My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 136

The music is vibrating through the road from the house but I’m still yet to feel it coursing through my body as I try to wedge myself out from next to Drew. Why do the guys in my girls lives all have to be so fucking huge?! Me and Kal have almost had to share his lap on the way over here.

“Okay, that’s it! We’re trading this thing in for a minivan or something because I’m not doing this every time I need to get the baby in and out!”

Jayce looks beyond horrified at the mere notion of Al’s suggestion as he finally frees Drew of the back seat. Thank fuck.

I grab Kal’s hand and she helps me onto my own two feet as I look out at Steve’s house. The butterflies that have been nestling away in the pit of my stomach all day erupt into a swarm that fills my body when I realise I’m about to see him.. and meet all his friends.

Jesus, please, I never ask you for shit but right now I’m begging you. Please don’t let me have slept with all his mates already, just give me this one fucking reprieve. You fucked me with Meg, you owe me this. Amen.

Josh is already lent against the front door waiting for us, smiling at us all in turn before pulling Al into a hug. He runs his hand over her back to ward off the chill but I think she’s too high on how good she looks to be able to feel anything else right now.

Glancing over my outfit he turns his attention to Jayce.

“If I don’t pass out before the clock strikes twelve, can I sleep at yours? With her coming in here looking like that the two of them are going to get very fucking loud tonight, aren’t they?”

Jayce turns to me with a smirk. “Yeah of course mate, is he ready for this? She’s got that ‘I’m going to eat you’ look.”

Oh for fucks sake. “You both know I can fucking hear you right?! Get out of the fucking way you cretins.”

Josh giggles, pulling me into a hug right as I make it to the front door and resting his head on my shoulder. If I didn’t love him so much I’d hit him.

“You make him happy Brie, and I can see he makes you happy too. I’m sorry I stood in the way of that for a while, I was being a dick. I love you, you know that right?”

Ah this boy. I may adore Steve but if I had to pick a favourite brother, there’s no competition.

“I love you too babe... Now stop living up to the mushy emotional gay guy stereotype and show me where to get a fucking drink.”

He chuckles, shoving open the front door and pulling me inside along with him. Every pair of eyes in the place suddenly turns to us as we enter, it’s like the whole room became quiet and time stood still despite the fact the music continued to blare.

I lean into Josh. “Why are they all fucking looking at us?”

He smirks. “Not us Brie, you.”

Ah yeah, obviously. The door at the far end of the hall opens and there he is... My man...

His black button up is slightly open, showing all the tattoos on his chest, every single one still beautiful despite being littered with scars now. His sleeves rolled up to the elbows showing off the bracelet I got him for Christmas with pride, it seemed like a good gift at the time but compared to the one he made me it’s nothing.

I only saw him this morning but it feels like that was weeks ago. He looks up and his eyes meet mine. Yeah, I got him.

He stops moving completely, his feet planting firmly to the floor as he trails his gaze up slowly from my toes to my head, his grin only growing with every inch he views.

Like what you see there stranger?

I wasn’t sure how we were gonna play this tonight. We’ve definitely become more comfortable being close in front of people, this week we went for McDonald’s after he finished up with some work stuff and he kept his arm wrapped around my waist the whole time, he couldn’t seem to care less who saw us or what they thought despite the fact we were openly in public where anyone he knows could see us. I thought guys only did that type of thing with their official girl, I’m used to being the side piece.

This was different though. These were all his people. We weren’t a couple, at best we were dating, but do you introduce people like that to your friends? I’d been to one of his parties before with Josh so it’s not like it would be odd for me to be here even if nothing was happening between us.

They all knew Chrissy, knew he was with her for a long time. I don’t know how they’ll feel about me. It was my fault he was in the crash, it was my car. They could all hate me already.

We should’ve spoken about this shit. Can I kiss him? Hug him? Does he want people knowing what we are to each other? It might make it super awkward if things don’t work out for us and he has to explain to everyone what happened. Maybe it would be easier to just pretend like we’re still just mates for now.

Josh places his hand against my lower back to force me forward, I now realise I’ve been standing still for too long and it’s starting to become weird. So many guys are staring at me I can feel even Jayce is getting a bit territorial, standing close behind me and giving them all his ‘back the fuck off’ look.

Suddenly Steve begins to move through the crowd until he’s standing right in front of me, my heart races as he steps in closer, his arms slide behind my back and rests against the top of my ass as he smiles down at me.

“You’re fucking breath-taking Brie.”

His hand runs all the way up my spine, stroking over every bump until it reaches the base of my skull, taking hold of it and keeping me in place.

Oh god, he’s gonna...

His lips come down to reach mine and everything inside me bursts. He’s showing them all that he’s with me. He’s not just kissing me in a corner after a few beers, he’s not doing it as stage one of getting in my pants. He’s kissing me because he wants every guy and girl here to know that right now, it’s me and him.

I kiss him back with equal passion, I want him to know that I feel the same way, I don’t care about what we’re labelling ourselves, I just love being with him.

I just love...

He pulls back enough for us to catch our breath. Most people have stopped staring but there’s a few evil glares from girls who probably put on their pretty panties tonight in the hopes he’d rip them off. Sorry bitches, this one’s mine for the taking.

“Well, guess I bought the right dress then.”

He smirks at me. “Definitely the right fucking dress.”

Interlocking his fingers with mine he kisses the back of my palm before making sure to say hi to all the people behind me that he completely ignored when he walked out and saw me, then taking me across the room for a much needed drink.


I’ve drank, I’ve danced, I’ve not had to hit anyone for grabbing my ass. All in all, it’s been a good fucking night.

Midnight is quickly approaching but Al is already asleep on Jayce’s chest. Bless her little pregnant heart. She’d look entirely ethereal all resting surrounded by white, if it wasn’t for the half eaten barbecue spare rib in her hand and the sweet chilli sauce coating her lips. Jayce doesn’t seem to care, chatting away with Josh but making sure he doesn’t stir her, occasionally turning to stroke her hair when she starts to shuffle uncomfortably. The girl took so many pictures tonight, she wants new ones for the house when they move in. Although the one I got of me and Steve, his arms around me as he kisses my neck, is my personal favourite of the night.

She was doing so well until the tempo of the music picked up and that baby of hers started bouncing away on her inner organs. Now I’m pretty sure she’s out for the night.

“So how come Jayce doesn’t drink?”

Steve’s arms were wrapped around me tightly as I perched on his lap trying to regain my breath. After Al passed out and Kal had to go home to get back for Jacob I had no more girls to dance with, Josh just stood there while I used him like a pole for half hour but then he got into a conversation about the play offs with Jayce and I lost him too.

Then it was Steve’s turn... and fuck me... I thought there’d be no moves to the guy, he’s so big and heavy I thought everything on him would be stiff. Then he pulled my body against him and started to flow with the music. If I didn’t think he’d be a fucking king in the sack before, I do now.

I love a guy who can dance, it’s so freeing to me able to move your body against someone who can match you at every step. No matter what I threw at him, he caught me. At one point I forgot people could see us as he dipped me, running his hand all the way up the inside of my thigh until it slipped under the hem of my dress. I would’ve let him keep going in all honesty if some bitch hadn’t chosen that moment to drop a glass and welcome me back to reality.

I was so amped up now I couldn’t keep still, the raspberry vodka and lemonade in my hand shaking like that scene in Jurassic Park as I try to take a sip.

“He fucked up once when drinking, it wasn’t even really his fault but he’ll never forgive himself for it. He never wants to risk that happening again so he doesn’t even let it be an option.”

Steve nods against me, kissing my neck as the guy I saw that day at the hospital approaches us with a smile.

“Hey man, sorry I’m late, baby has decided that sleep is an activity he no longer wishes to participate in. Dee’s already sleeping or she would’ve come with.”

Steve smiles at the guy, extending his hand for a shake whilst keeping the other firmly glued to my waist.

“It’s all good man. Glad you came. I wanted to show you that-”

“STEVE!” Steve’s cut off my Josh’s voice and we look to see him and Jayce struggling to pick Aleah up from the couch as she refuses to even attempt to help bare her own weight. She has huge man-slaves now, I’m jealous. “This is kind of a three man job bro.”

Steve laughs, leaning in to kiss my temple before scooting me off his lap and placing me back down on the chair. “I’ll be right back.”

“It’s good man, I’ll look after her.” The charming guy before me winks but Steve gives him a look I’ve only seen him reserve for the idiots standing across from him in a cage.

“I swear to fuck Ross, if you weren’t a happily fucking married man I’d-”

“Jesus Christ, I’m not a fucking toy to be fought over! Now fuck off, help your brother and take your possessive Alpha male crap with you.”

Ross burst out laughing but Steve just whips back around and captures my jaw, leaning into my ear in a whisper. “When that clock strikes twelve, I’m going to kiss you like you’ve never been kissed Brianna. Then after that... just when you think it can’t get any better... I’m gonna show you just what a possessive alpha male I can fucking be.”

Oh god... if someone could stop the stream flowing between my legs right now I’d really fucking appreciate it.

Steve places his lips to mine before returning to his brothers aid.

Ross smiles at me. “Brianna I take it? It’s actually nice to finally meet you. Fuck you two move fast huh? I mean, I’m really glad he’s finally fucking happy but it seems like only yesterday he was telling me about you.”

Oh tell me more, tell me more, was it love at first sight?

“Oh yeah, what did he tell you about me?” I have to fucking know.

Ross smiles. He’s cute, if I wasn’t with Steve and he wasn’t married I’d definitely have him wrapping himself around my finger right now. I think I actually remember seeing him at this party last time now, I think he was with the guy hitting on Josh that time, wonder what happened to him?

“Not to much unfortunately, I think he wanted to keep you to himself for a while. He did say you were more beautiful than I could possibly imagine and even more special than that, he’s a soppy prick when he wants to be.” Yeah, he’s not the rough bad biker he pretends he is, I’d figured that out for myself. “We started the company together while we were still in college, me, him and Jack. He’d been with Chrissy on and off for a while back then but we all fucking hated her. Every time they’d break up it was like she’d wait until he was finally starting to make progress with someone else then swoop back in from nowhere and knock him back to her somehow.”

I’d like her to see her try that shit with me.

“It made him kind of reluctant to tell people about anyone he was seeing, not that there were many, he’s kind of selective. Although I guess you must be really fucking special for him to be giving up the opportunity of a fucking lifetime.”

What the fuck is he talking about? I haven’t made Steve give up anything?

“Not that I blame him, or you for that matter. It’s just this company is his baby and that deal is something we could’ve never even foreseen. I mean, it would be a one time thing but I guess so is love. He hasn’t come right out and said it yet but I can’t see him going off to Germany for like two years with what he has going with you now. What do you think about it? It’s a big step for you guys if he gives that all up for you right?”

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