My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 14

Sonya can go suck a dick.

Is that bitch high? I’ve been sitting outside this fucking mansion in the sweltering heat for almost an hour waiting for her and now she decides to tell me she’s too busy to make it today and she wants me to go through this planning meeting – alone!

Helena is nowhere to be seen when a stern looking frown in an apron answers the door. “May I help you?” Her eyes travelling down the length of me with pure judgement. What’s the matter bitch? Never seen an ass this fine fit into a skirt this tight?

I put on my professional smile but make sure to shoot daggers with my eyes. “Brianna Parker – Elite events and promotions. I’m here for a planking meeting with Clarisse.”

The judgey little cow doesn’t even attempt to look back at me. “Unfortunately Ms Vanderbilt is no longer available, if you wish to go up to the offices I will notify Mr Romano of your late arrival.”

Bitch I wasn’t the one that was late! Sonya told me to wait then decided she’d rather down her weight in overpriced champagne at lunch!

I stepped into the office and set up my desk, making sure to pick the biggest one. Having power is just an illustration created by what you display. I move the biggest chair to behind it and place the smallest two in front – if I have to spend alone time with Antonio I want him to know I’m the one in charge here.

There is a gentle knock at the door and a little head of black hair pops in. Helena looks sheepish but I make sure to jump up and squeeze her tight to reassure her everything is good.

“I’m so embarrassed. Your friends must think I’m such a mess! I swear I’ve never got that drunk before and considering how shit I still feel I never plan on getting that way again!”

Oh to be young and naive. I promised myself every weekend I’d never drink again growing up but here I am, bordering alcoholism and powering through.

“Bitch they loved you! Kal basically wants to adopt you and Josh.. Well Josh is Josh so he’s probably forgotten what your name is already but honestly hun, you were brilliant. How was your alcohol fuelled night with Mr billionaire?”

She turns bright red and now I have to know. “It was... creative? I did that thing you told me about with my mouth and he went crazy. I think if it’s possible he’s even more in love with me now.”

Ah, the good old clutch your neck whilst giving deep throat - works every time.

“I bet he is girl... Any signs of him telling people about you two yet?”

She doesn’t get a chance to answer as the door swings open and Antonio walks straight in. His designer suit impeccable with shoes worth more than I made all last year.

He eyes Helena and she lowers her head, scurrying out the door without looking back.

“Are you distracting more of my staff now amore?” His deep brown eyes follow Helena out the door before closing it shut. “You’ve already become quite the distraction to the kitchen staff, I overheard our pastry chef talking about you in a way no one would consider gentlemanly. He has been relieved of his station so it will no longer be an issue.”

What the fuck? “You fired someone for talking about me? Are you even allowed to do that? I thought all these people worked for Clarisse...”

He glares into my eyes. “I am to be the man of this household, no person that works for me shall ever show a lady such disrespect. Especially not a lady I find myself so fond of.”

Okay Brianna, move away from the sexy Italian who’s look right now is making your uterus do a somersault. That accent is just going to keep me permanently wet isn’t it? I should top up my water to compensate for the dehydration, this guy is bad for my health.

I sit back behind the desk. “You didn’t have to do that. Walking around looking like this, I’m used to it.”

He smirks as he steps towards me. “I’m sure you are Bellissima, but it shall not happen under my roof.”

This isn’t your fucking house yet mate.

Pulling out the folders I lay out some of the samples I need decisions on but Antonio just moves away and sits on the couch.

“Um.. I kind of need your eyes here.”

His face is smug. “You always have my eyes on you Brianna... come sit.”

He pats the seat next to him but I don’t move, like fuck am I getting that close to him again. Instead I start to jot down some ideas, mostly on the engagement party but the odd line reading ‘Do not fuck the stallion’ slotted in there.

“Brianna, it’s rude to ignore your client. Do you wish for me to contact Sonya and inform her of your behaviour?” I look at that damn smug face and want to scream. He’s seriously threatening my job just to make me sit by him?

I lean back in my chair and smile at him. “Go ahead, I’ll be sure to use every connection I have to let all the news outlet know that the Vanderbilt’s have a whore marrying into the family.”

FUCK! This big fucking mouth of mine really is going to be my undoing..

His smirk only grows. “I am not ashamed of what I was amore. I like women, I love fucking them and hearing them scream from the pure pleasure only I can give. I’m very good at it... as I’m sure you remember.” Mother do I... “Being a whore brought me many gifts, including my future bride. She is aware of everything and is under no illusions it shall stay secret forever, however I wouldn’t want to be the person that exposes her to such an indiscretion... She’s a very powerful women and I believe she could make that person’s life extremely difficult.”

Everything he says seems calm, like he’s talking about the weather but I do not miss the underlying threat in his tone. A family this rich has to be dangerous.

I move around the desk and sit on the edge, looking down on him as he sits back against the couch with his arm spread across the back. He’s so relaxed, like nothing in this world has any effect on him. I’ve never met someone so secretive that also came across so open.

“Why are you marrying her?” It’s been annoying the crap out of me, surely it can’t just be money, she wouldn’t do that to herself.

“I love her.”

“Bullshit.” I honestly didn’t mean for it to come out so harshly but it was a reflex.

Antonio laughs from deep within his chest. “I always knew I liked you amore, even when I saw you walking out onto the stage for the first time I could see you were powerful. There was not a man in that room that could have you, yet every one of them desired to take you and tame your fire.”

He rises from his seat and walks towards me, I make sure to lean back on my hands in order to move my face further away from him, but he flattens his palms either side of my hips and steps between my now slightly legs to plant me to the spot.

Leaning over me we become close, his thumbs loop under the hem of my pencil skirt and pull it up above my knees until he is able to spread my legs enough to flatten his hips to the desk I’m sitting on.

He smells incredible, his body so close his breath is dancing against my skin. My heartrate is only ever this fast after a show, dance after dance and the adrenaline rush pumping through my body but right now there has been no movement in my body – its just the way him being this close affects me.

“I never wished to extinguish your flames my phoenix, I only ever wanted to be close enough to bask in their warmth... What me and Clarisse have is... let’s say it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.”

This man was sex, the complete unadulterated pure personification of sex. It was clear what she was getting out of the arrangement, but why marry him?

He snatches my hand from the desk and places it to his heart, I almost fall backwards after being forced off balance so quickly but he takes hold of my waist and pulls me to face him instead.

My body collides with his as he clutches me upright firmly, his hand holding mine to his chest. “You can tell so much from a heartbeat Bellissima. Yours tells me that being near me has the same effect now it’s always had... Tell me what you feel in mine.”

I relax my hand against the soft cotton of his shirt and feel the hard thumping of his heart against my palm.

Let’s test a theory.

I run my nails up his arm, gently and not enough to leave marks, until I reach his shoulder. His eyes never leave mine but as I continue the trail up the back of his neck there is a flutter in his lashes and a definite spike in the rate of the pounding in his chest.

“I feel that if I wanted to, I could have you right here. I could lay back on this table and you would have no power to stop yourself from raising this skirt entirely and finding yourself back inside me. You would make me scream and I would show you every trick I didn’t get to last time... You would be completely at my mercy...”

His eyes move from mine to my lips, his orbs growing to twice their size when I let my tongue slip out and lick them slowly.

I raise my fingers from his neck up to his hair but before he can stop me I pull him back by the roots sharply. He stumbles back clutching his head. “But it will never ever happen so lose the idea now!”

Scooting down off the desk I pull down my skirt and move back into my seat just in time for the door to swing open once again.

“Brianna! I’m so happy to see you dear, please forgive my late arrival but I’m an incredibly busy woman, I’m sure you understand.”

Thank fuck Clarisse didn’t see that, I would be deader than dead. Why do I keep letting him put me in these positions? This guy is like dick kryptonite.

“I understand completely, your fiancé has been more than helpful in letting me get a few things straight.”

I glance back at Antonio but he’s already sitting back on the couch like nothing happened. He looks up at Clarisse before reaching out his arms and pulling her into his lap.

“Antonio! Not in front of the help!” She giggles. The help? Fucking charming.

“Ah Angelo, I do not control when the pleasure takes it’s hold on me around you.” He grips her head and places her lips to his in a deep and passionate kiss. I try to ignore them but I feel someone glaring at me, turning back to them I see Antonio’s lips may be locked to hers but his eyes are on me completely.

Is this supposed to be making me jealous or something? Is he twelve?

Smirking I grab my phone, texting Josh exactly what I need him to do and a few seconds later my phone rings.

“Hi baby.” The kiss in front of me breaks but I just keep facing the desk in order to hide my smile, ‘accidentally’ hitting the volume to max so they can hear it.

“Baby I can’t wait to get you alone tonight, every second without you is torture Brianna. Please let me give you everything a beautiful woman like you deserves.”

I pretend to get all flustered and put on my best Aleah impression. “Oh baby you’re too cute! I’m in work right now, I’ll call you as soon as I get out. I love you.”

“I love you my perfect angel.”

I actually do really love that boy. All I text was ‘I need you to be my pretend perfect sexy boyfriend, call me’ and I get that. Everyone should have a Josh in their lives.

Clarisse pulls back from Antonio’s hold to face me. “I’d prefer if you didn’t take personal calls whilst working Brianna, no matter how adorable they are.”

A smile spreads across my face as Antonio shuffles uncomfortably to turn away from me. “Of course, it will not happen again.” It doesn’t need too, I proved my point.

Clarisse joins me to pick out a few more options but Antonio says nothing until finally he claims to have a business meeting and leaves, not before shooting me a final glare from the doorway on his way out.
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