My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 137

My heart stops, my blood running cold.

He’s going to leave me? Or worse, he’s going to stay and give up his fucking life’s work just to be with me? I don’t want either of those fucking things to happen. Why the hell didn’t he tell me about this?

My face drops as I look at Ross, his little brown eyes suddenly realising I had no idea what he was talking about until this very moment.

“Oh shit... Oh crap he’s gonna kill me.”

“Who’s gonna kill you?”

Steve slips back in by the side of me but I can’t even look at him.

What the fuck? Germany? Was he just not going to tell me ever? You can’t make those kinds of life decisions without discussing them with the person you’re spending every night with first...

Fuck, why did Al have to be all pregnant and exhausted? I could really fucking use her right now. Maybe I can still catch them before they take off.

“I’ll um.. I’ve got to go.”

I slide out of the chair and push my way through the crowd towards the front door, Josh walking in just as I get there.

He takes one look at my face and sees the panic. Shit, does he know about this, or did Steve keep it from him too?

“Fuck Brie, are you okay?”

No I’m fucking not, my no pressure guy is making life altering decisions based on something we can’t even put a name too! Of course I’m not alright!

“Have they gone?”

Josh nods. “Yeah, Jayce said he’d come back for you if you want but I assumed you’d be staying here anyway.” Yeah, so did I. “Brie, what happened?”

“Brie?” Steve stands behind me, a very sheepish Ross at his side as he looks down at me. “Brie, let me explain before you freak.”

It’s a bit fucking late for that.

Spotting the door to Steve’s room open I push my way inside, knocking some poor girl out of the way in the process. I try to slam it closed behind me but Steve forces his way in, closing and locking the door as I throw open the window to let in some air and calm my racing heart.
“Please tell me he’s joking Steve, that there was some kind of fucked communication somewhere and you weren’t thinking of either leaving for Germany without telling me for two years, or thinking of turning down the job that could change your fucking life because of me without at least discussing it with me first.”

Steve leans back against the door. “I was going to talk to you about it Brie, but in all honesty it isn’t really your decision to make, it’s mine.”

“I get that, but if you’re making it because of me I deserve to know. For fucks sake Steve, we’re not even... we’re not...”

He steps forward until his body meets mine, taking my face in his hands he holds me delicately to face him. Those eyes of his are going to be the death of me, looking into them right now I can’t imagine ever wanting to look into another pair.

“What if I want us to be Brie? What if I don’t want to hesitate anymore when I see you, what if all I want is to know you’re fucking mine and I can kiss you any damn moment I please? I can’t make that happen from across the fucking world.”

My legs shake under the intensity of his words. I don’t know what to say to him right now. He’s really fucking serious about us...

“I know you’re not there Brie, I know you still have ties you need to be ready to cut. I’m not putting pressure on you, I’m just telling you where I am. I fucking want you, all of you. I want to wake up every fucking morning to these eyes.” He runs his thumb across my bottom lip. “I want to be the only person that gets to kiss these lips. I decided the night you fell asleep in my arms after our date that I wasn’t going to leave while I still had a chance, unless you told me you wanted me to leave you alone. I’m not going Brie, I’m not fucking leaving you.”

I can’t breathe, tears swelling behind my eyes and blurring my vision of him. He’s not leaving...

“Steve... your company... it’s such a big opportunity.”

He smiles. “I don’t give a fuck. It’s money Brie, it comes and it fucking goes. I’ll still set something up, it won’t be the offer we have now but it’ll be something. What I have the chance for with you is worth so much more than that to me, I’d hate myself for the rest of my fucking life if I did anything else.”

I wish I was selfless enough to tell him to go, that I’d still be sitting here waiting when he got back but I know it would be a lie. Him leaving right now would destroy me.

“Have you told them?”

Steve shakes his head. “They want an answer in a few weeks, I don’t need to tell them all yet and it’ll give me a chance to come up with an alternative arrangement... Brie, I really fucking care about you, so much more than I can even explain. You’re so fucking special to me, I don’t want you to feel any pressure from this, I made this decision for me, not to make you do something before you’re ready. I didn’t want to leave Josh or Denise anyway, just knowing I have someone else so important only sealed the deal for me.”

I let out a deep breath, releasing the fear that’s running through my body. If I was offered the P.R. job of my dreams right now but it was in London or something, would I take it? Even knowing this might not work out with us?

Looking into his picture perfect face right now, my soul already knows the answer.

“Steve, are you sure about this?”

His hands drop from my face, one holding the bottom of my back whilst the other holds onto the back of my head.

“Brie I’ve never been more fucking sure of anything. I want you and I’m gonna wait until you’re ready to want me too, however long that takes.”

What if I already do?

There’s just something... there’s something I need to do first.

The music drops as people begin to chant from the room behind us.

“Ten... Nine... Eight...”

Steve’s hold on me increases, his lips an inch from mine as he gives me that sexy fucking smirk.

“Seven... Six... Five...”

“I made you a promise my queen, are you ready?”

“Four... Three... Two...”



The fireworks erupt outside the bedroom window as Steve pulls my lips to his. The fire in the night sky gives no heat in comparison with this kiss. It’s hungry, a desire to fulfil his need for me evident as my legs are stolen from the ground and wrapped around his waist.

My back meets the door of his wardrobe as the tip of his tongue licks the lines of my lips. I part them in a gasp at the tingles he leaves in his wake and he uses the opportunity to enter my mouth.

My arms swing around his neck on instinct as his hands fall to squeeze my ass, holding me against the doors I begin to ravage his mouth in return, savouring every fucking second of being able to taste this man.

He’s right, I’ve never been kissed like this.

Our lips don’t break, we use our tongues then stop only to start again, going from one movement to the next as the fireworks continue to fill the room with a glow of rainbow light. It’s so fucking beautiful.

I have to breathe, pulling away for a moment I turn to glance out the window, the starlit sky filled with explosions of crimson and gold.

“It’s gorgeous.”

Steve moves his lips to my neck. “You’re gorgeous.”

Sucking gently at the skin at first, I begin to moan, his pressure only increasing until I know he’s going to leave a mark.

He can mark me, I’m h-

Oh fuck... Don’t say that Brianna, don’t even think it.

As my nails start to dig into his back he releases a moan of his own, detaching his lips from my neck to face me and place another kiss to my lips. I’ve never met anyone that just kissing feels enough, any connection with Steve makes me so fucking happy I can hardly bare it.

Pulling back he looks me dead in the eye. “Time for the second part of that promise.” Without hesitations he rips me from the door, walking until he reaches the bed and throwing me down on it roughly. I guess this is my alpha then...

Grasping my ankles he pulls me until I’ve slid all the way down the bed towards him, my dress rising as my body gets dragged to the edge of the mattress, the hem now sitting around my waist.

He drops to his knees, kissing up the inside of my thighs as he drapes my legs over his shoulders until his face is staring down at my bare pussy. I already know it must be glistening under the flashes of light seeping in through the open windows.

“Steve, we should close the-”

“Stay where you fucking are.”

Oh god... Yes alpha.

Steve’s tongue brushes against my wet folds, soaking up my leaking juices before sliding in-between and flicking my clit. I moan in pleasure and he pulls away, peering over the hem of my dress up at me.

“Happy New Year Brianna.”

I’d love to respond but then he pushes his tongue into my cunt and all logical thought leaves me.

Happy fucking new year indeed.

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