My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 141

Fucking phone! Just open you prick! Yes I’m trying to open my phone while driving, dick move I know but I’ve been sitting at these lights for fucking ages.

The thing keeps freezing since May dropped it in Rose’s water bowl and it’s on one percent battery but I have to get hold of Al.

Maybe I shouldn’t go? I told May I’d be home late so she’s not expecting me but I’d still be happier if Al would go check on them, especially if I’m going to be late in the morning...

Okay breathe... It’s going to be okay... you just have to tell him how you feel...

How hard could that be? Some girls tell guys they love them all the time.

Wait... No, not love. Definitely not fucking love... Why did I even think that? I just... I want him to know I’m ready... If he is.

I know he is, he fucking told me he is. What if he’s changed his mind?

Oh fuck I’m overthinking this.

Finally the fucker opens, I can’t risk wasting the battery on a call she might not answer so I send a text asking her to check in on my girls tonight and tomorrow. My hand hits the send button just as the screen turns black.

Fuck. Okay, she will have got it, don’t panic. Don’t use this as your excuse not to go tell that guy you fucking want him.

The cars in front part just as the heavens open. I can hardly see the road in front of me as I pull into Steve’s street. Someone down the block is having a killer house party by the looks of it and every space is taken.

My heart starts pounding in my chest as I drive straight past Steve’s front door. Oh god, I’m really going to do this, aren’t I?

I drive all the way to the end of the street until I find a space, wedging the bug 2.0 into it before turning out the lights and letting the music of that party get silenced in comparison with the drumming of my heartbeat.

If I wait, if I sit here until the rain stops, I won’t go. I have to tell him, now.

I throw open the door, stepping out into what feels like a waterfall before slamming the door and racing towards where I know my man is.

My man.

Running down the white stone path, my hand almost makes contact with the old of the door when I freeze.

What the hell am I doing?

There’s no going back from this Brie. You take this step and that’s it, you’re all in. No more fucking around, no more using what your granny gave you to control every guy in your presence. You’d be surrendering to him.

You’d be his.

But is it surrendering when someone is your equal? Or is it a leap of faith you take together?

Ask yourself this Brianna; if the world ended tonight, if the fires of hell broke free through the crust of the earth and began to smother us all in its flames and you could have your final breaths in the arms of one person, would it be him? Is he who you’d run to?

A small smile crosses my face as my hand smashes down on the door.

Fuck yes I would.

I step back into the downpour as the door swings open and before me stands the king I’ve been searching for.

“Brie? What the fuck are you doing in the rain? Come in here.”

“Did you mean it?”

The water runs down my face, dripping down my neck and soaking me through to my bones but I don’t care.

He looks at me confused. “Did I mean what? Brie, come in, you’re getting fucking soaked.”

I shake my head, I need to know first.

“When you said you wanted to be able to kiss me anytime you want? When you said you wanted to wake up to my eyes every morning? When you said you wanted to call me yours... did you mean it?”

He steps forward into the rain, the water pouring over his naked chest, dripping from the tips of his hair already but he doesn’t seem to notice as he rushes in close to my body, taking my head in his hands and leaning his soaked forehead against my own.

“Of course I fucking meant it Brie, I still fucking mean it. I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want to be with you and it fucking terrifies me. Brie, what are you saying?”

I pull my head away from his to look at him but his hold on me is so tight our noses still touch. His hot breath tickles my lips and warns off the cold as I try to force the words out without crying.

“I want to be yours. All yours. Now.”

I can feel him shake as the words sink in and he realises what I’m saying.

“I want you to be my king.”

He pulls in a deep breath, his lips quivering as he stares into my eyes.

“You’re my queen Brianna, you’re my only fucking queen. I’m yours.”

I push my lips up just as he pulls his down, meeting in the middle as the equal royals that we are.

This man is mine now.

Looping my hands around his neck he forces my whole body against him as he moves his hands to my back, running all over my drenched skin as the water continues to pound down on us.

I can’t get my lips to soak him in fast enough, there’s so much I want to express in this kiss, I want to make him laugh and cry and throb all at the same time. I want him to know that for me, he’s the most important man in the world right now.

He leans down, grabbing hold of my ass and picking me up so I’m completely wrapped around him. The water drops in puddles on the floor from our bodies as he carries me onto the floor into the house.

His hold is possessive, he can’t stop himself touching me, trying to absorb my body into his own. Bypassing the living room all together he walks us straight to his room. I’m still in his arms when he starts to pull my clothes off, the dress almost ripped from my being as he moves his kisses to my neck.

His kisses have never been like this with me, he’s been holding something back for this moment. I know in his heart, he always truly believed we’d get here, he always had faith in me. Resting me on the edge of the chest of drawers his lips move over my collarbone, sucking on every inch of skin until I’m shaking whilst he undoes my bra and let’s it fall to the floor. He’s not fucking around.

I grasp his jaw and pull his lips back to mine, I have to taste him, I have to taste what belongs to me.

He feels around on the wall next to him, hitting buttons on the keypad and making the shower turn on all without breaking our kiss. My hands take hold of his hips, travelling up his sides as my nails scratch at the surface of his skin. I feel the scar from where he was stabbed under my fingers but as I brush over it I feel the shiver of pleasure that runs through him.

It’s sensitive there, and this fucker loves it. I scratch at the area this time and I can hear the groan in his chest as the pleasure mixes with the sting. He stops trying to control himself, grasping my jaw and pulling it open so he can massage my tongue with his own.

I dig my toes into the waistband of his sweats and push them down until they fall at his ankles, only to find he had nothing on underneath, his rock hard dick springing free and hitting my stomach.

Steve can’t stand the last thing in his way, the tiny lace panties I have on seem like a minor inconvenience as he grasps them within his hands and rips them to shreds.

Wrapping his arm around me, he hoists me up high into his grasp so my legs hold onto his chest. He leans forward, forcing me against the cold brick wall on the opposite side of the room before sucking my nipple into his mouth.

“Oh Steve...”

He grasps my waist with both hands, pinning me against the wall as he starts to lick all over my tits, going as far as to bite into the sensitive flesh of my under-boob before sucking away the throb left behind.

I can feel how wet I am against his chest and I know he can too. I’d completely forgot he’d put the shower on until the steam from the room behind us began to leak out.

Steve lowers me slightly until I’m practically balancing on his hard cock. Kissing my neck slowly he begins to walk us to the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” I pant as he steps with me still around him into the hot steaming shower, the waterfall head washing away all the chill left behind by the rain.

He moves from my neck to my ear, kissing everything his lips brush by until he’s able to whisper directly to me.

“Falling in love with you.”

Oh fuck...
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