My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 152

He looks unbelievable. Like seriously, is it the vodka or did he always just have a smile that made my panties try to throw themselves to my ankles.

Neither of us move for a moment, him scanning over my body as he sips his whisky. Pushing forward until my chest touches his I can see the smirk growing on his face, my eyes locking with his own as I wrap my fingers around the glass in his hand and bring it to my lips.

He doesn’t let go, his fingers sitting below my touch as he lets me take what he made for himself.

Glancing behind him I can see little has changed here. It’s the same layout, the same furniture, the same bed... the same floor length windows...

He follows my view, staring at the window behind him before pulling back the glass from my lips.

“Later Amore... I assure you.”

Better fucking be...

Stepping to the side he gestures for me to come into the room. I try my best to look solid on my feet with each step but it turns out not to be so difficult, something about seeing him again shocking my system into burning off half the alcohol I digested on the way here.

I walk straight past him to the bar, my hands shaking as I try to pick up the heavy glass decanter filled with clear liquid.

“Sit down amore, I’ll do this for you.” His breath tickles the back of my neck as he wraps his arms around my body, his chest flush against my back while he takes the glass from my hand. I know I should move but I don’t want to pull away from him, the overwhelming scent of his expensive aftershave so delectable I can’t stop myself turning my head and placing it into the crook of his neck.

Breathing deeply, his arms tighten around my waist as he places the freshly filled glass into my hand. This is what I fucking needed.

“Amore... I am sorry... for your loss...”

Wait, what? I pull back from him quickly, trying to get some distance between us. How the fuck does he know? I sure as fuck didn’t tell him and it’s not like anyone that runs in his circles would know fucking Granny.

He grasps hold of my wrists before I could get back any further but I snap them from him quickly.

“How the fuck did you know?”

There’s a look of sadness on his face, almost like I should know how but clearly I fucking don’t.

“I have made sure to visit with Helena where possible, although she is unaware of my true identity and believes me only to be a donor at the hospital. She informed me. This is why I sent you the-”

“Why are you seeing Helena?” I haven’t even seen Helena in weeks. I was too busy not fucking moving from my bed to see her. “You don’t even know her.”

He moves in closer to my body, slowly this time before taking my wrists much more delicately. “I wanted to make sure she is recovering well. I have made sure not to visit when yourself or your friends were with her, it was not meant to be an opportunity to see you against your will amore. Christopher has needed the reassurance that she is well, unfortunately he is not able to get those assurances himself.”

I scoff. “Yeah because your fucked up fiancé probably won’t let him leave the fucking house. How the hell are you getting out?”

He smirks. “I am not tied by the same ropes that bind Clarisse’s children to her, things are different for me. Do you really wish to discuss such matters now amore?”

Actually, talking about her is the last fucking thing I want to do. I don’t want to remember the shit tonight, not any of it, I want to forget the fucking lot.

Antonio gently slides his hands up my arms, gliding over my velvety smooth skin until he reaches my shoulders. He observes them for a moment, taking in the bones that are more prominent than ever before.

His thumb gently rolls over my shoulder blades before running up the sides of my neck until he’s holding my chin, gently smoothing over the hollows in my cheekbones.


There’s so much concern in his eyes but that’s not what I need right now, I need the Beast, not the Prince.

Pulling myself free of his touch I walk over to the window so I can give myself a fucking minute here, clutching my glass as I bring it to my lips. The luxury branded liquid is so far from the drain cleaner I’ve been drinking, it doesn’t burn my throat on the way down, it coats it like honey to sooth the ache in my soul.

The view hasn’t changed here at all, I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember feeling so free and open as he forced me against this glass, no-one had ever shown me that kind of all encompassing passion before. He treated me like spending the night with my body was a privilege he longed to repeat for eternity. I’d never felt more wanted.

I need to feel that now. I need to feel anything but the numb and empty blackness that is currently drowning me. I need him to just be my Antonio.

He steps behind me again, moving my curls to one side as his lips meet my shoulder, immediately igniting a flame that flickers in the darkness. My guiding light that I have no choice but to follow.

“Amore... what do you need from me..? I am here for you, always...”

I know you are, it’s why I keep coming back to you.

The kisses continue up my neck and I feel every cramped muscle beginning to loosen, all the tension and stress leaving me as I give myself to him.

“I need you to remind me who I am... that my body is mine... I need you to make me feel, make me feel anything and forget everything...”

He moves so his lips are placed to my ear as his hands smooth over my stomach and the nerves that were stirring inside me start to bubble over.

“Are you sure this is what you want Brianna?”

I lean into his touch as his other hand reaches up to hold my head against him.

“It’s not just what I want... it’s what I need.”

He spins me in his hold until my back hits the widow as he faces me. The dominance in his body language showing in equal measure to the fire in his eyes.

“Then that is what you shall have. I will be what you need amore, I would never deny you that.”

I know.

For all his faults, Antonio has always been one thing purely – my escape.

He leans into my lips slowly but I can’t wait anymore, I know if I over think it I won’t do it... but I have to. I have to remove Steve from my body, the only way I know how... I drop my drink to the floor and it shatters as I push myself up from the window to meet Antonio’s kiss with vigour.

There’s no hesitation in him then, grasping the back of my hair he pulls me from the window towards his body and lifts me from the floor into his hold before I’m smashed against it once more.

We begin to kiss with raw and animalistic passion, all other thoughts disappearing as our lips war for superiority. He is the ultimate distraction.

His hand sweeps out and swipes all the drinks from the bar until they crash to the floor before sitting me on the cold hard metal with a sudden urgency. We’re surrounded by broken glass as the contents pour out into the expensive carpet but neither of us give a fuck as we move quick and hard to tear each other free of our clothes.

I hear my shorts rip as he tugs them free from my legs and it only serves to turn me on further, my tiny thong standing no chance as he uses his teeth to split the lace apart until it’s nothing but mangled threads on the gin soaked carpet.

Forcing his shirt open, one of the buttons hit the window and bounces off with a ping. Every move we’re making is fuelled by fire and pure lust, he kisses up my chest roughly as I lay back on the bar, biting and sucking on my nipples like they’re being punished until I’m shaking and crying out below him to do more.

I want it like this, I want it with so much fucking power my body has no choice but to submit to him.

As he continues to kiss up my throat he grabs one if the unopened bottles of tequila from behind the bar, ripping it open with his teeth before pouring it directly onto my body and licking it off. It trickles all over me, activating every nerve on my skin before trailing up over my shoulders and soaking into my hair.

When he goes to drop the bottle to join the rest on the floor I snatch it from his hands and take a large swig. He only grins at me, taking a slice of lime from the side and biting into it before capturing my lips and letting the juice pour from his mouth into mine before kissing me with force. This fucking man, he knows my body, he knows a part of my soul I refuse to show so many others. I know he’d kill for me if I asked him too... the passion he has for me is like nothing else.

He moves the kisses down my body, his hands gripping my thighs as he spreads my legs wide until they fall to either side of the bar and I’m laid before him like an expensive meal ready for his consumption.

I throw my head back as he slides his hands under my ass, getting a hold of my cheeks and squeezing them firmly as he tilts my pelvis up towards his grinning face.

“I have missed the taste of you amore, I wish to always feel you on the tip of my tongue.”

There’s a small shard of glass piercing my shoulder, but as Antonio licks his tongue down my slit I just lay back and embrace the pain.

Things with me have been fucking shit, but right now he’s doing everything he can so I forget it all. There’s so much happening with his movements I can’t even feel exactly what he’s doing to me through the pleasure until he starts nibbling on my clit.


He sucks roughly, before lapping his tongue against it and soothing me once more then repeating the process all over again. Taking hold of my wrists he brings my hands to my breasts and forces me to tweak my own nipples as he pleasures me. There’s something about the hunger he’s showing for me... he knows I’m not made of glass and he’s not afraid to explore the limits of my body in ways other men never could.

I can feel the tension in my stomach building and I know where I fucking want him, so I let go of my tits and grasp his hair before shoving his face right against my most sensitive spot. I need a release and I need it now. He doesn’t stop me, letting me grind against him at all the angles I wish until I feel my head begin to cloud at how quickly he’s bringing this on.

My orgasm spikes from my core to my chest and explodes there, as it runs through each and every vein of my body he starts to suck on that sensitive area, pooling and drawing all my blood to the soft flesh in his mouth and forcing the orgasm to extend beyond measurable time.

Everything flows out of me onto him, when the sensitivity becomes too much he moves to my entrance and starts to lick up every drop.

I know he’d stay there all night if I’d let him but there’s something else I need him to do.

Digging my fingers into his hair until I have a tight grip on the roots, I attempt to yank him up to face me but instead his own hand shoots out and grasps my throat, pinning me against the bar.

I loosen my hold on him and he rises to look down at me.

“You’re going to pay for taking that control away from me amore.”

Oh fuck.

His lips slam down onto mine, his face still glistening under the moonlight with the outcome of what he just did to me. As he forces his tongue into my mouth, I let go of any hope I had of being in control here. I’m his to take as he wants now.

Pulling me roughly from the bar I hear the glass crunch below his feet, the chair that was in his way is sent tumbling to the floor with a kick as I hang in his arms.

He throws me down onto the cotton rich sheets with such force I bounce back up staring at him, only for him to smirk as he takes hold of my hips and force me onto my stomach so I lay horizontally across the bed before him. Climbing on top of my naked body with his own, I feel his solid hard dick press into my lower back before he begins to leave his mark all along my spine, deep open mouth kisses that turn into heavy handed hickeys as I moan beneath him.

By the time he makes it to the back of my neck I can’t stop shivering under his touch. His whole body lays flat against my own, biting the flesh of my ear until I’m panting with anticipation. Fuck, get the fuck inside me.

“Amore, your body craves me in the same way I crave it.” He runs his fingers gently down over my side, stroking my ribs as I quiver below him. “Look at the way it reacts to my touch bellissima, this connection we have can never truly be broken...”

It’s a fear I’ve long learnt to live with. What I have with this man is not able to be explained with something as pedestrian as words, it’s so much deeper.

Sitting up on top of me with his legs either side of my hips, he unclips the diamond cross that sits around his neck, lowering back down and wrapping the chain around my wrists before sealing it shut once more.

“You need me to take you my amore, and I shall do so as I wish... It will be your choice as to when you wish me to stop... You need only say the words and I shall...”

I don’t want him to stop. I never want him to stop. My wrists are bound yet I’ve never felt more free.

He stands up, taking my ankles in his hands and forcing them under my body until I’m bent before him with my chest flush against the mattress. His finger touches the top of my pussy, running all the way down my slit as he stands and watches me shake under the pressure if his fingers against my still sensitive bud.

I can almost hear his smirk as his fingers travel along me until they’re circling my entrance. I just need to feel him inside me, any part of him... I try to push my hips back to force him inside but the moment I do he pulls his hands from my body and brings his palm down firmly onto my ass.

It stings like a fucking bitch.

“As I wish Brianna, when I wish. You must simply take it when I feel you have earned that right.”

Oh god, the control I give him is nothing compared to the control he takes. His fingers move back to my entrance and continue to torture it, poking in only his fingertips before returning to circling and stretching me.

My feet bounce against the bed as my legs shake, my teeth biting into the sheet below me and soaking it in my saliva as I try to hold myself together.

“That’s a good girl Brianna... you will be rewarded if you can keep perfectly still...”

Oh fuck, just fucking give it to me!

I try to turn to face him but the moment I lift my head his firm hand comes down on my ass harder than before, so much so I know you could measure his fucking glove size by the indent on my cheek. He brings his face down towards the sting and starts to lick over the sore skin, making the pain revert to pleasure in an instant.

“Keep your head down amore.” He continues to lick and kiss along my cheeks, dipping lower to where his fingers now pump in and out of me, just not in far enough to make me moan the way I’m dying to.

Dropping to his knees behind me he moves his mouth to my centre and starts to lick up from where his fingers sit into my crack, everything in me begs to move but I lock my knees to the bed as he spreads my ass cheeks and plunges his tongue into my tight little hole.

I can’t explain the euphoric pleasure of having his tongue in an area no man has ever placed it before, he circles and flicks me until I’m coated in the flavour of him before he starts to fuck me gently with it, the moans pouring out of me begin to drive me wild, so much so I didn’t realise he was returning his fingers to my pussy until he finally pushed them inside me with a single hard thrust.

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