My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 135

I love New Years Eve! It has all the drinking of Christmas without any of the family obligation to not fall over and throw up in a plant pot.

Steve decided to throw a party at his place. Everyone in his life have been fighting to see him since he got out of the hospital and this seemed like a good way to see them all in one go.

“Al, come out. You’re gonna look great!”

She huffs from the other side of the bathroom door.

“I look ridiculous Brie! With all these sequins I’m practically a fucking glitter-ball! Just go without me, it won’t be any fun not being able to drink anyway.”

She’s absolutely not ditching me tonight. Steve’s invited all his mates from work and a few he went to college with, by the looks they were giving me in the hospital car park that day they definitely already know things are happening between us. That means there will be questions and people having expectations of us, all shit I’m not used too and don’t want to deal with, especially not alone.

“Al, just come out. I won’t let you go if you look bad, I promise.”

The lock on the door turns slowly before she edges it open and pokes out her head. “Don’t laugh.”

I nod, crossing my fingers over my heart before she opens the door... Where I break that promise almost instantly and burst out into a roar of giggles.


I try to hold back tears as I look at her but it’s nearly impossible. Oh bless her fat pregnant heart..

“I’m so sorry babe... it’s just... you do look like...”

“A fucking disco-ball?

I nod as the laughter continues to pour from my lips. Oh poor thing, I can’t let her leave the house looking like this.

“It’s okay hun, I’ll fix it. Take it off and I’ll look what else I have.”

She huffs, stretching to grasp the zip at the back before letting the fabric hit the floor and that perfect bump of hers spring free. I know she feels crap about herself but honestly, I don’t think she’s ever looked as beautiful as she has these last few months. They say some people just suit pregnancy and she is definitely one of those women.

I search through my closet but I know everything I have would’ve been tight on her before she even got pregnant. I’m not sure those knockers of hers would even fit in one of my crop tops now.

Stepping back into the room I pull up the dress from the floor while she sits down on the edge of my bed, the hangover chips and chocolate I put on my nightstand for the morning already being devoured as she stares at me with those sad eyes.

“Maybe I should just borrow one of Granny’s church outfits with the big hats, pretend it’s a costume or something. It’s not like people are going to notice my existence anyway. The bump is like a protective shield that makes me fucking invisible in social situations most of the time.”

I don’t know what gave her that idea, she’s the furthest thing from invisible. I know Jayce being away a lot recently has taken its toll on her, I think she really wanted to just impress him tonight. They won’t have many chances to let loose with their mates and just be a couple after their little princess comes along, I think she wanted one more night just to be his sex-goddess woman, not his baby mama.

Holding up the dress she’d brought for tonight I try to see if there’s any wiggle room in the fabric but it’s pretty solid. I’m ready to resign myself to wrapping her in my prettiest bedsheets when I notice the pretty white chiffon under layer.

“Al, pass me those scissors.”

I peel back the top layer of sequins and get a good look at the slip underneath. It’s cute.

“Babe, you good with having a bit more of your twins out? Or I could cut the top fabric into like a crop to layer over the top?”

She nods her head. “Boobs out is good. They’re the only fucking part of me to get better through this whole getting fat period. Even my ankles are like cooked fucking hams now.”

I try not to laugh as I cut away the top layer and attempt to create some cute sleeves at the top with the sparkly material, but it’s an epic fail so I just abandoned them completely. I’ll add some glitter jewellery so she still looks ready to bring in the new year instead.

“Shove on my white push up, the one with the gel. If we’re doing boobs, we’re going all in.”

Al wrestles her giant blossoms into my favourite holder and I help her get into the newly customised dress until she’s comfortable, draping it to perfection. Damn I’m good.

Smoothing over the delicate fabric along her stomach I see the confidence I’ve missed seeing on her face so much return. “Babe, you’re a knockout.”

Backcombing her hair and adding some extra drama to her eyes she’s finally ready to be seen out in the world... if she would just put down those damn chips!

I’ve had my outfit picked out for a while. Me and Al were going past one of those stores we never thought we’d ever be able to shop in, right after I had my big Clarisse pay day. My whole body stopped when I saw this dress, nothing has ever screamed ‘buy me Brianna’ more. Although the bitch at the counter gave me a look that said it wasn’t in my price range, I went all Pretty Woman on her ass and got the fucker anyway.

It was very different to any other dress I’ve ever owned, it was fucking colourful for one thing, which is usually so far from my style but it was just so perfect on me I couldn’t resist. The dress is made of a sheer fabric that matched my skin tone perfectly, so well in fact that at first glance you’d think I was completely naked if it wasn’t for the giant turquoise blue claw marks of glitter covering the important parts. Wearing it now I wouldn’t blame anyone for assuming it was painted on instead of actual fabric. It was ‘show your cunt’ short, it was skin tight, it left fuck all to the imagination. It was me.

“Holy fucking shit babe. Are you trying to give Steve a heart attack? There is no way he’s sticking to this no sex thing after seeing you in that.”

You’d think, but he’s pretty fucking adamant. We’d spent every night together this week, Granny even let him stay here after dinner on Sunday! I almost lost my eyes they grew so wide when she invited me to spend the night, she’d always told me that no guy would spend a night in my room unless it was at my fucking wedding.

Of course she implied it was to be on the couch, but then she locked herself in her room and informed me she wouldn’t be coming out until morning... with a fucking wink!

She’s chilled a lot since meeting lover boy, it didn’t stop me feeling her eyes on me through the wall every second Steve lay at my side though. I wouldn’t even let him touch me below the fucking waist because I was so scared she was going to walk in at any moment and throw Holy water on us.

It only got weirder when I woke up alone, only to come downstairs and find the two of them gossiping like little old washer women at the kitchen table, before he got up, gave me a panty dropping smirk and made everyone waffles. She let him use her kitchen and she didn’t even try to berate him once for doing something wrong! Even May stood at my side in shock as we just watched them laugh and chat like what he was doing wasn’t the craziest thing either of us had ever seen.

All his gentlemanly manner went out the window the moment Granny left for church service. I was in the shower minding my own fucking business when I felt him slide in behind me.

In all my times fucking guys I’ve never had anyone in my shower, that’s me time.

We got so close that day, my legs were wrapped around his waist and his dick was so solid against my pussy; an inch of movement and he would’ve just slid straight inside me. I wanted him, and I know he wanted me too, but there needed to be more.

Words needed to be spoken, words we both needed to confirm before we took that step, but we were both to fucking stubborn to say them. Neither of us wants to push the other... but I’m losing control on that too.

The door downstairs opens. “You two ready?! We’ve got to pick up Drew and Kal on the way.”

Staring down at my outfit in the mirror I at least know I’ll have the satisfaction if seeing him trying to hold himself together too tonight.

I walk downstairs first, Al always did love to make an entrance whether she likes to admit it or not. Jayce looks up from his phone and smiles at me, his white shirt and dark jeans perfectly sculpted to his toned body as he rested against the back of the couch.

“Fuck me Brie.”

I laugh. “Haven’t we had this conversation Romeo?”

He rolls his eyes with a giggle. “I meant, you look good and Steve’s gonna lose his shit... I’m guessing that’s the intention?”

I smirk back. “Maybe. Speaking of people losing their shit...”

He follows my eyes to the staircase as Al begins her decent, every step like a delicate flow of air, the pure white fabric floating around her as she approaches him like the human reincarnation of mother earth herself.

“Fuck me...”

She smiles back at him. “Pretty sure you just said that to Brie too babe, I don’t believe it’s the compliment you think it is handsome.”

He doesn’t give her anymore time to complain as he grasps her head and begins to kiss her. The make up I just spent the last twenty minutes perfecting is ruined in an instant as they lock lips with so much passion I know they’ve forgotten my existence in the same room as them completely right now.

How did they do it? They knew the whole world was going to be against them, that being together would make parts of their life so fucking hard, but they still found each other. They pushed through it all and now look what they have, they’re a unit, a family. Despite all the pain and the heartache they’re still united as one.

“Um guys, we’re already late so...”

Jayce pulls his lips away first but he doesn’t let his hands leave her, caressing them from her jaw down over her collarbone until they reach her bump, smoothing it gently all whilst keeping his eyes firmly glued to hers.

“You’re mine.”

She gently leans up onto her toes and kisses him with a smile. “I’m yours.”

Oh god, Steve or someone has definitely done something to me, because right now I’m actually finding them fucking cute.

I think I’m sick.


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