My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 138

Why are they making me come in this early? Oh, do you think I’m getting a reward? Is sexiest student of the year a thing?

My first night class back after Christmas break doesn’t start until six but I had a call earlier from the school to come in an hour early to speak with the Dean of the college. I know I passed that test with flying colours so I’m pretty sure I’m not in shit but I’m still nervous as anything.

Pulling into the school car park I get a space up front and notice my favourite professor in the car next to me, typing away on his phone without a care in the world as he smiles at the message.

I remember that smile, he used to get it when I messaged him too. Deciding to pay him back for the last time he scared the crap out of me I slip over into the passenger seat and sneak out of my car quietly, tip toeing to the side of his in silence.

I wait until I can see he’s thoroughly invested in his phone before jumping against his window.


He crapped himself. His phone goes flying out of his hand, his books hit the deck and he just manages to grasp his coffee before he’s wearing most of it.

It takes everything in me not to land on the floor as I hold onto his car, keeping me upright whilst I try to get the oxygen to return to my lungs through my laughter.

“Jesus Christ Brie! Are you trying to kill me?” Connor laughs whilst pulling off his coffee soaked jacket and shaking the excess onto the floor.

“You fucking deserved it for the stunt you pulled the last time we were in this car park good boy.” I figured it was better to bring it up and get that crap out of the way before we start a new term.

He gives me that same apologetic look and I know he means it, he knows he fucked up.

“Brie, I said I was sorry and I still am. It was so wrong. I promise you nothing like that will ever happen again, I swear to you on Hope’s life. I was disgusted with myself when I left here that night.”

I don’t want him to feel that way, he messed up, in fact he fucked up bad but he sees that now. I’m not going to hold it against him forever.

“Chill old man, we’re good. Just don’t forget it.”

He gives me a look of fake hurt. “Old man? Really Brianna? I’ll show you old fucking man!”

Connor launches himself at me as I try to run across the car park. I dodge him twice before he eventually catches me with ease, throwing one strong arm around my waist and hoisting me off the floor to hold me against his body.

He’s so fucking strong, you’d swear he was a power lifter or something, not a fucking teacher with a kid.

I wiggle and squirm but it does nothing to loosen his grip. Placing his hand to my ribs I know what he’s about to do but beg him not to.

“No Connor, please, you know how fucking ticklish I am!”

He smirks as I try to turn to face him.

“Tell me I’m the youngest, fittest, hottest professor you’ve ever met and I won’t.”

I mean, you definitely are, but I’m not giving you the satisfaction of hearing me say it.

“I guess you’re alright... for an old man.”

He plunges his fingers into my ribs and waist, chuckling to himself as I scream and cry for him to put me down.

“FINE! You’re fucking gorgeous and smoking fucking hot! Now please, put me down before I smash my boot into your bollocks!”

He laughs more, slowly lowering me to the ground and loosening his grip on my waist. I spin to face him, checking that no-one saw our little dalliance before I throw my arms around his neck and pull him into a hug, which he returns quickly by wrapping his arms around my waist.

“I missed you.”

“I missed you too green eyes.” I pull back from him enough to see those glorious eyes of his, he’s still one of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever met. “Did Hope do okay with the videos I sent her? I would’ve come over and shown her how to do the moves in person but since Sonya opened back up it’s been insane, I haven’t had a minute. I’ve got home after nine every night last week.”

Not to mention when I do come home there’s usually a 6’5 tattooed biker somewhere near by waiting for me.

He smiles. “Yeah she loved them. She thinks you could be like a famous YouTuber or something though, says you should have a channel so she can watch you all the time.”

We walk towards his car as he picks up his things for class.

“Bitch, if I wanted to, I could own YouTube. May wants to set one up to become ‘insta-rich.’ I swear, when I was her age the biggest dream I had was to go to Disneyland, not starting my own branded fucking empire.”

Connor chuckles. “Did you just do a ‘back in my day’ thing? And you call me an old man...”

I smack his arm and he pretends to wince while a shove my middle finger up at him as we walk into the school.

“Classroom should be open if you want to go study or something. If Sonya’s been working you like crazy why are you here so early?”

Wait, he doesn’t know? “I um... I had a call from a receptionist about coming in for five o’clock, they need to talk about something with me. I assumed they would’ve told you if it was important.”

Connor freezes. “They called me to come in too. Wait, what the fuck is-”

We’re cut off as the door at the bottom of the hall to the Dean’s office opens and a receptionist outside calls my name.

I look at Connor but he’s ghostly white. “Con, what’s going on?”

“Brianna Parker, Professor Joseph. The Dean will see you now. Together.”

Oh god... oh god no...

As we walk towards the door I glance into the staff room where Connor had to hold his meetings that time I took Hope to the barbecue. Inside sitting on a chair is balloon tits, a woman with red hair who’s face I can’t see consoles her as she pretends to sob into a tissue. What’s happening here?

“Don’t admit to anything Brie. Just don’t tell them.”

Oh fuck.

We step into the office. I’ve never actually seen the Dean before but I’ve spent a lot of time in head teachers offices and this all feels very fucking familiar.

The man in front of me doesn’t look mean exactly, with is round face and even rounder stomach you could add a white beard and call him Santa if you wanted to. However the moment he catches my eye all sense of happiness is lost as he stares straight through me. I gulp loudly.

“Please shut the door and take a seat.”

I’m shaking too much to shut the door so I let Connor do it whilst I attempt to lower myself into one of the chairs without looking like an absolute mess. I wish I could exude my usual confidence right now but there’s just this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that won’t go away. This isn’t going to be good.

Connor comes into the seat next to me but he doesn’t look that much better than I do.

“Dean Thomas, what’s this about?”

The man runs his beady little eyes over me before he speaks.

“That depends Professor, is there anything you wish to inform me? Particularly in regards to your relationship with Miss Parker here before we get started?”

Oh fuck...

Connor shakes his head and when the man turns his attention to me I do the same.

“Okay then, don’t tell me later that I didn’t give you a chance. Professor Joseph, you are fully aware of the code of ethics we hold in high regard at this institution, are you not?”

Connor nods. “Of course.”

“Very well. So then you are aware that fraternizing with one of your student is in breach of that code?”

Connor doesn’t move. Aleah’s word vomit manifests itself in me as I crumble under the tension of the room. “He hasn’t done anything wrong!”

The Dean swings to look at me. “Do you wish to add something I should know Miss Parker?”

I should’ve kept my mouth shut. I glance quickly at Connor who can’t even meet my eyes.

“No sir.”

The man sits back in his chair, folding his arms over his chest as he stares at me. “Very well. Professor Joseph, a number of issues have been brought to my attention in regards to Miss Parker, the most concerning of which is that you have been engaged in an ongoing sexual relationship with Miss Parker since her entrance into your class. What do you have to say about such accusations?”

Well that shows how much you know, it was before I even fucking came to his class mate.

“I’d love to see some proof of this because it’s news to me.” Connor replies. To anyone who doesn’t know him he sounds completely casual but I can hear the trepidation in his voice as he talks.

The Dean reaches into his desk and pulls out a large brown envelope. I fucking hate those things. Taking out what appears to be the only photograph in there he lays it on the desk in front of us.

Oh shit.

It’s me and Connor next to the A.T.M. outside the ice cream place. My legs wrapped around his waist as our lips search each other in passion. Fuck!

Connor can’t stop staring at the image. It was clearly taken with a phone from a distance but it’s still there for everyone to see that it’s us. How the fuck? Did someone follow us?

“How do you explain this Professor Joseph?”
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