My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 15

“May! I swear to god if you take another one of my lipsticks I’m going to have you put down like the damn cat!”

I’d searched everywhere for my favourite red but it was gone, the little brat had probably taken it and hidden it again.

Strolling downstairs I started to stir a pot on the stove, Granny didn’t usually leave stuff like this on the hob but she went outside with the pastor from the church ten minutes ago and hadn’t come back in yet, that woman could talk for days.

Finally as I’m plating food up she steps back in, all happy and smiling.

“She’s not getting pocket money this week.” I proclaim as I put her tray on her lap.

“What did she do now? You’re too harsh on her sometimes Brianna, she’s still a child.”

I scoff as I start digging into my rice. By the time I was May’s age I was making us both food every night and holding down a paper route. Everyone baby’s her too much.

“She needs to learn she can’t just take what she wants, my red lipstick is gone and I can’t find the silk blouse Tara got me for Christmas.”

Granny looked down at her food. “Well I don’t know about the blouse... but your lipstick is in my handbag, I’ll get it when I finish.”

I look back up at Granny, that woman never wore make up and every time I wore red on my lips she told me I looked like a two bit hussy. “Why do you have it?”

“None of your business young lady! Now finish your food and go to bed, you’ve been working yourself to death for that ghastly woman and you need to rest.”

She was hiding something, this woman could never lie to me. I’ll give her a pass for now but she was going to tell me one way or another.

Laying back on my bed after getting May sorted I looked at my phone. Josh had sent me a message asking what all that was about earlier and Kal told me she finally had an interview for her dream job.

I messaged them both seeing if we could meet up on the weekend to celebrate Kal getting the job I absolutely believed she was bound to get. I needed a chance to blow off some steam and I had a feeling after this week so will they.

Just as I was about to close my eyes my phone pinged again, I pulled it off the charger and could see I had an email.

‘Hi class! This is my work email so anytime you have a question or need to submit some work please feel free to send it here. I’ve also added you all to a group chat where you can discuss the topics of the day and make use if each others work.
Kindest regards,
Professor Joseph.’

It was so formal, not exactly what I thought our communication would be like but I guess it is what it has to be.

I logged into the group chat and could see a number of messages already there confirming they’d received the email. I tried not to roll my eyes at the message from slutty slutterson asking if she could also have a contact number ‘for emergencies’.

Is it an emergency now when you haven’t sent your overly edited nudes to anyone in the last two days?

Sending a quick message just to say I had the email I was ready to retire to my pillow when another alert pinged.

‘Direct message – Professor Joseph’

Why is he messaging me outside the group? He’d just commented in the chat on everyone else’s.

Oh yeah, I’m the fuckable one in the group.

I opened the message. ‘Hey.. You getting on with the reading okay?’

Hmm. Honestly I’d done most of it whilst peeing today so I hadn’t taken a great deal in but I was pretty good at waffling my way through.

‘Yeah, all good. I’m laying here looking at it right now.’

Actually it was still in the trunk of the bug but I’ll pretend to be a good student for now.

I see the little bubbles start and stop, like he’s typing and deleting over and over until eventually the message pops up.

‘Where are you laying?’

Oh okay, good boy wants to play...

‘My incredibly comfortable bed, it’s so hot out though I can’t get under the sheets. I hope the neighbours don’t report me for walking around naked with the windows open.. it’s the only way I could cool down.’

What’s a little flirty message between friends? Or more precisely what’s a little flirty message between a hot teacher and his even hotter student.

‘You shouldn’t have told me that Brianna.’

Got you. Time to see how far I can push this shall we?

‘Do you want to see?’

The bubbles continue their little dance of appearing and disappearing as I flick through the images in my ‘fuck me’ folder. Come on, we all have one. Mine is so good I sometimes consider starting an Only Fans.

‘You’re going to make this year really hard for me aren’t you?’

I smirk. ‘What kind of bad girl would I be if I didn’t? 😉’

Closing my phone I place it back on charge and snuggle into my pillow with a grin. It’s always nice to go to sleep knowing some fit guy has his hands in his pants right now whilst thinking about you.

Class tomorrow should be fun...


I was grateful I didn’t have to go to the mansion today, Clarisse was meeting us at the hotel to double check the venue instead.

The meeting had barely began when Clarisse waltzed in accompanied by a tall stack of handsome that struck no resemblance to Antonio.

Sonya sauntered over to her. “Clarisse, you look splendid darling.” Air kissing both her cheeks. “I told you we could take care of this busy body stuff, you didn’t need to arrive yet darling.”

Clarisse smiled but it didn’t meet her eyes. “Sonya dear, I shall arrive whenever I wish.”

It was like watching two overly friendly lionesses waiting for one of them to turn their backs in order to pounce. I wasn’t used to seeing someone put Sonya in her place with such few words, Clarisse was impressive for such a small woman I’ll give her that.

Sonya regained her composure quickly as she started talking with Clarisse about the lay outs we’d planned. I say we, I’d planned them and Sonya added extremely helpful comments like. ‘You’re useless’ and ‘Start again you idiot.’

When I leave this job I’m going to make sure to smash that bitch in her perfectly heart shaped face first.

The gentleman that was with Clarisse sat down next to me and pulled out his phone, his eyes wondering over the top of the screen and down my body. I appreciated him at least trying to pretend he wasn’t checking me out.

I’m trying to scribble down notes fast when the pen I’m writing with decides it’s the perfect moment to run out of ink, just as the coordinator is listing all the important numbers. “Shit.”

I rummage around in my bag covertly trying to find another, whilst also trying to memorise every number pouring out of this guys mouth. Sonya hated when I asked someone to repeat themselves.

Suddenly a gold pen appears on my lap, I turn to the hand that was holding it and smile at the cute guy that came in with Clarisse before he returns to his phone. Quickly getting down everything I need the room begins to empty, the coordinator takes Sonya and Clarisse on a tour of the ballroom but Sonya asks me to stay put, like I’m a damn dog that needs to learn how to heel.

It’s just me and the guy I still don’t know the name of left in the conference room, I try to let out a gentle cough to break the silence but he’s heavily engrossed in what he’s doing on his phone.

Leaning back I expect it to be something business related, like answering a hundred emails or buying stocks and shares but as I glance quickly at the screen I see he’s just playing Candy Crush.

Candy Crush? 2014 called and it wants its game back dude.

I leave the pen on his thigh and collect up my things ready to leave when Sonya gets back.

“You can keep it.” I glance back at the bloke who’s finally put his phone away and is smiling up at me holding the pen. “Although you could’ve said thank you considering I saved your behind there. Mum doesn’t tolerate people being under-prepared so try to remember a pen in future, Miss..?”


“Parker. Thank you, I appreciate it. I would’ve said so straight away but you seemed... very engrossed in completing your work.”

His smile turns into a smirk. “Don’t you judge me Miss Parker, let’s see how you entertain yourself when she’s dragged you back here for the thirtieth time just to check that the wattage of the bulbs in the bathrooms won’t wash out her complexion. You’ll be begging for a bit of candy based relief.”

Giggling, I don’t know whether to feel worried about what I’ve truly got myself into here. “I’ll keep that in mind, Mr?”

He stands and extends his hand. “Vanderbilt, Tommy Vanderbilt.”

Ah shit. The Vanderbilt I was warned not to be alone with, although honestly he doesn’t seem remotely threatening. In fact he’s quite... charming?

I shake his hand firmly and he returns it with his own vice like grip, definitely a power player too I see.

“So Miss Parker, can I expect to see your presence around the house? Since you decided to sell your soul to the devil for this job I mean. I don’t envy you, I’ve seen my mother almost remove someone’s head for making a mistake with the carrots at Christmas – I’m not sure what she’d do if someone messed up this event for her.”

Jesus Christ, put the pressure on much?

I turn my charm up to ten. “I’m sure we’ll be seeing each other again Mr Vanderbilt. Please don’t worry about your mother’s party, I haven’t failed a client yet and I don’t plan on starting with this one.”

He looks impressed with my confidence, I just wish I actually felt as strong as I sound.
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