My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 134

I don’t have much choice when he roughly twists my body until I’m sitting looking directly down at him. He smirks up at me knowing what he’s about to do, and it’s so fucking sexy.

Grabbing my thighs, he runs his eyes down my naked body before giving a hard tug against my legs until they give way and I’m sitting completely on his face. His tongue starts to run all over the bundle of nerves that is moments from giving out and I have to grip my hold into the headboard just to stop me from collapsing onto him.

This feels good. This feels so fucking good.

Grinding against his face he explores my body, pausing when he hears my cries but not staying too long before searching out the next spot of pleasure. He refuses to give me my release, bringing me right to the edge before moving once more until I’m screaming with all the adrenaline pumping through my body.

I can’t take it anymore, moving my hips until I get him to the place that makes me want to shriek and begin rolling myself against it over and over again. A bead of sweat trickles down through the centre of my bouncing breasts and I dig my nails into the solid wood headboard to keep myself from slipping away.

“Oh god Steve. Fuck yes. Right there.”

My body begins to shake, my stomach tightening as I throw my head back. The air in the room thick with desire as the sound of him licking away at my dripping core continues to keep me so fucking turned on. He lets go of my thighs, running his hand over the sweat that coats my stomach and reaching my nipples.

As he runs over that nervous centre one more time with his glorious tongue, before he flicks and pinches my nipples roughly. I can’t do anything but cum instantly.


It’s so powerful, an orgasm that tears through me like a clawed beast. I’m not sure if my eyes are shut or if I’ve lost the ability to see as he tortures my nipples to extend my high, all whilst pressing his tongue directly against the point that refuses to let the orgasm end. I can’t stop it, everything flowing out of me directly over his face.

My body collapses, falling directly down onto his chest. Every part of me is shaking, my limbs continue to quiver as he strokes the back of neck soothingly. What did he just do to me? I can’t even fucking talk!

I slide down until I’m flat against him... and that’s when I feel it. His solid hard length making me jump as it comes into contact with my clit.

Oh god, I want that inside me...

Steve raises my chin to face him, placing his lips to mine and letting me taste myself on his tongue as he initiates a kiss filled with so much longing my already weak legs become completely lifeless.

“Brie... that was...”

Fucking incredible.

We lay there trying to catch our breath but I’m not sure either of us can. My vibrating form inadvertently strokes my pussy lips against his dick and I can feel him growing more insatiable as he groans in frustration.

Suddenly Steve turns, guiding me to lay on my side and moving away that part of him as we meet face to face. At this moment there is no one in the world but this man right here. Everything else, all the pain, fear and indecision has evaporated until all that remains is the way we feel about each other right now.

His hand strokes over my cheek, grazing down my neck and continuing down my body.

“The things I want to do to you Brie... the things I want to make you feel...”

His fingers skim over my inner thigh until they force my legs apart. He slides down to between my lips and smirks with satisfaction when the sensitivity causes me to jump at his touch. He reaches my entrance, circling it with his finger before slowly guiding two inside.

“Steve... fuck...”

I place my arms around his neck, our heaving chests push together as I rest my forehead against his. He pushes in then pulls out of me slowly, until I’m moaning and shaking against him. I lock my arms around him more tightly needing him even closer and he responds by taking one of my legs and stretching it up to wrap around him. Our bodies locking as one.

He now plunges into me even deeper with the access of this position. I don’t ever want him to stop. His movements grow quicker and I can hear him trying to catch his breath as I force my eyes open and watch him as he fucks me.

He plunges in hard, staying inside me and stroking at my inside before pulling back out then starting all over again. Every hair on my body stands on end as he continues to move inside me, my head filled with nothing but his crystal blue orbs.

My voice stammers in my throat. “I want you Steve.”

He pushes three fingers into me, keeping them inside and moving them against my walls until he finds the spot that makes my legs twitch.

“I want you Brie. I really fucking want you, but we can’t do that until you’re ready.”

Oh god. He starts to give little pumps into me, not pulling out far before pushing back in again and again against that same spot.

My back arches so my nipples stroke his chest. “W-Why...”

He stops, pulling out at first almost entirely before slamming back in and making me scream. Staying inside me he pushes his other hand against my back and forces me against him so much so the sweat runs directly from my chest onto his.

Waiting, he doesn’t move until I look at him.

“Because I know that the moment I make love to you... I’m going to fall in love with you.”

He’s going to fall in love with me...

I can’t believe the words that want to leave my mouth, but I can’t stop them... “Would that be the worst thing...?”

His head shoots up. There is so much emotion in his eyes a part of me wants cry at the overwhelming nature of it all. He has to stop looking at me like that... I can’t stop the way I’m feeling when he does...

“Don’t say that Brie. Don’t say that unless you really mean it... because I’ve never met anyone I could fall in love with as easily as I am falling in love with you.”

Am falling in love with?

He sees the panic that flashes in my eyes and realises his words. Pulling out of me quickly he lets the rest of my form fall and grabs hold of my head with both hands so I can’t move.

“Fuck Brie... I didn’t mean... No I did, I did fucking mean it, just... Please don’t run. Please don’t run away from me.”

I should want to right? Everything that makes me Brianna Parker should be screaming at me to run for the hills right now.

So why aren’t I...?

Oh shit...

I look deep into his eyes, picking my hands up to take his fear coated face and rest it against mine.

“I’m not running Steve.”

How can I run from something he’s feeling...

... when I think I might be feeling the exact same thing.


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