My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 144

Oh god, what time is it? Are my legs working yet?

The last thing I remember was hanging upside down off the edge of the fucking bed, Steve behind me with his dick in my pussy and his finger in my....

Let’s just say, it was a good fucking night.

The room is so light I already know I’m seriously late for work and I definitely can’t go in the dress I wore last night because it’s practically a pile of tattered rags now. But fuck was it worth it.

Opening my eyes fully I’m greeted with the most perfect sight any woman can be met with in the morning, my gorgeous man passed out cold and smiling in his sleep, his poor body exhausted after I flipped the tables multiple times last night and banged his bouncy ass better than he’s ever been banged before. I swear at one point I heard him talking to Jesus.

As if sensing my presence his eyes start to flutter open, those unbreakable sapphires staring back at me.

“Good morning, your highness.”

Damn it, get back inside me.

I attempt to smooth his hair back but he just captures my hand and begins kissing my wrist, moving his way up my arm until they cross over my neck and make it to my lips.

There is nothing I don’t adore about this man, nothing he does that doesn’t make me feel completely whole and special.

I can’t believe we’re a... we...

“How was your sleep?”

He smiles down at me, leaning my head back onto his chest as I decide to let myself have him for another few minutes despite the time.

“Perfect. Everything about last night was perfect. You’re fucking perfect Brie.”

He’s so fucking cute.

“Is Josh still here or will he have left for work already? I should probably apologise to him for being so fucking loud.”

Steve smirks. “You never have to apologise for that my queen.” Oh god, please stop looking at me like that you sexy fucking god. “Besides, he’s not here. Him and Aleah went to that thing up with Jayce’s team, remember? Jayce didn’t want her driving so far on her own at night when she’s this pregnant? They stayed there last night.”

Oh fuck. I completely forgot...

Wait. Oh shit, that means she couldn’t check in on Granny and May. I mean, they’ll be okay as long as May didn’t go mental at breakfast this morning, neither of them are particularly happy morning people. At least she’s not in school today, getting her onto that school bus is definitely a two person fucking job.

“Oh yeah, can I borrow a charger?”

Steve nods to the one hanging out of the bedside drawer and I shove in my very dead phone, the dread of all the ways Sonya is probably threatening to kill me down my voicemail right now already filling me.

I try to lift myself out of the bed but a pair of tattooed arms grasps my waist and pulls me straight back in.

Chuckling I turn to the owner of said arms to find his eyes readying to close again. “Steve, I have to go to work.”

He nuzzles into my neck. “Call in sick.”

I laugh. “You remember my boss right? The one who had her humanity sucked out along with the fat from her non existent stomach? You have to have a note from the grim reaper himself to get out of work with her for being sick. Plus, I have to go check on May and Granny too, May’s off for teacher training and I was supposed to take her to the Manor already.”

He continues to hold me close, not seeming to understand the urgency of the situation. “Call in sick and we’ll take her out instead. There’s this thing on at the museum with like all inflatable planets and shit, we’ll take her there.”

Is he serious? I give him my best side eye. “And how do you know about what kids events are on at the museum stranger?”

He laughs. “Chill, I’m still not on board with the kid thing. Ross just told me he’s taking his baby and step-son this weekend. I was going to ask you if you wanted to take May too, she’d love all that shit and it’s right next to a McDonald’s so we can load her up on happy meals after.”

Oh god. Can I just kiss him all fucking day instead?

I can’t believe I’m about to say this, I can already tell I’ll be made to regret it but surely Sonya owes me this by now...

“Okay... but if I’m risking getting fired for this I want at least two big macs supersized, extra fries and as much milkshake as it takes for me to feel sick. Deal?”

He leans up and kisses my lips. “Deal. Want breakfast first? I’ll make waffles or something.”

Waffles... Damn, this is what people mean when they say get a fucking boyfriend? Because I should’ve done this shit years ago... Hell, I should’ve taken him the day I met him.


Steve kisses me quickly before getting out of bed and walking towards the bathroom in absolutely nothing. He scratches the back of his head as he stretches and I watch every muscle in his perfectly toned back do a flex that makes my vagina sing a little happy song. I got to fuck that last night... I get to fuck that forever if I want too...

As soon as the door shuts I take the opportunity to get some clothes before he refuses to let me have any. I stumble on my weak legs as I grab a large black t-shirt from the closet with some kind of bike logo on the front and find some pyjama shorts in the drawers that I have to pull the drawstring almost completely out of to make fit me but eventually they hold up.

Steve emerges from the bathroom in a grey pair of sweats, his chest still very much exposed as he leans against the doorframe looking at me.

“I love you in my fucking clothes.”

Ooh do I sense a bit of a Romeo possessive vibe here? Because I’m down for that.

“I love you out of your fucking clothes.”

He smirks at my response, reaching out and pulling my hand until my body crashes against his. He’s like a brick fucking wall but I don’t care, I just mould into him. My lips wait for his but he’s too busy smiling down at me to kiss me.

“What you thinking there stranger?”

My phone starts to beep with messages as life returns to it but Steve doesn’t let me go.

“Brie, I do get to call you my fucking girlfriend now, right?”

Girlfriend. Fuck, I’m somebody’s girlfriend!

Why is he asking like that? Did last night not make it clear to him?


I’m cut off by somebody hammering on the door, and whoever it is doesn’t seem to have any fucking patience as the bell starts to ring too.

Steve grumbles, kissing my lips quickly before walking towards the front door. I walk over to my phone, stopping abruptly as I see the screen lighting up from across the room. It starts to ring and I jump back away from it, I don’t even need to see who’s calling to know who it is.

I am so not ready to deal with Sonya right now.

“What the fuck!”

Steve’s voice echo’s through from the living room and I rush out to check he’s okay but freeze upon seeing the person standing in the doorway.

She smirks up at Steve. “Hello Daddy.”

Oh I know this bitch did not just call my fucking boyfriend Daddy. That’s my job.

Steve steps back from the door, his hands falling to his sides and giving me the full picture of the sight in front of him.

Oh my fucking god.

Steve’s most loathsome ex-girlfriend stands in his doorway, her face gleaming with a sinister smile. But that’s not the bit that has him shaking.

As he stares down at her my blood runs cold, all my fears clawing their way back to the surface as her hand begins stroking at her large bump of a stomach.

She’s fucking pregnant.


She hadn’t even noticed me until this moment, as her eyes travel over to where I stand there’s a sense of anger that ripples its way from her glare all throughout her body.

Steve can’t even look at me, his eyes glued to the life growing inside of her.

“Oh god Steve, her? Really? Put the one nighter out and we’ll talk, is it?”

This seems to snap Steve from his trance. “She’s not a fucking one nighter Chrissy, and that ain’t my fucking kid. I haven’t been near you in-”

“About five months? Yeah, a lot can happen in that time. You really should’ve answered your phone, I tried to call you to tell you. Put out the trash and we can talk about how we’re going to sort this Steve.”

Oh hell fucking no! Pregnant or not I will fucking cut that bitch.

Steve looks back at me. “Brie, don’t fucking move. It isn’t mine.” He stares back at Chrissy. “Look, my apologies to the poor fucking innocent soul you sacrificed to bring on the antichrist you’re growing in there but we both know that ain’t mine. I don’t fucking believe you, you’ve never given me any reason too.”

She slumps back slightly. Clearly she’s figured out coming in all guns blazing wasn’t the way to get to this guy so she’s going to change tactics. I can read this bitch like a fucking book!

A tiny crocodile tear falls down her cheek and she throws in a few fake sobs for dramatic effect.

You know what? I’m getting a bit sick of bitches turning up with surprise fucking pregnancies lately.

“Steve, I understand why you feel that way. I betrayed you, I hate myself for that, more than you know. I would never lie about this though, this is our baby. Mine and yours. I had a feeling you’d feel this way, trust me I was as shocked as anyone but that’s why I waited until now to come see you. I had a D.N.A. test done Steve, as soon as he was big enough I just needed them to confirm what I already knew. He’s yours.”

Her voice is so delicate now, a tiny break at the end as she forces out another tear. The way Steve looks at her changes but he’s still trying to stay strong.

She goes into her bag and passes him an envelope. He pulls out the pages and I can see now how much he’s shaking. Please tell me this bitch is lying.

I walk to his side to look at the sheets but he hardly notices I’m there.

“I used the best company Steve, they are the one all the big law firms use to confirm paternity. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you first but you wouldn’t return my calls. The night you threw me out of here you got blood on my top after hitting that wall, they used that for the comparison. You can call them and they’ll confirm everything or I’m happy for you to run the samples again if you want too, trust me, this isn’t easy for me either Steve.”

Steve’s knuckles were fucked when he came to pick me up the next day, I remember. She’s not fucking lying about that bit.

I stare at the page in front me and recognise the company as the one Tara’s firm uses, I helped her organise her office back when I was working for her and I saw this logo a hundred times.

“Why the fuck have you got me down as Jones?” I look at the page again and see Steve is listed as S.Jones - Westbrooke. “You know I don’t use that fucking name, I would’ve dumped it altogether if it wouldn’t hurt Josh so much.”

Chrissy looks uncomfortable. “I’m sorry, I know you use your mothers last name but this is a legal document, they needed your legal name. Besides, we both know Josh wouldn’t exactly get me pregnant so there’s no mix up here.”

Steve gets to the last page and my heartbreaks. It’s a scan photo of the baby... their baby.

I can see the moment it sinks in for him. He’s going to be a dad.

“I know what we spoke about Steve, we were never going to have kids. This wasn’t planned but we always promised if this happened we’d make it work, you didn’t want to abandon your kid the way your dad abandoned you. Especially for...” Her eyes travel to mine as she runs them up and down me. “...another woman.”

Steve’s head whips to me, almost like he didn’t realise I was so close. I don’t know if it’s a conscious decision or just instinct when it came to those words but... he steps away from me.

My heart shatters as I see him clutch the scan photo in his hand and a tear fills his eye. He looks at me like I’m slowly drifting out to sea in front of him but he can’t move.

He’s going to go back to her.. it’s who he is.
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