.

Aleah notices, picking up a cushion and throwing it across the room so it hits Cole square in the face.

“Knock it off Dad. They’re cute as hell.”

I want the ground to swallow me up right now but it doesn’t take long before the attention moves from us. Steve pulls the blanket from the back of the sofa, laying my legs across his lap before tucking us in together. I don’t think I’ve ever been this comfortable.

Jayce follows suit, covering Al up as she lays between his legs, his hands caressing her bump while he plants delicate kisses against her temple.

May scoots herself in between Cole and Tara, taking the last of Tara’s hot chocolate without leaving her a drop, not that Tara seems to care as she smiles down at my little firecracker with all the love our mother should’ve shown her.

Looking around this room I realise there is so much love in my life, so much I have to be grateful for. I can hear Josh and Milo laughing from the other room as he helps the little man put together his new Lego set, although I’m pretty sure Milo is doing it for Josh’s benefit more than anything because he knows he lives for that shit.

A hand slides into mine as it sits under the blanket and I turn to look at my best girl, her smile asking if I feel as good as I look right now.

Bitch, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.

Steve’s lips come down onto my forehead as he tightens his grip, his fingers gently tickling my hip as he watches the movie.

If this is it, if this is all I ever get. Even if the whole world ending in the moment, I know I’d be okay.

Right now I have something I never thought I would...

... a chance.

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