My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 142

He lowers me gently to the floor, twisting me in his hold so my back sits against his chest before forcing us both under the steam. He pushes some buttons on the pad in here and the lights lower, the jets turning on gently and hitting all my muscles until I become putty under their relentless attack.

Stepping back to embrace him further, his arms hold me tightly around my waist as he leans into my neck.

“Are you sure about this Brie? We can wait, I didn’t tell you how I felt about you to put pressure on you.”

I know he didn’t, it’s what made him so much more perfect for me. He’d never force me into anything, he let me get there on my own every single time. It worked, I’m here.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything.”

I take the shampoo from the side and pour it into my hair whilst Steve takes the shower gel and rubs it into his hands. I thought he was going to clean himself but then I felt his hands slide over my skin.

He starts with my arms, running his soaked hands along the length of them until his fingers interlock with mine at the tips. Placing kisses along the back of my neck he moves to my shoulders, working in the soap whilst kneading the tense muscles with his strong thumbs. Every ounce of tension releases as my body bows down to his touch.

I have to place my hands against the wall to steady myself as they begin to run down my back, each muscle seizing then relaxing under his attention. My body reacts to his in a way I’ve never felt before, the flutter in my stomach alive and well as he collects the bubbles and moves to my ass.

My legs shake as he starts to massage the cheeks, feeling over every inch of skin like it’s a precious sculpture made just for him. The breath I was trying to keep steady hitches completely when he slides between them, his thumb brushing against my hole like a fucking tease.

He circles it like he’s waiting for my reaction but I don’t budge, some girls might hate this but I fucking love it.

There’s a smirk on his face when his lips meet my shoulder and he knows I’m open to all the experiences he wishes to share with me.

Moving in closer his hands move to my stomach, one tickling my abs whilst the other travels up towards my breasts. He adds more soap to his hands before beginning to massage my chest, keeping his movements large and sweeping to start with, stimulating every nerve before focusing in on my nipples.

My pussy is crying out for attention, my head falling forward against the tiles as the water from above almost drowns me. Dear god please make this man fuck me.

Steve moves both hands so each are working my nipples. They’re so fucking sensitive now, every time he flicks them it makes my whole body jump against him.

I can’t take it anymore.

“Steve... please...”

Yes fine, fuck it, he made me fucking beg for it.

“Fuck Brie...”

Steve pushes some buttons on the pad and the water above me stops but suddenly all of the jets now come on, some stronger than before. Sliding his foot between my ankles he kicks my legs apart and pulls my quivering body back so I’m upright, quivering and flush against him.

Taking hold of my hands he extends my arms and pushes my palms flat against the wall in front of me.

“Don’t move.”

Wait... how is he gonna?

Taking hold of my hips he forces my ass back against his dick, it slides in perfectly between the cheeks as they hold it in their embrace. This is the closest I’ve been to having him inside me and I’m revelling in the feeling.

Smoothing over my skin he begins to drag his nails slightly over the surface, my body coming alive with fire from every second of his insatiable appetite for my being. Reaching my pussy lips he moves his fingers into a V and keeps them spread wide open.

Oh god... he’s gonna...


Steve angles the jet in front of us so it starts to thump against my clit. My legs go weak at the sudden pressure of shooting water to such a sensitive area but I’m fucking living for it.

I’m already shaking, the way the stream of water vibrates against me making me give in completely to the moment.

His other hand comes up to my breasts and starts to play with them roughly to match the intensity of the way I’m being stimulated downstairs. He starts sucking on the area where my neck meets my shoulder and I don’t think I can take anymore...

As he starts to slowly grind against my ass I come undone. His thick girth pumping between my cheeks as his tip brushes again and again against my hole until I realise I’m crying out in pleasure.

“Oh god... oh fucking god...”

I’m going to cum, I know I am. Nothings inside me but it feels like something is with how intense this all hits me.

I stumble, my legs turning to jelly under everything he’s doing to me but Steve refuses to let me fall. He starts to increase his own intensity on all fronts; kissing my skin when he’s stroking my nipples, then biting me when he flicks them. All of this only sky rocketing the pressure I feel building in my stomach as the water relentlessly laps against my clit.

His hips pick up the pace, fucking between my heavy juicy cheeks as he begins to moan into my shoulder.

I try to dig my nails into the tiles in front of me just to try keep myself sane but it’s at this moment Steve chooses to hit the button on the pad that sends the jets into overdrive and I can do nothing but fucking scream.


My orgasm hits me like a fucking bus, Steve has to let go of my nipple and snatch his whole arm around my waist just to stop me from collapsing to my knees. He bites down on my neck just enough to leave a mark and extend the pleasure as everything in me pours out of my fucking cunt.

A hot rush hits my thighs and I look between my quivering pins to see Steve’s hot white cum trickling down my legs. It’s fucking beautiful.

He twists me to face him, locking his lips with mine as the jets continue to hit me. My legs feel weak and I know he’s feeling it too after that but he doesn’t show it as he scoops me back up into his hold.

Walking over to the bench my flushed skin begins to cool. Steve sitting me on his lap and wrapping us both up in a warm fluffy towel as he holds my body against his, that was fucking crazy good...

How did he make my body do that? It was like a never ending wave of pleasure.

We just sit, my face getting closer to his with every second we’re together until I find myself unconsciously kissing his jaw.

“Fuck Brie... I just... I never thought.. Fuck. I’m just so fucking happy right now.”

You and me both my king.

Steve rubs a smaller towel against the tips of my hair, squeezing the water from me until my bouncy curls sit around my face once more.

I don’t have a scrap of make up on but he’s still looking at me like I’m the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen. Reaching out I cup his cheek, our bodies now dry yet we’re still not moving from this spot.

There’s something about these eyes. The blue is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, not as light as the sky on the hottest day in June or as dark as the calmest ocean lapping against the beaches in the tropics. I see life in them, our life, all the best parts of the earth reflecting back at me from those orbs.

You could fill a book with only words describing these eyes.

Steve notices a drop of water make its way down my neck onto my chest as I wrap my arms around him, lifting the towel at the corner he swipes the droplet away delicately, leaving small kisses along that same trail.

“Take me to bed stranger...”
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