My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 157


I start to try and fight but as soon as my weak hands get close to his body he holds them against him and looks down at me like we’re long time lovers walking in a romantic embrace.

I try to turn as we walk through the crowd at reception, the lady on the front desk catching my eye and I beg her with my eyes to get me the fuck away from him.

There’s a hesitation there before she speaks. “Mr Vanderbilt? Is your guest in need of medical assistance?”

He smiles over at her but for the first time I can see the evil in it, the fangs he bares as he looks at the woman with disgust.

“No, she’s quite alright, she just needs some rest.”

I try to wriggle free of his hold but he just won’t let me go. The tears pool in my eyes, I’ve never felt this helpless.

“Are you sure Mr Vanderbilt? It would be no trouble to call someone.” I can hear the uncertainty in her tone as she looks at me, the hint of concern to.

Tommy doesn’t bother to smile this time, his glare vicious as he looks down directly at me. “I said, she’s fine.”

I’m not fine... Please help me...

Tommy doesn’t wait, his claws move to the bottom of my back and dig in deep as he begins to tug me along with him by my raw flesh. I want to scream, I want to punch this cunt and run but I have no control over my body anymore. By the time we reach the elevator my feet won’t even take a step anymore, my body physically numb but the fear I feel is more prominent than ever.

The moment the elevator doors shut he thrusts my whole body back against the wall by my throat and I hear my rib pop. I want to scream out in agony, but even if I could talk he would stop the sound as he immediately plunges his tongue into my mouth.

I want to be sick.

His tongue like a wet slug coiling around against my own as I gag on him.

The tears fall down my face as the familiar fear of knowing what’s about to happen washes over me.

Please no... not again... please...

All the memories I’d shoved away resurface. The bath, the cold water, the pain... the cries to stop.

I can’t even cry out this time...

Tommy moves away slightly, holding me up by my throat until I’m gasping for air, before letting go and hysterically laughing as he watches my body fall to the floor. My legs bend at an awkward angle and send a shooting pain up through my spine and hips that I can’t stop, I can’t even move them to make it better, I just sit here in agony waiting for him to be done with me.

My head throbs from the drugs I now know he put in my drink, and the impact it took against the wall. I want to scream at the pain running through me but I can’t, it’s nothing compared to what I’m about to experience, I know that... I remember.

I remember it all now.

Tommy moves so he’s standing over my body, staring down at me before crouching and looking into my eyes. He delicately strokes my face, caressing my cheek as I whimper and try to squeeze my eyes shut, I can’t even close them, all I can do it look at the blurred version of him in front of me.

“You were ready for me...” I try to look down to where he’s pointing when I feel his hands run up my thighs, I then realise my skirt has ridden up when I fell, revealing to him that I’m not wearing any underwear after running out of the house this morning.

Al. I should’ve listened to Al. I need fucking help. I should’ve just gone over to that house, I should’ve helped her organise little baby rompers, I should’ve ate junk food and watched Dirty Dancing while we made inappropriate comments about how tight Jayce’s jeans are.

I should never have hurt her... I love her so fucking much...

I shouldn’t be here.

Tommy stands and grasps hold of the red button on the keypad before pulling it sharply and causing the whole elevator to jolt to a standstill.

My head bounces off of the wall behind me and my almost dead body slides down until I’m flat on the floor.

I try to wiggle my fingers, I try to do anything but I can’t move a muscle anymore... I can’t do anything but lay here and watch it happen.

I’m so scared.

Will somebody please help me? Please... Fucking please... I can’t go through this again...

The fear only increases as Tommy moves to stand over me, kicking my legs apart until I’m wide open and exposed. A cold sweat coats my body and I can feel my skin rubbing against the carpet as I shake.

He looks at me like a predator, I know if he needs to; he’s ready to kill now. “I was going to wait until I got you in the room, but I can see you’re so fucking desperate for it, I’ll make my first round right here.”

Removing his belt slowly I begin to choke on the saliva I can’t swallow. He lays his whole body on top of me until I’m being crushed under his weight, his sweat drenched hands slipping under my head as he attempts to hold my gaze to his, my heartrate sky rocketing as he begins to touch my skin.

Get the fuck off me!

“I saw you that night.” He whispers, whilst he slides his thick leather strap between his fingers and pulls it behind my neck, immediately letting go of me and leaving my head to smash into the floor. “I saw what you were letting him do to you.” He slips the buckle down the strap, pulling it closer and closer to the base of my neck. “I saw you on that bed, with his belt around your neck while you let him fuck you like the dirty little slut all girls like you are.”

He tugs at the belt quickly and it snaps around my neck so tightly I gasp trying to pull in air, black spots waving in my tear filled eyes at the lack of oxygen now reaching my brain, until I almost lose my sight altogether.

The bright white spot lights on the gold ceiling now all that’s clear in my mind. Focus on them Brie, this is going to happen, no-one is coming for you. You shouldn’t have pushed them all away, it was so fucking stupid, they all love you. Just focus on the lights, block it all out Beebee... Remember why you have to survive this...

“I knew then that you were just like her, a tease who just needed a man to show her what a woman deserves... I’ll give it to you rough Rowena, just like you always loved it.”


Time slows as I watch him pull down his pants, his underwear going with it until his stubby little cock is free. The sight of it forcing screams of protest to erupt in my head, screaming I know he’ll never hear.

The carpet beneath my head is saturated with my tears as he lifts my heavy dead legs into his arms and ready’s himself at my entrance.

Please stop... I’m begging you. I don’t want this...

His face grows dark with the most wicked and evil smile. He grabs hold of the end of the belt and twists it around his fist before pulling it even tighter.

I know I’m seconds away from passing out and I don’t know if I should be grateful that I won’t have to remember what he does to me.

He looks down into my eyes as my vision becomes entirely black and all I can hear is his voice ringing in my ears.

“Stop crying Brianna, this is a good day for you... You should be grateful, a girl like you with a guy like me...

...I’m a Vanderbilt.”

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