My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 143

He continues to kiss my neck in slow merciless pecks.

“Brie... if you want to wait... we can...”

I lean down to kiss his temple, his still damp hair tickling my lips.

“I’m done waiting Steve. We’re done waiting. I want you.”

That’s all he needed to hear before raising me into his arms with a smirk and letting the towel hit the floor.

Every step he takes toward the bed my body builds with anticipation of what this will mean for us. There’s no going back now.

My skin is still connected to his as he pulls back the sheets and lays me gently against the pillows, his touch is so different now to the way it was in the shower, there’s a calmness to it.

His eyes can’t stop soaking me in as he moves to lay on top of me, baring his weight on his elbows as I stare back at him with that same look of wonderment.

“You’re too fucking beautiful.” He strokes my hair back from my eyes. “How the fuck did I get you?”

Why does he talk like that? Like he couldn’t make any woman he desired fall in love with him? Does he truly not realise how unique he is?

I edge my way up onto my elbows so my lips can reach his.

“You’re so fucking special Steve. You always have been. From the moment you kissed me... No, from the moment you winked at me across that club. It was you, it was always you.”

I see it now, it truly was only ever him that I needed. My counterpart, my other half, my equal. He’s what I’ve been looking for, my king.

His smile is so pure before he kisses me, a kiss that starts gentle but builds quickly until our naked bodies are grinding together and our hands are exploring the each other, trying to learn everything we can as we break away from reality into a world where only we exist.

Steve moves from my lips, across my cheek to my ear, licking at the lobe and sucking it with desire before placing his tongue inside and lapping at me. I begin to moan and writhe beneath him at the foreign feeling but oh god is it good.

I run my hands down his back until I have a firm hold on his ass, there’s a part of me that’s tempted to see if he’s as open to things as I am when my fingers strokes over his crack, but I know that now isn’t the time to test our trust. We need to build it first.

He moves his kisses to my chest and starts to move lower, I know where he’s going but we can do that later. I pull him back up to face me and he looks at me confused.

“I want you Steve. I just want you.”

Smiling he begins kissing the inside of my wrists, making his way up my arms until he reaches my shoulder. The bruising has almost entirely gone now but I’m left with a few scars. He notices and begins to kiss each one in turn.

My nipples are so hard I can see them poking out through the sheet but I just let him keep having his way with my body.

He starts kissing me again and I don’t think a guy has ever given me this kind of thorough attention. It’s like he wants every nerve in my body alive with electricity before he gets inside me and I don’t know how to cope with that.

His fingers start to tease my clit slowly but I’m already so wet I don’t know what he’s doing.

Panic starts to set in as the realisation hits me.

Fuck, he’s making love to me...

I just... I don’t know how to do that. I know how to fuck, I don’t know how...

He senses the change in me and stops, looking up into my eyes.


My body is shaking, his skin pressed against mine so intimately.

“Steve, I’ve never... I don’t let guys... I just need you to fuck me, okay?”

He kisses my neck before moving to my ear.

“No. I’m going to make love to you Brianna. I’m going to make you feel something you’ve never felt before.”

I try to wriggle free, the emotions of his words hitting me so hard I can feel the tears stinging in my eyes. He doesn’t let me go, holding me to him and wrapping himself around me.

“Stop trying to make love to me! Just fuck me already!”

His hands snap out and grab my face, forcing eye contact. “Stop thinking you're not worth this Brianna! You are worth so much more than being used for satisfaction! You constantly say 'I'm not that girl' but how do you know if you’ve never let anyone close enough to try?... Let me make love to you Brianna... Please...”

Oh god.. Why does he think so much of me? Why does someone like him want a girl like me?

“Tell me you don't want this Brie, that no part of you wishes to feel whole and complete, I promise I'll stop but don't say it out of fear.”

I am not afraid. I am never afraid with him.

The tears form fully as my eyes close and Steve places his lips on my closed lids.

“Do you want me to stop Brie?”

He continues to kiss my face as the tears fall freely from my closed eyes, he doesn’t stop even as I feel them hit his lips with each kiss. He thinks I’m precious... he thinks I’m worth it.

“Don’t stop. I just... I’ve never had anyone try to do this with me.”

He moves to my neck as I hold him close, so close he can hardly get to my ear. My arms shaking as I pull him into me in a whole new level of intimacy.

“Let me be your first... Let me be your last... Let me be your everything my queen.”

And with that I break.

My nails dig into his neck and shoulders as he balances his hips between my thighs, readying himself at my entrance and gently running his tip along my clit.

I spread my legs wider so he has access to every part of me. He doesn’t go further, kissing my neck until I know what I want.

Lifting his head to mine, I rest them together and look him in the eye. His filled with magic, longing, desire and just the slightest hint of mischief that I’m sure will make an appearance later.

I kiss his lips delicately before resting him against me once more so I can watch his face for this.

“Make love to me Steve.”

His hands push underneath me, taking hold of my shoulders like an anchor against him before he pushes his way inside me.


We both moan in pleasure at the feeling of our bodies finally connecting after all this time. This is how we belong.

Pulling out slowly, he thrusts back in just as gently. I can feel every vein as it strokes against my insides. He’s so big, I didn’t realise I could feel this fucking tight against a guy. As he thrusts back in once again he pulls my whole body down to meet it, making me cry out as I dig my nails into his back.

Every move he makes is slow and calculated. He watches my face, learning from each movement until he knows he’s getting the reaction from me that he wants.

Thank fuck Steve knows I pop my pill more than Hugh Hefner popped those little blue tablets the dirty fucker was so fond of, because I have a feeling he’s going to be spending more time in me than out from now on.

He pulls out of me almost completely before thrusting back in deeply.

“Oh fuck!”

Kissing me to cancel the noise as the moans start to flow from my lips, he does the same again but this time faster.

He holds me to him as the speed builds, his hips hitting my thighs hard now as he slams into my clit with his pelvis on each thrust. There’s no give in him, his stamina is unmatched as he glances down to watch himself pull in and out of my slick wet opening.

I can’t help but clench around him as he starts to suck on my nipple, making him moan against my skin. His breath tickles the wet bud as he pants.

“Fuck Brie... you were already so fucking tight...”

He hasn’t stopped kissing me, he keeps showing every part of my body so much attention I’m never entirely sure where his hands are. I’m alive because he’s inside me. His thrusts now fast and deep but I want him deeper.

I move his arms so they hook under my thighs, without thinking twice he brings my legs up to my chest with one hard thrust.


He grows faster.


He pushes in harder with each thrust and my heels begin to kick against his back with how my legs are shaking.

“Say it again... Baby, say my name again.”

My eyes haven’t left his, his gaze completely focused on the pleasure he’s causing to cross my face. The sweat runs down my back as Steve forces every inch of his cock into me, pausing now between each thrust and rolling his hips to touch every spot inside of me.

“Fuck Steve... I’m gonna...”

I have no choice but to close my eyes as the stars overtake my vision. A total elimination of all things but the ecstasy rippling through my veins as I cum around him, and I cum fucking hard.

Steve doesn’t stop, groans of passion racing around his chest as he sees what he’s doing to me but it doesn’t stop his pursuit of my body.

He wraps my legs around his waist and throws us to our sides, this position even more intimate with his body lent against my thigh while he engulfs me in his arms and brings my tits to his mouth.

“Again Brianna, I won’t stop until you cum again.”

Oh god... I don’t know if I can...

He grips my waist and starts to bounce my swollen pussy up and down on his thrusting cock, his tongue flicking my nipple right before his hand slips between our sticky bodies and finds my clit.

I’m screaming. This is not shouting or gasping, it’s fucking screams as the orgasm I just had has barely had time to run its course before he’s drawing me into the next.

I grasp hold of his hair and rip his head back to face me. I want to watch him cum with me.

Forcing my wet spaghetti legs into action I start to control my own rhythm, matching his own pattern of intrusion as I suck on his bottom lip and his moans grow deeper.

He begins to quiver and I know he’s close. Those magical fingers of his tweak my clit and I know I’m ready. Neither of us brace for it, everything just hits us at once.

I once said I’d never seen a guy have a sexy cum face but fucking hell, Steve’s is like a work of fucking art. He forces open his eyes as he runs over that bundle of nerves once more.


There’s no stopping me. All the walls I’ve spent my entire life building come tumbling down around me as I let him in. Everything an open book for his viewing pleasure when his lips meet mine in the throws of cardinal bliss.

I didn’t even realise I was crying until I felt the tear glide over my cheek and fall down onto his own. His seed fills me until with one final thrust, we’re complete.

All the muscles in my body vibrate in sync with his, both of us just staring at each other as we realise we’ve just become connected in a way neither of us have ever connected to another person before.

He’s got the same emotions running through him I do, he’s trying to rein it in but as he looks at me I see the tear in the corner of his eye desperately trying to get free.

Rubbing it away quickly he takes hold of my head and kisses me deeply, all the emotions he can’t express with his words being portrayed through that kiss and I feel every single one.

We fall to the pillows but our skins never leave each other, the once dark blue evening sky now the crisp pure black of night.

“Brie...You’re everything to me.”

I rest my head against his chest, soaking in his scent as I try to pull myself back from the edge I just fell off. Is this what it’s supposed to feel like? After all those years, all those guys, I feel like a fucking virgin because it was never like this.

“Steve... I-”

He places his lips on mine before pulling back to smile at me.

“Save your energy Brie, I don’t want you falling asleep on me before we finish..”

Finish? Fuck, there’s more?

He smirks at my confused face. Leaning down to my ear he lets his tongue circle the edge before whispering quietly.

“I made love to you Brie, just like you deserved.... but now... now I’m going to fuck you just like you deserve...”

Mother Mary have fucking mercy.
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