My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 133

I don’t know when I fell asleep, but I feel extremely well rested.

“Beaut, do you want to wake up now?”

I look around to see everyone else has already gone and I’m pretty sure I’m not even at the Manor anymore. Rubbing my eyes I try to bring myself back to the land of the living.

“Where am I?”

She laughs. “You refused to wake up after your sixth glass of nog, you fell asleep on the monopoly board. Jayce carried you over here, I figured you two would be more comfortable in here than over at the main house. Josh is already passed out in Jayce’s old room so we’ll crash in mine, just like old times.”

Glancing around I realise I’m in the pool house on Al’s sofa, the fluffy Christmas blanket she has covering it tickling the back of my legs.

“Us two?”

“Hey stranger.” Looking behind me I see Steve standing in the kitchen, walking towards me with a mug of hot chocolate and Tara’s Christmas cookies.

“If you need anything use mine, you okay with this? There’s just not enough beds in the house and I figured you guys wouldn’t mind sharing.” She winks at me.

Damn right I don’t. “We’re good babe. Go back over to the house, I’ll see you at breakfast.”

She wiggles those fucking brows at me again. “Sure you’ll get enough sleep to make it over for breakfast?”

A chuckle comes from the chest below my head as Steve slides underneath me and places my head against him. I look up to see he can’t stop staring down at me, his smile showing he is very much okay with this as he passes me my hot chocolate.

Al steps back, walking out towards the door. “Okay you guys... Just remember there are other people in the house, the bed creaks... and the condoms are under the sink.”

Like she needs to tell me, I had this place scouted years ago.

“Did you enjoy your Christmas?” He asks as I devour another Christmas cookie.

“I think it’s the best one I’ve ever had... My gift was crap compared to yours though.”

He chuckles. “No it wasn’t, I love it.”

Yeah right. “Sure you do... I’ll make it up to you.”
He smirks as I place my empty mug on the coffee table. “Oh yeah, how?”

The best way I know how.

Interlocking my fingers with Steve’s I attempt to pull him to his feet but he just pulls back until I land immediately in his lap.

He brushes the hair away from my eyes. “Are you sure you want me to stay with you Brie? I’m alright to crash with Josh. I know since the hospital we haven’t-”

I cut him off with a kiss, my lips showing him how much I want him here. I’ve been so afraid of being alone with him, of giving into everything I’m feeling towards him... but I’m not now, not after today. I want to fall asleep and wake up with him. Even if nothing else happens, I want that.

Of course that won’t be something I have to worry about because as my tongue slips between his lips I can already feel the semi he has pushing against my back.

I move so I’m straddling him but I don’t think he wants to stay right here, we’ve spent enough time on the couch. Steve’s fingers dig into my hips as he lifts me to my feet, refusing to disengage our lips as he rises himself before he takes a hold of my jaw. His tongue brushes over my bottom lip as he slides them apart again and starts to explore every part of my mouth.

The butterflies in my stomach grow into a storm, something I’ve never felt before as his hands slide all the way down my back before moving to smooth over my ass.

Oh god, I need to pull back a bit before we end up naked on this couch, I’m not sure Jayce popping in to find me riding Steve as he attempts to pick up some stuff would go down very well.

“Bedroom, now.”

He kisses across my jaw until he reaches my ear, licking at the lobe before whispering gently.

“As you wish my queen.”

Oh god, he keeps calling me that and we’re going to find ourselves in a situation. His powerful arms knock my legs out from underneath me as he scoops me up into his hold. He’s so fucking strong, there’s not a tremor as he races down the hall.

“Babe, I’ve literally got no idea where I’m going.” We both laugh as I point towards the bedroom and Steve drops me right outside the door, his hands refusing to leave my body entirely though as he keeps his grip on my waist.

Pulling open the doors to the room he snuggles into my neck, leaving a trail of kisses as he wraps his arms around my waist.

I look down at the black silk bedding. I came up here this morning to help Al carry presents over and these were definitely not the sheets she had on the bed then. Damn, she planned this all along didn’t she?

Weird little horny wench wanting to make sure I get laid... I love her.

Steve pulls back from me, taking off his jacket and tossing it onto the chair. I know I need to slow things down, he said we can’t be together until I know what I want and I’m not sure I do... or at least that I’m ready to share it, yet.

His hands lightly brush along the back of my neck, moving my hair to the side as he pulls down the zipper of my dress slowly. Moving his lips to my exposed shoulder he scatters kisses all along the surface as his chest presses against my back.

“We don’t have to anything Brie. I’m just so fucking happy to have you back in my arms.”

I know we don’t have to, I know he’d never make me do anything, but I want to feel connected to him.

My dress hangs loosely on my shoulders as I turn towards him, running my hands under his t-shirt from his hips all the way up to his chest until I can free him of the fabric entirely.

“Tell me when you want to stop.” I breathe huskily in his ear, I don’t want to push him.

His bare, tattoo covered chest faces me, the damage still there from the crash but it’s healing. I gently drag my nails over his skin, starting at his shoulders and working my way down, pausing at every cut and scar to lay my lips against them. I wish I could fix each one with the swipe of my tongue.

Interlocking our fingers I continue down his arms, giving attention to every mark of pain I inadvertently inflicted on him. I want him to know I care about every part of him, that I will be here with him as he brings himself back together.

Moving across to his chest, I push him until his legs hit the bed and he falls back onto the soft mattress. I wait for him to connect his eyes to mine. Time to show him me, all of me. I slip the straps of my dress over my shoulders, my hand against my chest all that keeps the fabric from falling into a puddle on the floor now.

I wait until I have his absolute attention, knowing he’s expecting to see underwear that I’m definitely not wearing, before finally... I drop it.

His whole body freezes as I stand before him completely naked, my skin glowing under the moonlight that fills the room.

“Fuck, Brie...”

He sits up on the edge of the bed, stretching out to reach me and not holding back as he pulls me towards him until our skins meet, his palms start running up my waist until his thumbs swipe over my nipples. He just knows how to work my body, he always seems to know everything I want before I even do. His lips press against my stomach, leaving small kisses as his thumbs flick against my hard nipples. Every jolt makes a shiver run through me.

My legs feel weak as his kisses move lower, my body arching as I look up at the ceiling and try my best to remain on my feet. I run my fingers through his hair until I’m scratching at the back of his neck and watching the bumps rise over the surface of his skin under my touch.

His lips move from my stomach to my hips, tasting my skin with each movement, his tongue running into the dip of my hip bone breaks my concentration, making me moan out loud until he’s smirking against my tingling body. He’s hardly touched me, yet I’m alive with electricity through every move he makes.

Taking hold of his jaw I pull his lips away from my skin and force him to face me, I have to can kiss him again, I don’t ever want to stop. I’m revelling in the attention he’s giving me but I want to spoil him for once.

I push my hands against his shoulders until he returns to the bed, forcing him to move his way up until his head rests on the pillows and I can appreciate every inch of him.

Laying my body on top of his I move again to kiss his lips. Our bodies grind together, my hand sliding between them and undoing his jeans with ease, the bulging perfusion pushing against the denim is telling me he’s ready for me. The kiss grows passionate to the point of implosion, it’s like my mouth can’t get enough of his and fights to take more and more of him.

Moving further down his body I reach his nipple, I want to fill his body with pleasure until he begs me to stop. Taking it in my mouth, I flick it with the tip of my tongue, whilst my fingers start to stroke and pinch the other.

“Fuck..” That’s right stranger...

Steve runs his hand down my naked back as I tease him, lightly scratching at the surface and sending me completely wild as I nibble on the nub in my mouth. I keep going until his body is squirming beneath me, his moans match the way his hips are trying to grind up against my body in an attempt to make friction.

God, please fuck me.

I move away when the area becomes to sensitive for him, barely getting my hand into his jeans and my lips to those delectable abs before he grips my shoulders and pulls me back to face him.

“You don’t have to do an-”

I slam my hand over his mouth and look him directly in the eye. “I know I don’t have too.” Resting my head against his I can feel the thin layer of sweat that already coats him. “I want to. Please Steve, just let me touch you.”

We both breathe deeply against each other until our pants become a kiss, my chest sticking to his as I slide down his body once more, taking his jeans with me this time until they hit the floor.


I’ve seen Steve topless enough times to know he was my fantasy come to life, but seeing him in just his tight black boxers shows me just how fucking gorgeous he is. He’s the whole damn planets fantasy.

I place my lips to the bottom of his stomach just like he did to me earlier, looping my fingers into the waistband of his underwear and lowering them with each open mouth kiss I make against his flesh, until finally they’re free of his body and he lays there naked below me.

Holy fucking Christ. He’s more than any man I’ve ever been with... in every way. I will never get bored of finding things to do with that.

His erection stands proud below my face and is just begging to be sucked. I don’t want to give it to him all at once, I need to start slow. Trailing kisses along his pubic line, I keep going until I move my way down to his hilt, wrapping my tongue around it to smother it in my saliva before sucking my way up the side of his length.

“Oh god...”

Not quite, but I am Brianna Parker which is pretty damn close.

I keep moving up his stiff length until I reach the tip, taking the whole thing between my lips and flicking over the end with my tongue. His body jerks at the movement and I look up into his face to see his eyes glued on me. If I wasn’t already naked then I’d feel it just from the intensity of his glare.

Keeping eye contact with him, I start to bob my head up and down on the tip, taking in more of him each time and sucking hard. Watching his head fall back I know I have him in the palm of my hand, so hollowing my cheeks to make my mouth as tight as possible I suck every inch of him into my throat, licking under his shaft as it slides in and out of my mouth.

“Arghh... Fuck, Brie... Don’t stop...”

He tastes so fucking good, his thick girth stretching my lips as wide as they can go but I can’t say I’m not enjoying it.

His moans are more than I can bare, my thighs now so damp as my hand starts to massage his balls to match every bob of my head.

“Brie... Fuck...”

I didn’t even feel him move, he sits up enough to grab hold of my ankle. In one fluid motion my body is flipped and I find myself laying upside-down directly on top of him. Quickly sucking him back into my mouth I slow my pace as I feel his breath against my pussy.

He runs his hands up my thighs, soaking his fingers in my juices as he caresses every inch of my soft skin. His hands reach their apex and move to my wet swollen lips, spreading them and presenting my clit to him.

I lose all control, almost gagging on his hard dick as his plunges his tongue into my cunt without warning.

Fuck. My body pushes back into him as he spreads me open and starts to run all over my clit, flicking and licking until I’m moaning around his cock.

My nipples brush against his abdomen and increase the sensation throughout my body as he starts to fuck me with his tongue, twirling and twisting inside of me until my body is writhing on top of him. Digging his heels into the mattress he begins to thrust deep into my mouth, forcing my whole body back with each one until I’m fucking myself on his tongue.

My moves become sloppy, my head cloudy as I become lost in the feeling of us in a joint state of pleasure. This is true euphoria and I never want it to end... God Steve, please don’t stop...

He starts to shake below me and I know he’s close, grabbing his hips I force myself down onto his cock with every thrust he makes up. My fingernails digging into his thighs as he swells within my mouth and fills me. I know he’s trying to pull out but like fuck am I letting him get away from me without having a proper taste of him.

I take myself to his hilt, sucking in deep and latching my lips around him as he removes his tongue from the inside of my pussy but pulls me back onto his face, his deep primal moans vibrating against my clit as he empties himself into my mouth.

Letting him ride it out I don’t sit up to swallow until I know he has nothing left. The moment I release his salty load into my body he grabs hold of my hips.

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